_Chapter 14:
Withered in Silence

Sia wasn't expecting what was going to happen to her next. Sherlock put his hand on her cheek he kissed her on her lips, Sia surprised she slowly closed her eyes. After the kiss Sia thought to herself "Sherlock... Why?" He looked deep into her eyes, Sia could feel her face wanting another kiss. She moves in for another kiss. Sia could feel Sherlock's kind lips, she felt a strange feeling that she never felt before. Just then there was a sudden movement in the bushes Sia stopped kissing Sherlock and said "What was that?" Just then a Young Women appeared out of the bush holding a sword she said "Well isn't this sweet? Too bad there will be blood on the floor after I'm finished with you two. My name is Bridget by the way but I don't think that's really important. It's not like any one else is here." Bridget smearked. She ran towards Sia and Sherlock ready to kill them; Sherlock holds Sia close to him, he closes his eyes hoping some one would save them. Just then a dark figure clangs their sword against Bridgets "What?!" Shouted Bridget, Sherlock and Sia open their eyes and saw infront of them long pink/purple tied up hair, it was Utena. Utena pushes Bridget away "You two okay?" Sia and Sherlock nodded, Utena smiled she turned to Bridget "Don't dare attack these innocent people!" Bridget said back "Oh right so it's perfectly okay for you to kill innocent people but it's not for me is it? UH?" Sherlock and Utena looked at Sia, Sia closes her eyes "I really know so don't worry." Bridget then said "Well since your here, Miss Himemiya I can get rid of you. End of an Era, the End of UH. Perpare for your death Utena." Utena gave Bridget a bitter cold look, Bridget began to pursude Utena; Utena did the same both of their sword collided. A big battle began Sia watched in amazment, Sherlock was worried that Utena would get Sia after her fight with Bridget he tried his best to ignore his worries.

John arrived "Sherlock" He yelled out, Utena was still fighting. John joined Sherlock and Sia "What's going on here, why's Utena fighting?" Asked John, Sia replied "Isn't it obvious, UH is short for Utena Himemiya. I knew something wasn't right with her and it was right infront of me... But isn't she suppose to kill me and yet she's defending me. Why?" Just then there was a big thunder crash, the rain became violent and heavey; Utena and Bridget was still fighting. Bridget's sword just missed Utena's side which gave Utena a chance to strike she turned her sword round, she hit her hard wooden handle into Bridget's stomach. Bridget started coughing out blood "You're gonna pay Himemiya! You're gonna pay for all the murders you did, and I'll be the one who will be dancing over your grave! You will die by my own hands! No more playing around!" Bridget yelled, Bridget's anger grew and grew. Utena kept calm trying not to get angry she douged Bridget's sword a few times; Utena punched Bridget in the face then striked her with a high kick from under her chin. Utena missed Bridget's sword again. Finally came the final blow. Blood began to fall to the floor, Sia looked to the floor then up and saw Utena's sword was through Bridget's chest, Bridget dropped her sword in shock "I trained all this time to bring you down Himemiya but it seems no matter how great we are, we can't beat you..." Utena showed no mercy, she did another high kick to pull the sword out of Bridget. Bridget's dying body layed infront of Sherlock, Sia and John; Bridget began to struggle for air. Sherlock looked up to Utena her face was covered by her hair, Sia stood up "Utena?" Utena looked over to the bench where her and Sherlock first met, Sia looked at her sword watching the rain trying to wash away the blood Sia was nervous for what she could say next "Weren't you suppose to kill me next? Why did you defend me if you hate me?" Utena was in shock, Utena then looked to the floor "I don't... hate you... Sia. All of my vitcms... I've never had anything against them." Then John said "Then why kill them? If you didn't hate them!" Utena turned away "It doesn't matter why I killed them. Their dead so it doesn't matter." Sherlock walked over to Utena he put his hand on her shoulder, Utena looked to him Sherlock smiled he held her tight to his chest. He whispered in her ear "It's okay Utena."

The rain slowed down then stopped, the clouds cleared showing the starry sky once more. Sia could see how much Utena means to Sherlock, she quietly told John everything. John smiled he understood what Sia saying about Utena and Sherlock. "Himemiya, you will die one day. You will die maybe not by me, but some one will hate you so much that once your guard is down they will strike." Said Bridget gasping for air. Utena looked at Bridget with no mercy she walked over to her dying body, kneeled down "True, I might die one day by some one else's hands. But no matter how much I bleed I'll remain strong. Oh Bridget look at you, a young person like you full of hopes and dreams but now they've disappear because you were stupid enough to fight against me." Utena stood up and began to walk away Sia, Sherlock and John followed on after leaving Bridget to die. 10 minutes later Bridget felt she couldn't take another second any longer she said "Goodbye Utena. That day... is...com...ing" Bridget eye's went blank her eyes slowly closed. Now a lifeless body was lying in the park. Alone.

Back in Bakers Street Sia, Sherlock, John and Utena had a shower to keep themsevels warm, they all sat around drinking tea. The room was silent, Utena broke the silence by saying "Well I better be off. I've got things to do people to see. So" Sherlock then said "No stay." Utena smiled "No I can't, after everything I done. I don't belong with any one, that's why I live alone." Sia said "Please stay, I'd like you to stay with us. Stay with us for another night" John nodded his head. Utena kindly agreed, John all ready headed for bed, Utena was in the kitchen cleaning up the cups. Sherlock and Sia were looking out the window Sherlock quietly said to Sia "Sia, you remember I asked you about Love Advice... Well I know I don't need it because I can just tell Utena I love her. I can tell her with confidence." Sia smiled but deep down she felt her heart being stabbed with millions of swords all at once "Indeed you can." Utena finished cleaning up she turned to Sia "Sia I've never seen you with your hair down. Can I see it down please." Sia looked confused "Why? Utena?" Utena rolled her eyes "Just do it." Sia gingerly untied her hair, she felt nervous because Sherlock never saw her with her hair down. Her chestnut hair gracefully fell, showing a girlish side of Sia, then Sia spoke "Well since I've put down my hair, you can cut yours since it's so long." Utena instantly said "Hey this took me years to make this long! *Sighs* Fine, fairs fair." Utena untied her hair and picked up sword she looked at the mirror, she slashed her sword through her long pink/purple all though it wasn't pink/purple any more it was just pink; her hair was the excat length as Sia's hair. On the floor layed the rest of Utena's long pink/purple hair Utena looked at it "Wow so many years to make it so long and now look at it. I held the record for the longest hair in Britian and now my record is laying on the floor." She picked it up "What am I suppose to do with all of this hair? A few hours later Sherlock went to bed, Utena was looking at herself in the mirror thinking how much she looked different without her long hair she sighs "How I miss my long hair but I think I'll grow fond of this new length." From the conner of Utena's eye she could Sia trying to make her way down the stairs, Utena turned round "Sia!" Sia stopped thinking to herself "Great now I'm in for it." She turns round and walks towards Utena, Utena asked "Where are you going at this time? It's really late..." Sia looked disappointed and sad "I'm going away, just for a while. I need some time to think, also you've won Sherlock's heart. He's in love with you all though he won't admit it to you face to face... But I hope you're very happy with him." Sia gave Utena a hug and made her way down the stairs. Utena felt worried then she realised, Utena said "Oh shit. She's not... Oh god.. Sherlock... SHERLOCK!" She ran to Sherlock's room "Sherlock! Wake up!" Sherlock woke up "What is it Utena?!" Utena in a panic said "It's Sia!"

