_Hey Bloggers,
Just a short blog today..

The next day Sherlock went off with John on a case instead of me, I knew he hated me... When I got downstairs there was a note on the table for me, not in Sherlock's or John's handwriting, but a girl's... So of course I opened it.... It was from UH....

Hang on UH? Could it? No it couldn't? But only that family would know this code? But she couldn't be? I knew I knew the name!

UH is short for oh my god "Utena Himemiya", but she's part of the famous family who has adopted many kids from around the world for so long. So is it that Utena had some sort of role in these brutal murders? This doesn't make sense!!! But the note translated to, Meet me in the park tonight, midnight...

Of course usually I would have gone to Sherlock, get him to come with me but something inside me decided NO!

Instead I decided to go alone, almost a decision I feel I would soon come to regret...

_So the next day John takes Utena out and Mrs Hutson is out too so finally I could get some time alone with Sherlock, I couldn't help but keep thinking about last night. If only I could get it out of my head him just holding her the way he holds me. So I came out with it and asked Sherlock "Sherlock, what is the relationship between you and Utena?" Sherlock was doing some forensic science when he rised his head and looked at me like I've done something wrong he just replied "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and her hair was amazing. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Affaird she might take me away because you saw me holding her, well for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?"

I never seen him so defensive about anyone before. I still couldn't help but think there was something wrong about Utena, I've never seen any one with such a cold look in their eyes such as her. I don't like the way things are going here... So I just ran away from with tears in my eyes, I dunno if he saw me and for that matter I really don't think I cared at that moment if he did... God I regret that evening now...

Maybe I should be alone..

For alone is what protects people...

Alone is all i have as i have lost my light now...

I have lost Sherlock, from the look in his eyes I got I could tell...

I have lost him..

_Hey bloggers

Where do I start...
Last night was a shock for me... Let's just say that even though its like midday, I have locked myself in my room with just my laptop, I can't go out there when Utena is out there with John and Sherlock. I don't want to burst out that I saw her and Sherlock and hurt John..he's a good friend of mine, like he is to Sherlock and he seems to like Utena a LOT..but if I said that I know Sherlock and her would deny it and Sherlock would hate me then. I don't want that. I heard him a couple times walk past to see if I was and awake but I just stay quiet like I am asleep and then he just walks back down stairs, not before he says that he's worried about me and would like to come in if I was awake...I think he knows that I am really actually awake, but, I just can't be with them downstairs laughing and having a good time, I just think they are better off if I stay in here in this room forever they don't need me, no-one does.  Maybe alone is something that I need to protect me maybe the only thing I need to protect me, but i know when she goes i'll go down and talk to Sherlock....but till then i stay here, protected for now...

Also I still want my milk... :/

_Another case solved :3

So today me and Sherlock solved another case, this time an old women named 'Salvia Perry' murdered her husband for his life insurance money. She could of gotten away with it if it wasn't for Sherlock it wouldn't be solved! Well John went out on a date first time in a while since he went out on one, a few hours later he comes back with a mysterious pink/purple hair girl named 'Utena Himemiya' Now I can't help but heard that name some where before well any ways it seems Sherlock knew her from a long time ago back in school apparently. Well it began to rain heavily outside so Utena had no choice but to stay for the night.

Well we all went to bed and later during the night I faniced some milk because I'm still a child at heart. And before I went into the kitchen I saw Sherlock and Utena not kissing oh no but Sherlock was holding her as if they were together or something. But his body embraced hers and I couldn't help but think... what if that embrace the way he held me, was that a lie....?

Was it all a lie, was I kidding myself that I thought..that..maybe...he...liked...me?
NO!!! he's just my friend someone I care about, but why when I saw them it made me want to tear my heart out cause it hurts so much, or that I wanted to be where that girl Utena Himemiya was with him, but I know I have heard that name somewhere before, somewhere, but where?!?!

- Sia
Confusion 02/05/2012
_Hey again there fellow bloggers!

Well ever since that night when Sherlock went out mysteriously and I went after him, found him on the near edge of crying...
I can't get what happened after out of my head..
He held me so tight, that I dunno not just he felt safe, but so did I because of that message at the crime scene, I was scared and when he held me I knew he would protect me like he said he would..

When we got back to 221B Baker street, John had already gone out on his date, me and Sherlock worked together to work that out but Sherlock could have probably done it himself, he said he wanted to test out my skills to see if i picked them up off him yet..
So we decided to sit and put on the telly..

But I know there is something Sherlock isn't telling me..
Is it something about his past, his life before he met me...
But I have a weird feeling about I don't like..

What Should I Do????

_Dear Bloggers,
Today me and Sherlock were put on to the mysterious case of the killings of UH.
Who is UH?
Anyway we went to the crime scene it was horrible the victim was.....almost cut apart..
but there was an even more disturbing thing there a message a horrible one meant for a Sia, but even worse i think it was meant for me, i didn't want to let on my fear to Sherlock, but he saw right through me -_-

On the way back to 221B Baker street i asked Sherlock if he deduced anything from the mysterious message but he said he didnt, and that if that message was for me, he would protect me, from who ever it was.

This evening Sherlock went out, but it was unusual, anyway me and john watched a bit of TV and chatted for a bit, he asked me about the crime scene, but that got boring so I decide to try and find where Sherlock had got to.

When i found him after about half an hour he wouldn't talk to me, then he turned around and his face looked like an innocent little child, he had tears in his eyes, i never seen him like this, then all of a sudden he pulled me in tight close to him and told me to never let him go.
I told him nothing would ever make me turn against him, nothing in the world could he asked me to promise, i promised and i will never break that promise ever, Sherlock, i will never ever, break that promise i made to you, Sherlock Holmes.


    TAKE NOTE: Sia's Blogs are set in the present time and Utena's Journals are set in the past leading up to the present [So you do NOT get confused]

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