At the Hospital Sherlock and John works at, Sia was on the rooftop. The wind was gently flowing, Sia's chestnut hair was dancing gracefully. She saw a taxi stopping then Utena and Sherlock came out of the taxi, she phoned Sherlock's phone. Sherlock said "What the hell are you doing Sia?!" Sia replied "Just stay where you are! Please otherwise I'll jump!" Sherlock began to move forward a bit Sia yelled down the phone "Stay where you are Sherlock! Please!" Sherlock was panicing inside he wanted Sia to think about what she was doing "Sia please don't do this! Why are you up there any way?!" Sia replied "You've choosen who you want to be with, but.. I'm gonna prove to you, you can do much better than a blood thrust assassinator. I truely hate her after what she has done. I've witnessed what she truely is, I can see she'll go to any length to survive another day. Even if it means killing those who are innocent and haven't done anything. I've always looked up to you, I've adored you... Even now I still think you're rude and arrogant but please please just don't come any closer. Please Sherlock." Sherlock felt helpless then Sia said "Goodbye Sherlock." Sherlock then quickly said "No, don't Sia." Sia threw her phone behind her Sherlock yelled out "SIA!" Sia opened her arms leaned forward her whole body fastly falling towards the ground. Sherlock and Utena both felt they frozen in time as they watch Sia falling to her death.

When they couldn't see Sia, Sherlock and Utena ran towards the Hospital but what they saw was unbelievable. Sia wasn't laying dead on the floor infact there was no body on the ground, no blood... nothing. Utena instantly questioned "I don't understand how can she not be there?!" Sherlock repeated Sia's name twice. They both got a taxi, Sherlock looked up to the Hospital Rooftop then got into the taxi. It drove off the taxi drove pass a dark ally way, in the dark ally way stood a dark figure holding a Flute. Seconds later the dark figure vanished.

- End of Sherlock: Signed UH -
_Chapter 13:
When Sherlock met Sia

Sia was in the park where Sherlock and Utena first met, sitting on the bench where Utena was. She was looking up to the sky she saw two stars shining brightly more bright than any other star she said to herself "Sherlock and Utena's hearts, at a distance but yet so close." The park was quiet, behind her. Sia could hear the news on TV. The silence was broken by Sherlock appearing out of no where "Sia?" Sia looked to her left and saw Sherlock, Sia smiled but her smile soon turned to worry when she saw in Sherlock's eyes that he could see some one else; Sia felt guilty knowing that all along Sherlock knew who killed all those people but Sia put on a brave face she smiled "Sherlock, come sit here with me." Sherlock sat beside Sia, Sia looked down to her lap trying to think what to say next.

Sia thought "Oh Sherlock, you knew all along who killed those innocent people, you knew who UH was and yet you kept me and John in the dark for so long... Now I know but I can't just burst out and say it to you. What should I do?"

There was silence, then Sia said "Sherlock do you remember when we first met?" Sherlock looked up to the sky "Indeed, I'll never forget what you did for me."

                                                           9 months ago in Sia's and Sherlock's past.

In 221b Bakers Street Sherlock was in his living room with John. Sherlock was playing his violin then the doorbell rang "John can you go and get that please." Asked Sherlock, John headed down the stairs opened the door. It was Lestrade. John and Lestrade make their way up the stairs; Sherlock stopped playing his violin put it on his desk "Who is it this time then Lestrade?" Asked Sherlock, Lestrade looked at him "A women has been brutally murdered under a canal bridge. Will you come and see what you can find out about her?" Sherlock replied "I'll follow you, you go ahead." Lestrade smiled then left the room down the stairs into his police car; Sherlock and John left shortly after. Under the canal bridge layed a lifeless body her blood was dripping over into the water, there was all ready a forensic science team on the scene; Lestrade, Sherlock and John arrived. A chestnut hair girl was on the scene walking up towards ther forensic team she said "All right guys Lestrade is here move out the way for now." The Forensics moved out of the way for Lestrade, Sherlock and John "Thank you Sia we'll take over from here." Said Lestrade, Sia said back "I'm also here because you asked me to be here so I'm staying." Lestrade sighed, he couldn't be bothered to put up a fight with Sia and agreed for her to stay "All right then. Sherlock, John... This is Sia she'll be joining the case. So treat her with respect otherwise she'll end up punching you. Sia this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson." Sia smiled, Sherlock gave her a cold look "It's nice to meet you Sia" John said, Sia walked over to the lifeless body with John and Sherlock; Sherlock and John began to examine the dead body "What do you think could of happened to her Sherlock?" Asked John, Sia said "She was brutally murdered, by the looks of the cuts it wasn't just one person who did this. There must of been about three killers then there's the bruises over her body she was whipped and beaten. Nothing was taken from her everything seems to be there." Sherlock instantly said "Four, there wasn't three killers there were four. From what this looked like here she want stabbed, cut beaten and whipped all at the same time. Poor soul."

"Okay what have you got?" Asked Lestrade, Sherlock stood up "This women had four killers all around her, these people showed no mercy for her. Sia said there was three killers but she was completely off there were four. Nothing was taken from her, but something was taken from her, it wasn't in her bag it was in her coat pocket." Lestrade said "Which was?" Sherlock continued "John remember watching the news and that jewel was taken." John replied "Yeah but what's that got to do with anything?" Sherlock looked down at the women "She was the guardian of the rarest Sapphire jewel ever found. Whoever those people that killed her wanted the jewel, it's a priceless jewel. Well that's us done for the day. It's been nice to see everyone again and it's been good meeting you Sia. But now I must go I've got some music to finished. Laters!" Sherlock and John swiftly left the crime scene. Sia felt speechless, Lestrade looks at her "He's always like that, you'll get us to it Sia." Sia replied "He's completely rude and arrognat." Lestrade laughed and smiled "You'll get use to him, trust me. But if you really want to tell him that which won't really bother him any ways, he lives at 221b Bakers Street."

A few days later, Sia arrives at Bakers Street. She walks up towards 221b, she got to the door noticed it was opened like some one broke in. She slowly opened it in the darken hallway some bleach was knocked over, she looked to the wall, she saw stratch marks on the wall like some one was bring dragged up the stairs. She slowly made her way up the stairs putting her hand in her pocket pulling out a British Army Browning L9A1 her hand was steady; She saw Sherlock's door slightly open, she pushed it opened. She saw John and Mrs Hutson tighted to a chair, two men in black suits were holding guns to their heads another man was standing between the two men in black suits, Sherlock was standing by the wall with the sprayed yellow smilely face on Sherlock looked at Sia in disbelief "What are you doing here?" Sia looked at him "Well I was here to tell you something then I noticed the door was slightly open, I thought you were in trouble." Sherlock saw Sia with a gun in her hand "Sia put that gun away, I'm trying to show them we don't mean any harm." Sia puts her gun back in her pocket, then the man in the centre spoke "So Mr Holmes do you have the jewel or not? Because if you don't, say good bye to your 'friends'... well?" Sherlock replied "I don't have it, I will keep telling you. I don't have the jewel."

The man said "Mr Smith on the count of 3 shoot Dr Watson" John said "What? No!"

Man: "One."

Sherlock: "I don't have the jewel!"

Man: "I'm perpared to believe you any second Mr Holmes, two!"

Sherlock: "I don't know where it is!"

Man: "Three!"

Sia spoke out "WAIT!" She pulls out the Sapphire jewel in pocket "Is this was your looking for! I was gonna hand it in but why do you want it?"

The man spoke "That is a priceless jewel and it's ours! Hand it over Miss, now please." Sia looked over to Sherlock, Sherlock said to her "Give it to them Sia." Sia looked over to John and Mrs Hutson then she walked forward to give the jewel "Before I hand it over you let these two go. I won't pull out my gun I swear." John and Mrs Hutson were untied they quickly walked over to the other side to Sherlock. Sia handed over the jewel then the three men left Sherlock walked over to Sia "Why did you give them a priceless jewel for?" Sia turned around with a big grin on her face "I didn't though." She took out the real jewel from her pocket "Even you could of worked out that was really a fake, worth nothing! Also it's got a tracking device so the poilce will be able to find them easily and arrest them." Sherlock grinned with relief. Sherlock asked Sia to stay for a little while for some tea, Sia agreed with a smile. Sherlock, Sia, John and Mrs Hutson were enjoying some tea and biscuits; having a good laugh. It was getting late into the night Mrs Hutson headed for bed, John did the same 3 hours later. Leaving Sherlock and Sia alone, the room silent only the traffic could be heard from outside Sherlock broke the silence "So Sia what was it that you were coming to tell me?" Sia smiled "It doesn't matter, I saved your friends to me that's what matters. I better be off now, it's been nice to have a proper chat with you. I guess people are wrong about you." Sia picks up her coat she stopped by his front door Sherlock said "What do you mean people are wrong about me?" Sia turned and smiled "At first I thought you were completely rude and arrogant but yet; you're really nice. A good person you care for your friends even though you might not show it all the time. Better go I got rehearsals to go to. Cya later Sherlock." Sia headed down the stairs and out of the door, she looks up to Sherlock's window she see's him looking out. Sia smiles then walks off.

Case after case they solved together, Sherlock and Sia became good friends. As Sherlock and Sia were on their way back to Bakers Street. As soon as they got into Sherlock's living room Sherlock said as he was putting down his coat and scarf "Sia, great work today. Well you can get your stuff you want to" Sia looked at Sherlock confused "Sorry what? You you mean I can live here" Sherlock replied "Of course" Sia with a big smiled just ran and gave Sherlock a huge hug "Thank you" She said with delight.


Sherlock smiled at Sia "Listen Sia, I didn't mean to be rude to you eariler. I just haven't seen Utena for a long time I'm sorry if it worried you at all." Sherlock put his arm around her, he pulled her closer to his chest. Sia smiled she thought to herself "Well he isn't that bad, he's just confused. When I got to know him better, I've always looked up to him. We've been through a lot together, we've solved many cases together. We've played music together him and his violin; me and my flute. Oh I miss those days." Clouds began to cover over the starry sky, slowly began to rain. Sia said "I think we should get going back otherwise we'll catch a cold." Sia tried to move but Sherlock refused to let her move "Just a little longer, please Sia." Sia slipped her hands in Sherlocks coat, her arms wrapped around his waist; a moment Sia wanted to last forever. In the tree behind Sia and Sherlock was Utena sitting on the tree branch her hair was soaking even though it was tied up she thought "Now I see." Her anger turned into deep sadness, she quietly vanished before they could see her. Sherlock letted go of Sia, Sia sat up smiling. Then Sia wasn't expecting what was going to happen to her next. She thought to herself "Sherlock... Why?"

- End of Chapter 13 -
_Chapter 12:
Utena's True Identity

Sia was holding herself on her bed a few tears were still falling from her eyes, then she heard footsteps outside of her room coming closer she could see just under her door the shadow had stopped infront of her door. Then an envelope was slided through addressed to her 'Sia' She picked it up opened the door and there was no one in the hallway she closed her door sat on her bed and opened the envelope the letter was from Mycorft
"Hello Sia,
I'm very sure you've met Miss Utena Himemiya.
The only thing is Utena isn't what she seems, I know you've worked that out Sherlock is charmed by her deep eyes. I also know Utena, I trained her to what she is today now I see it was a big mistake. Now she's a perfect killing machine pray she doesn't sprial out of control but Utena is also known as 'UH'"

Just then Sia dropped the letter in shock and disbelief she thought in her head "She did all that? She killed all those innocent people... But Sherlock, John..." Sia felt her chest and throat tighten she then remember the message for her "The message, the message was for me..." Out loud she said, Sia picked up the letter and continued reading it

"Utena killed those innocent people, she's never to be trusted. She must be stopped, but before you think of anything else I would arrest her but due to the fact Sherlock knew from the beginning Utena did all those killings there's no evidence to prove she did them. Everytime a new piece of evidence appears against Utena they seem to disappear a few hours later, we don't know who is taking the evidence but if you have any idea Sia please let me know straight away. From what I see Sherlock is in love with Utena, it must be heart breaking to see that. There's also something else that myself and Utena only know and I'm prepared to tell you in person. Meet me in my office at 8pm tonight.

- Mycorft Holmes"

Down stairs John returned Sherlock was reading his book and Utena was washing some dishes up, Sherlock looks up and smiles at John "Ah John isn't Utena a perfect housewife, myself and her had a nice dinner together. Catching up on what we've missed did you know Utena lived in Japan for a while she lived in one of those traditional Japanese Houses. We would of saved some dinner for you but we just didn't know when you were going to be back so..." Utena finished his sentance off "You'll have to make something up and don't expect me to do this all the time just because you two are lazy." Sherlock laughed "Very funny but I do my bit as well." John said "Still no Sia?" Sherlock instantly said "No, she hasn't been out all day." Utena finished cleaning the dishes removed the gloves, dried herself. John turned to Utena "Utena can I talk to you please." Utena smiled "Sure." John walked down the stairs Utena followed on after Sherlock's piercing eyes watched Utena's long Pink/Purple flowing hair flow gently down, at the bottom John confronted her "Utena, do you know Sherlock has a brother?" Utena looked at him confused " Hmm? Oh yeah, he told be about him over dinner. Them two don't excatly get on from what I heard." John instantly said "You can drop the act Utena." Utena looked confused at John "Act? What act?" John just looked at her "You know what I'm talking about, I know. About you and Sherlock." Utena painfully sighed with disappointment "Well if you must know." John instantly said "When you two were back in school, you two use to be together. All though Sherlock wouldn't say Boyfriend and Girlfriend as such." Deep down Utena was glad that John still doesn't know that she's an Assassinator John then continued "I don't want things to get funny between you and him; he's a good friend of mine and he is to you too so I was thinking if we could just be friends. But if you don't want to see me again then that's fine." Utena smiled "That's fine with me, I'm not just going to walk away because we're not together. I'll still be your friend no matter what." John looked at her confused "You will? Wow the past girlfriends I had just walked away because they always thought me and Sherlock were... *coughs* gay." Utena giggled "Sherlock isn't like that, he rather focus on his work than think of relationships. He calls it a 'distraction' something he feels that gets in the way. I suppose most of your girlfriends saw it in that way, they never gave Sherlock a chance so they would of never understood."

Just then Sia came down the stairs wearing her coat, she had her scarf on Sia gave Utena a cold evil look. Utena could see that Sia knew something and then Sia headed out of the door. Outside Sia was waiting for a few moments then a black BMW pulled up beside her she got into the car not looking back the car drove off. While she got into the car Sherlock was looking out the window. Sia was texting on her phone to Mycorft "I'm on my way now - Sia" Sia looked out of the window watching the scenery go by, she arrived at Mycorfts office bang on 8pm "Ah Sia, please take a seat" Delightly said Mycorft, Sia sat in a chair facing Mycorft. Sia questioned "You said in the letter that you will tell me more about Utena... What's so special about her that you won't arrest her for what she has done. I know you said about the evidence disappearing but there's something else isn't there?" Mycorft frowned at Sia's questions "You see.. Utena is the perfect killing machine she'll kill her vitcms without a second thought. Her family, myself and another person trained her to what she is today. Sherlock knows what she is capeable of he witnessed one of her killings 10 months ago, she killed a friend of hers who turned against Utena. Her friend was called Samantha, she was killed by Utena's sword one stab into her stomach. Samantha died a slow and painful death with Utena's cold eyes watching her bleed." Sia questioned again "So you, her family and this other person trained her to become the perfect killing machine... and this other person is?" Mycorft smiled "I'm afaird that person will remain anonymous. We don't want any one to be upset by the mention of their name." Sia instantly said back "Why's that? Why would it upset some one? If you're gonna tell me everything about Utena I need to know who trained her and I mean everyone." Mycorft felt guilty and just gave up "Moriarty, Jim Moriarty also helped her train to what she is." Sia's face turned from serious to completely shock "But Moriarty is Sherlock's number one enemy. I-I don't understand."

Mycorft told Sia everything about Utena. Sia was in disbelief of what she was hearing, she looked at pictures, notes of Utena. "Utena seems a popular girl, no one else can compare to her beauty." Said Sia, she continued "I can't see why Sherlock wouldn't fall for her, she's too dangerous though isn't she?" Mycorft replied "Indeed she is, too dangerous for any one to get even close to her. She has a heart cold as ice, I remember her telling me she's started a new journey to find a missing piece. She said that she's missing something important, what ever is her missing piece, I don't think she'll ever find it. No matter how much she wishes for it, I believe the missing piece will be never found." Sia thought to herself "Even though Utena is brutal Assassinator, she seems to have had a sad life. From what I can see all Utena wants love, that's why maybe Sherlock was holding her, kissing her because Sherlock understands how she feels 'cause he feels the same way crying out for love.... But then the message on the wall 'Get Sia' why does she want to kill me?" Then Sia has a flash back of Sherlock being defensive about her "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and hair. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Afaird she might take me away because you saw me holding her last night, yes I did notice I saw you in the mirror with a shocked face and for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?"

A tear fell from Sia's left eye "Sia?" Questioned Mycorft, Sia looked up to him "Sorry, just remembered something. Sorry I didn't mean to let a tear fall from my eye." Sia handed back the photo's and notes back to Mycorft wished him a good night then left his office. Mycorft thought to himself "Sia, forgive me but you needed to know who she was... my crea.. no Everyone's creation. Utena Himemiya"

Sia was in the park where Sherlock and Utena first met, sitting on the bench where Utena was. She was looking up to the sky she saw two stars shining brightly more bright than any other star she said to herself "Sherlock and Utena's hearts, at a distance but yet so close." The park was quiet, behind her. Sia could hear the news on TV. The silence was broken by Sherlock appearing out of no where "Sia?" Sia looked to her left and saw Sherlock, Sia smiled but her smile soon turned to worry when she saw in Sherlock's eyes that he could see some one else; Sia felt guilty knowing that all along Sherlock knew who killed all those people but Sia put on a brave face she smiled "Sherlock, come sit here with me." Sherlock sat beside Sia, Sia looked down to her lap trying to think what to say next.

Sia thought "Oh Sherlock, you knew all along who killed those innocent people, you knew who UH was and yet you kept me and John in the dark for so long... Now I know but I can't just burst out and say it to you. What should I do?"

- End of Chapter 12 -
_Chapter 11:
Destroy & Truth

The next morning Utena was up and early, the sun was shining brightly. People walking up and down the streets on their way to work, childern on their way to school. Sherlock comes into the living space "Morning Himemiya." Utena turned around from looking out the window "Morning Sherlock." Sherlock always saw Utena with make up on showing her beauty but the morning showed a different side to her Utena didn't have any make-up on her natural beauty found a place in Sherlock's lonely heart, the sun shined down 221b was full of light. Sherlock didn't see the moonlight shadow he always see in Utena instead he saw a lonely fallen angel crying for love like himself. "Morning!" John standing by the door with a smile on his face Sherlock asked John "Where's Sia? I thought she would of gotten up by now." John went up stairs to see if Sia was awake he knocked on her door "Sia, you awake? Sherlock and Utena are waiting for you, we all are. It's not like you to stay in your room at this time." Inside Sia's room the curtains were closed, the room was dark few specs of sunlight shone into the room, Sia was sitting on her bed all ready dressed for the day but she was sad thinking about what she saw last night she had a flashback of Sherlock holding Utena, the way Sherlock holds her. "Sia, if you sick then that's fine but it would be nice to see you join us for breakfast." John said after no reply John made his way down stairs to rejoin with Sherlock and Utena.

Sia thought to herself "If I pretend to be asleep then I won't be bothered that much. I think it's best for me to stay here then nothing bad will happen, I don't want to hurt any one I don't want to go downstairs and burst out saying I saw Sherlock and her together last night holding each other I don't want to hurt John he's a dear friend to me and Sherlock. But as soon as John and Utena have gone I'll talk to him I'll talk to Sherlock; me and him can talk about anything, me and him shared so much and always saying to each other 'It's our little secret' Utena will soon get bored of John she'll leave him soon move on to some one else better. Yeah me and Sherlock can talk about anything; whatever bothers us whatever needs to be said we share. Just me and Sherlock. But I still can't help but think there's something wrong with that girl Miss Utena Himemiya, she just won't get out my head; her perfectly pink and purple flowing hair her beautifully made up face why wouldn't Sherlock want her. Her eyes... her deep crystal eyes perfectly blue." Just then Sia rised her head up she began to think "Her eyes, her eyes were cold even with a warm smile I couldn't mistake a cold look her pupils widen when she looked towards Sherlock. She doesn't have any intrest in John.. it's Sherlock she wants." Just then Sia heard Sherlock's voice "Sia are you even going to come out of there?" Sherlock knocked on the door a few times "Sia come on... oh for god sake you still can't be asleep. You know me really well so I know your awake." Sia kept really quiet "Sia listen breakfast isn't going to stay out for long in about 10 minutes Mrs Hutson will be cleaning up the dishes even though it's your turn today." Sia heard Sherlocks footsteps making their way down the stairs. Sia thought to herself "I won't let her get to me that easily, I can't well.... like I said to myself before she'll get bored of John."

2 hours later John takes Utena out, Mrs Hutson left 10 minutes after leaving Sia in her room and Sherlock in his flat. Them two alone in 221b. Sia finally emerage from her room still feeling sad but she remained strong, she heads down the stairs she entered into Sherlock's flat she went into his kitchen Sherlock was doing some forensic science samples he brought back from the lab "Morning Sia well it's almost afternoon. You missed breakfast." Said Sherlock, Sia couldn't help but see him holding Utena, Sia suddenly asked "Sherlock, what is the relationship between you and Utena?" Sherlock rised his head he suddenly looked at Sia as if she did something wrong he replied harshly back "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and hair. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Afarid she might take me away because you saw me holding her last night, yes I did notice I saw you in the mirror with a shocked face and for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?" Sia never seem him so defensive about any one then Sia felt destroyed by him she ran back up to her room not caring if Sherlock saw her filling up with tears in her eyes or not.

"SLAM" The door shuts. Sia felt so helpless and destroyed her hair covering her face, tears falling. She turns to the door she slowly falls to the floor her hands sliding down Sia brusted out "Why, why be so defensive about her... all I ever wanted to know was what it was like between you and her but no now I can see you two clearly like each other... Sherlock why destroy me like this? Why place this burden on me? This isn't fair, this isn't fair at all... Do you really like her that much, so much you'll defend her I just wanted a calm answer from you but no you always have to show off your signs of deduction. Sherlock why hurt me, you always do this you push everyone away. You've never cared about any one and if you did eventually you'll push them away. I've always looked up to you I've always wanted to think like you, I want to be by your side... But you've just pushed me away like you did with everyone else. No one can ever get near you because you keep on pushing until they never see you again and then you want them back but by then it's too late. That's why you closed yourself to even show your true emotions. Sherlock... why?" Sia continued to cry, outside of Sia's room Sherlock was leaning against her bedroom door. Sherlock quietly made his way down the stairs left Sia to cry alone.

A few hours later Utena returns Sherlock was sitting in his armchair reading a book Sherlock looks up and see's Utena "Where's John?" Asked Sherlock, Utena replied "He got called some where, he didn't say where he was going so he told me to come back here." Utena smiled. Sherlock puts his book on the side then he walks over to his desk "Come here Utena." Utena walks over to Sherlock, Sia was peeping down the stairs she could clearly see Sherlock and Utena close to each other. "Utena a little closer" Softly said Sherlock, Utena was close to Sherlocks chest; Sherlock slide his hands from Utena's shoulders to her hips. Sia could see Sherlock was looking deep into Utena's eyes. Sia could feel the tension was strange, she felt she shouldn't be seeing Sherlock and Utena so close together. The sun was shining brightly into 221b, Sia could see Sherlock and Utena were two angels who just found love. Sherlock gave Utena a deep kiss much to Sia's shock. Sia thought "That's who you've always wanted Sherlock. You wanted her." After the kiss Sia felt her heart was broken a thousand times. She saw both Sherlock and Utena smiling at each other "How far do you want to take this Sherlock? Want me to put you over that desk and make you beg for mercy." Utena gently said, Sherlock replied "I've never beg for mercy in my life." Utena smiled and gently said "Would you like me to try?" Sia felt she couldn't see any more so she quietly made her way back to her room.

                                                                                              Sia's Blog:

So the next day John takes Utena out and Mrs Hutson is out too so finally I could get some time alone with Sherlock, I couldn't help but keep thinking about last night. If only I could get it out of my head him just holding her the way he holds me. So I came out with it and asked Sherlock "Sherlock, what is the relationship between you and Utena?" Sherlock was doing some forensic science when he rised his head and looked at me like I've done something wrong he just replied "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and hair. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Afarid she might take me away because you saw me holding her, well for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?"

I never seen him so defensive before. I still couldn't help but think there was something wrong about Utena, I've never seen any one with such a cold look in their eyes such as her. I don't like the way things are going here... So I just ran away from with tears in my eyes, I dunno if he saw me and for that matter I really don't think i cared at that moment if he did...God I regret that evening now... Maybe I should be alone.. For alone is what protects people... Alone is all i have as I have lost my light now...I have lost Sherlock, from the look in his eyes I got I could tell...

I have lost him..


-Update on my blog -

Here's something else I thought I could update on. I can't believe I saw them kiss. KISSING! Well he kissed her but I could see it she was waiting she knew he was going to kiss her... how can she live with herself. She's dating John and yet she really wants Sherlock. And Sherlock looks into her eyes I know he loves her... God I just can't believe how she can be dishonest.... How can she date John but really love Sherlock... I'm not making sense. The shock is still going round me and I just can't deal with it right now.. I'm sorry.... Sherlock why?

- End of Chapter -
_Chapter 10:
The Meeting

The morning after Utena's burtal murder of Krystal, 221b was silent. Sherlock thinking to himself, John was looking through a replaced case file labeled 'UH' Sia comes down the stairs into Sherlock's flat "Morning." Sherlock looks up to Sia "You're worried that message is for you." Sia looked at him then to the floor "I suppose but" Sherlock instantly said back "But UH is the best Assassin any one has ever known. Very few people know her face. Her vitcms know when she's going to attack something gets knocked over then you turn to the exit before you can move she's standing there like the shadow of death. Ready to brutally kill you, she never leaves her vitcms alone until they heavily bleed, sometimes she'll just sit there watching you suffer for her own pleasure. If only I could see her face, I bet she never wanted to be what she is today. I wonder how she managed to avoid getting arrested for so long. She must have contacts otherwise she wouldn't of been able to do this on her own." John looked at Sia he saw a few tears in her eyes then John brusted out "Sherlock she brutally murder innocent people. People who don't deserve to die like this. She's a cold blooded killer. People are scared to go out on the streets because they know she's always around the conner ready to strike. She's got to be stopped one way or another!" Sherlock gave John a cold look, he stood up grabbed his coat, scraf and his phone "I'm going out. I won't be back for a while. Cya later" Sherlock walked down the stairs then straight out of the door. John and Sia looked out the window, saw Sherlock get into a taxi. John looked up and saw the dark figure again "Sia, look there she is." Sia looked up and saw the dark figure, a group of pigeons flew pass the window and the dark figure disappeared. John said to Sia "I don't like how things are looking right now."

In Utena's and Sherlock's 'Special Place' Sherlock was playing the Violin with his name engraved on it. The door lach was opening Utena appeared around the door, she looks towards her Piano and saw Sherlock playing the Violin "Sherlock. Thought you would surprise me? Well you did" Utena giggled a little and realised there was something wrong "Sherlock? I know there's something wrong, want to talk?" Sherlock stopped playing the Violin gently put it down on the Piano stool "Utena, I-I need some one to talk to please could you h-hold me. Please" He looks at Utena he couldn't help but want to cry when he looked into her understanding eyes. He sits down on the soft sofa Utena walked and sat beside him, she reach out her arms to wrap around him; he rested his head on her warm chest. Utena felt tears falling on to her fingers "Sherlock?" Utena gently asked. Sherlock began to cry he couldn't stop the tears from falling.

Sherlock wrapped his arms around Utena's waist, his arms tighten. Sherlock felt like a helpless child all he wanted was some one to hold him, he wanted Utena to stay with him forever. A few hours later Sherlock cried himself to sleep Utena was looking down at his child like face, She thought to herself "I wonder what's wrong with him he was there last night after I killed Krystal, I thought he would of shouted at me. But instead he wants me to hold him why would he cry to me. He suppose to be a strong person who doesn't let emotions get in the way. Sherlock do you love me? Or do you love that girl?" She leans down and kisses his forehead; she quietly made her way to the front door. Grabbed her coat she looked back and saw Sherlock still fast asleep. She quietly whispered "Forgive me my love." She quietly opened the door made her way quietly out the door. 2 hours later Sherlock awakes from sleeping the whole day he calls out "Utena?" He gets up looks around the studio flat, but Utena wasn't there. Sherlock felt his face was heavey. He went into the bathroom washed his face. He thought "I wonder where she's gone."

Back in 221b Sia was on her own, she was typing away on her blog. Just then she hears the front door open and close Sia said to herself "That'll be John and his date." She looks up and see's Sherlock standing in the door way "Where's John, Sia?" Asked Sherlock, Sia looked at him like she seen a ghost "Where... the hell have you been?! I've called you a number of times you never answered. Where the hell have you been?!" Sherlock remained cool and calm Sia continued "John's out on a date with some posh girl, he's bringing her back here in about 5 minutes or less." Just then the door opens and closes "Speaking of which, that'll be him now." Said Sia bitterly. John comes through the door "Sherlock, Sia this is Miss Utena Himemiya." Sia looks up and see's a graceful Pink/Purple hair girl standing beside John, Sherlock in disbelief Utena was under the same roof as Sia. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." Utena sweetly said, Sherlock then said out of the blue "Oh my god, look at you all grown up. I can't believe it's been so long Utena." John and Sia look at each other confused they both said "You two know each other?" Utena replied "Of course we do." Sherlock finished her sentance "We were in the same school, who could mistake the pink and purple hair for some one else. Utena was a popular girl but she always found time to sneak away from the crowd to spend some time with me looking at wildlife and enjoying the views we looked at. It's been so long Himemiya." Sherlock goes and hugs her, Utena smiling. "It's been too long Sherlock" Utena said back. Sia felt a strange coldness in the room, mainly from where Utena was standing she thought to herself "This doesn't seem right, I swear I've heard of that name before... I don't understand I'm missing something. Something's slap infront of me but what? What?"

After a nice drink Utena was getting ready to go bad news it started to rain, Sherlock offered his sofa for the night. Utena kindly accepted. Everyone went off to bed... well mostly everyone, Utena was still awake and half an hour later Sherlock appeared and softly said "Utena?" Utena sat up gave Sherlock a kind and warm smile. Sherlock sat beside Utena "Utena tell me, why were you on a date with John?" Utena flirtly looked at him "Jelous? Are we Sherlock?" Utena explained how her and John met, then Sherlock said "Okay what about the messages then? For Sia?" Utena's kind smile was wiped off her face "I was told to write it, I can't say who because I don't know. It was a request I had no choice but to do it..." Sherlock instantly believed her (Or did he?) Meanwhile in Sia's room she her brain was telling she needed a nice glass of milk before going to sleep so she slowly and quietly made her way down the stairs towards Sherlock and Utena; just before Sia reached to the kitchen she stopped she couldn't believe her eyes Sherlock was holding Utena the way Sherlock holds her she thought to herself "No, it can't be... He can't be in love... with h-h-her?! No I shouldn't think like that, they were school friends... really... good... school friends. Oh god I think I better leave them alone." She quietly made her way back up the stairs. Utena looks up to Sherlock he moves in for a kiss, 'The Cool Prince' and 'The Graceful Princess' together alone, after the kiss Sherlock wanted another Utena put her finger on his lips "We can't what if some one see's us? Especially John, it would break his heart." Sherlock didn't listened he moved her finger and went for it; Utena could tell he wanted her but he also wanted something else at the same time. After another kiss Sherlock held Utena a little longer. After an hour Sherlock said good night to Utena and Bakers Street was quiet, the odd few late night taxis drove passed but 221b was quiet. Not a sound or a peek could be heard.

Sia's Blog:

Hey Bloggers,

Well John went out on a date in a while a few hours later he comes back with a mysterious pink/purple hair girl named 'Utena Himemiya' Now that name I can't help but heard some where before well any ways it seems Sherlock knows her from a long time ago back in school apparently. Well it began to rain heavily outside so Utena had no choice but to stay for the night. Well we all went to bed and later during the night I faniced some milk because I'm still a child at heart. And before I went into the kitchen I saw Sherlock and Utena not kissing oh no but Sherlock was holding her as if they were together or something. But his body embraced hers and I couldn't help but think... what if that embrace the way he held me, was that a lie....? Was it all a lie, was kidding myself that i thought..that..maybe...he...liked...me?
NO!!! He's just my friend someone I care about, but why when I see them, it made me want to tear my heart out cause it hurts so much, or that I wanted to be where that girl Utena Himemiya was with him, but I know I have heard that name somewhere before, somewhere, but where?!?!

Where do I start... Last night was a shock for me... Let's just say that even though its like midday, I have locked myself in my room with just my laptop, I can't go out there when Utena is out there with John and Sherlock. I don't want to burst out that I saw her and Sherlock and hurt John..he's a good friend of mine, like he is to Sherlock and he seems to like Utena a LOT..but if I said that I know Sherlock and her would deny it and Sherlock would hate me then. I don't want that. I heard him a couple times walk past to see if I was and awake but I just stay quiet like I am asleep and then he just walks back down stairs, not before he says that he's worried about me and would like to come in if I was awake...I think he knows that I am really actually awake, but, I just can't be with them downstairs laughing and having a good time, I just think they're better off if I stay in here in this room forever... They don't need me, no-one does. Maybe alone is something that protects me, maybe the only thing I need to protect me, but I know when she goes I'll go down and talk to Sherlock....but till then I stay here, protected for now...

Also I still want my milk... :/


- End of Chapter -
_                                                                                                      Chapter 9:
                                                                                   Feelings Will Betray You

A few hours later, Utena was walking down to Bakers Street to meet up with Sherlock she was wearing a posh dark blue dress, blacking and white coat; her hair was tied up with a dark blue ribbon. She was smiling happily as she got closer to Baker Street she thought to herself "I wonder what music we'll play today?" As soon as she got round the conner she saw Sherlock holding another girl's hand (Sia) Utena saw Sherlocking kissing this girl she doesn't know, Utena's shocked turned into anger she said to herself in her mind "Who ever that girl is, I swear I'll get her and kill her. That must be why he only see's me at night or when he's alone. I'll find out who she is and I'll kill her." A lorry drove pass Utena once the lorry passed Utena had disappeared. In 221b Sherlock looked out the window thinking and knowning he saw Utena standing by the conner.

Back in Utena's flat she was on her laptop researching on the Chestnut hair girl she saw with Sherlock. She then came across 'Sia's Blogs' Utena began to read them, Utena got the general idea of what Sia was like "So is that your next vitcm then? Some one who is close to Sherlock's heart? You just going in for the kill? Get her out of the way so you can have Sherlock to yourself?" Said Kenny who appeared out of no where, Utena closed her eyes "No... I'm not going to kill her just yet. I'm going to make one more kill, then let everything calm down I made my debut show a few days ago at the Hospital. After I've killed one more person then I'll step into the shadows for a while, I'll earn Sia's and John's trust. I'll be taking my time with this kill" Kenny smiled "Well I've got the perfect person you can kill. Make this kill special so Sia can get the warning."

Down a dark ally a young couple were alone together holding each other sweetly, kissing enjoying each other company. "I love you so much, Bradley. I never want to let you go" Said the girl, Bradley replied "I never want to let you go either Krystal." The young sweet couple kissed but their sweet moment was disturb by something being knocked over "Whoes there!" Yelled out Bradley they looked towards the road and saw a dark figure standing there "Listen to me Bradley run, just run!" Krystal panicly said, "Why who is that?" Questioned Bradley "She's come for me, UH is gonna." Krystal begged for her sweetheart to run but he refused, he turned to the dark figure "I don't know who you are but you won't touch the love of my life!" Heroicly said Bradley, Krystal pushed Bradley passed the dark figure "Please just run, just run never look back. Run to Bakers Street 221b get Sherlock Holmes to get here as soon as possible please. JUST RUN BRADLEY!" Krystal began to cry the dark figure began to walk forwards to Krystal "I know what you are UH, you can kill me but some one will kill you for revenge. I may not be that person but some one will. BRADLEY JUST RUN! RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!" Shouted Krystal. Bradley did as she said, he ran towards Bakers Street. He could hear Krystal screaming in his head, tear flowed out of his eyes. He found Bakers Street and instantly saw 221b; he knocked loudly on the door. John opened the door "Please you've got to help my girlfriend she's getting killed by UH." Bradley pleaded, John shouted up the stairs "Sherlock UH is killing another person we better go now!" Sia and Sherlock came quickly down the stairs Sia passed John his coat, Sherlock said to Bradley "Where is she?" Bradley instantly "Just follow me, not far from here." John closed the door behind him the four began to run towards the murder. But it was all ready to late. Krystal was lifeless and some parts of her body were cut right off, Sherlock turned to Bradley "Did you see what she looked like?" "No I didn't she was like a dark figure, like some sort shadow of death" Bradley shakenly replied.

"Sherlock look at that." John pointed out a message written on Krystal's arm "Get Sia - UH" Sherlock looked to the wall to his right and saw the same message written in Krystal's blood, "Sherlock the message.. is ment for me?" Said Sia, the police arrived Bradley was being questioned, Lestrade was talking to Sherlock "We would of came sooner but we just don't when UH will strike, she ment it this time, this poor girl. What does she mean 'Get Sia' Is Sia going to be her next victm?" Sherlock turn to look at Sia then back to Lestrade "Something tells me UH is stepping into the shadows for a while." Sherlock walks over to John and Sia "Sherlock the message is it ment for Sia?" John asked, Sherlock looked at Sia "If they are then I'll protect you from UH, She won't lay a finger on you" Sia smiled "Promise me that?" Sherlock smiled he held her to his chest "Promise, now and always."

Kenny looked at Sherlock hugging Sia he thought to himself "Oh you wait until you see what she has install for you. Just you wait. No Utena isn't going to kill you just yet."

                                                                                                Sia's Blog:

Dear Bloggers,
Today me and Sherlock were put on to the mysterious case of the killings of UH.
Who is UH?
Anyway we went to the crime scene it was horrible the victim was.....almost cut apart..
but there was an even more disturbing thing there a message a horrible one meant for a Sia, but even worse i think it was meant for me, i didn't want to let on my fear to Sherlock, but he saw right through me -_-

On the way back to 221B Baker street i asked Sherlock if he deduced anything from the mysterious message but he said he didnt, and that if that message was for me, he would protect me, from who ever it was.

This evening Sherlock went out, but it was unusual, anyway me and john watched a bit of TV and chatted for a bit, he asked me about the crime scene, but that got boring so I decide to try and find where Sherlock had got to.

When I found him after about half an hour he wouldn't talk to me, then he turned around and his face looked like an innocent little child, he had tears in his eyes, I never seen him like this, then all of a sudden he pulled me in tight close to him and told me to never let him go. I told him nothing would ever make me turn against him, nothing in the world could he asked me to promise, I promised and I will never break that promise ever, Sherlock, I will never ever, break that promise I made to you, Sherlock Holmes.


                                                                                          Utena's Journal:

Sometimes I wonder what Sherlock gets up to during the day, I mean well most of the time he's solving cases and people cut up by me even though I've never got arrested for it; I wonder what he really says to the police when he's on one of my cases... hmm next time I see him I'll ask. But the other day I saw him with another girl, I was going to see him at Baker Street to talk to him about the other day but I saw him get out of a taxi with another girl holding her like he would hold me. My hopes shattered, I couldn't believe what I saw they went in and before the door shut he kissed her, Sherlock kissed another girl.... ANOTHER GIRL! Is that why he has been seeing me less? Is that why he only now see's me at night? That hateful girl been taking him away from me! I'll find out who she is and I'll get her.

- Utena [UH]
_                                                                                                         Chapter 8:
                                                                          Sia's Happiness, Utena's Love Stolen

9:34pm in 221b Baker Street, Sherlock returns after being Utena. Sia and John standing with their arms crossed waiting for Sherlock "Well?" Said John, "Well what?" Sherlock replied "What the hell have you been Sherlock? You turned off your phone, and you've been gone for hours. You weren't down at the labs. So where were you?" Said Sia with a little anger. Sherlock put down his coat and scarf "I've just been out does it matter where I go?" John replied "You've been doing this for a very long time now and it's beyond the point where we need to know where you go. Also we found this." John showed Sherlock a little plastic bag with a thin string of Utena's hair, John continued "We found this on one of your jackets, have you been with some one? Possibly a girl?" Sherlock took a look "Indeed it's a girl but it was a brief incounter, we bumped into each other. I never saw her again." John and Sia didn't believe him "Tell the truth Sherlock! Everytime you disappear you always seem to go out and come back within a few hours, is there something you're not telling us. We're your friends you can tell us anything, but we don't like it when you go and never tell us where you're going." Said Sia.

Meanwhile in Utena's flat, Utena was holding her sword she started to think to herself "He just..." Has a flashback of her and Sherlock kissing, she holds her sword to her chest "He did it... we did it... I didn't want it but at the time, this isn't FAIR AT ALL!!" She quickly stands up and she quick as a flash cuts a vase in half, she looks down at the broken vase she saw an image, an image of her heart like the broken vase "What is this trying to tell me?" Then Utena has a flash image of a dark figure with her hair tied up saying to her "I'm going to get you for breaking my heart!" Utena looks up to the ceiling she could hear all the warnings

"Stay away from him!"

"You don't know what you're dealing with!"

"One day some one will be dancing over your grave!"

"Time to chose a side Utena."

"The women who isn't afarid of anything. Not even death itself!"

"There's a far worst day coming for you Utena!"

"I've trained all these years to bring you down!"

"You've trained all this time and yet your still missing something."

"Oh my Utena! You're the perfect killing machine"

"One day you'll meet him and he'll be the Beautiful Flower you won't help but want to touch. Trust me."

"SHUT UP!" Utena shouted out, her sword fell to the floor Utena fell to her knee's her hands covering her ears. With Utena's eyes closed she could see the dark figure again "You're not as strong as you think you are. Look at you, your nothing but weak" Utena opens her eyes tears slowly building up "I've got remain strong, I'm not scared this is just one of those moment where I'm suppose to panic as for help. But I've come this far without help so I know I can continue without any help. I am strong, I am the Assassin Utena Himemiya!" Just then Utena get's a text message, she grabs her phone opens to the text message "I've got another for you to kill - KD" Utena smiles, she picks up her sword grabs her coat and bag swiftly goes out of the door.

Utena makes her way to a small Hospital to find her next vitcm. A young freshly groomed scientist was in a lab mixing all sorts of dangerous chemicals together, next to him was a crate full of tablets ready to be delievered to another hospital. "Well isn't this cosy." Utena appeared out of no where, the young scientist was in panic "I-I know who you are. L-leave me alone! Utena Himemiya also known as UH." Utena was smearking evily at her vitcm "Jeff Winston. Hmm I'm not going to leave you alone. If you know who I am then you should know I never leave my vitcms alone until I see blood bleeding heavely from their body. So I'm not leaving you until I see you bleed" Jeff saw her sword in her hand, he was trembling, sweating with fear "Please Miss Himemiya, I can't die I-I got a girlfriend she's pregnant with my child and I can't die she need's support." Utena gave him the cold Assassin look "The only thing is Mr Winston the child isn't yours, she's been sleeping with your best friend what's his name Jamie, the child is his. You've got nothing to live for, and what's this your doing here." Utena walks a little closer towards Jeff and see's the tablets "Tut tut Jeff, these drugs are too dangerous for a Human to take. Were you planning to kill some one? Or perhaps a whole WARD!" She knocks the tablets over with her sword. Jeff was frighten, even death couldn't scared him. The only person that scares him most of all was Utena, his hands began to shake violently his body sweated heavily, the perfectly groomed scientist now looked like a wet rat. "Please please Himemiya, I've got so much to give!" Jeff panicly said, Utena showed no mercy she rised her sword and began to kill Jeff Winston.

There was no one else in the Hospital, Jeff's scream and pleading could be heard all around the hospital "Please HIMEMIYA! STOP THIS!" After 5 minutes the hall ways and wards went quiet. Nothing could be heard, complete silence. Back in Jeff's lab there was blood all over the floor, Utena holding her sword while his blood dripped onto his lifeless body. Utena started to text a message "Completed KD I rather enjoyed this Assassination - UH" Utena put on a pair of Hospital gloves smeared her hand in Jeff's blood and wrote on the wall "UH was here! Fail to catch me again! Oh well! UH" She also drew a smiley face, she grabbed a knife and placed it in Jeff's hand. She took a glance at him "I'm so evil and brutal." She walked out of the door never seen again.

5 minutes later the police arrived for a drugs bust in Jeff's Lab but instead they find Jeff's lifeless body heavily bleeding one of the officers said "I think we better call DI Lestrade." In Baker Street Sherlock was playing his violin then he recivives a text message, John said "Sherlock you got a text." Sherlock stopped playing to take a look at the text "We need you, will you come down to St Mary's Clinic Hospital? - DI L" Sherlock turns to John and Sia "Seems the police need me again, another brutal murder. Want to go you two?" Sia and John nodded. The trio grabbed their coats and headed down the stairs.

At the Hospital Lestrade was waiting for them at the enterance "So who is it this time?" Sherlock said, Lestrade explained "Another one of those UH's murders this time their vitcm was a Young Scienist named Jeff Winston. UH cut open his stomach, there is blood everywhere. They left a message this time." Sherlock quickly said "UH is a women." Lestrade stopped "What? How do you know that?" "Sherlock's been getting text messages from her, UH even confrimed she was a women." Sia said. Lestrade instantly said "Well you could of told us, it would of been easier to catch her." They continued walking "It's not that easy to catch her, we don't have any idea where her hide out is or anything." Sherlock explained. They arrived in Jeff's lab "There's the message" Lestrade pointed out.

Sherlock, Sia and John looked at the message and the cut opened body laying on the floor. Sherlock kneels examining the lifeless body "Well whoever UH is she certainly knows who to brutally kill some one." Sherlock see's the knife in his hand "He couldn't of done this, but did UH want to make it look like he killed himself?" Just then a man in his early 20's entered the scene "Ah Sherlock, John and Sia this DCI Kenny Dondals, our newest member of the team. He'll be joining us on the UH murder cases" Said Lestrade, "It's a pleasure to meet you, I've heard great stories about you Mr Holmes." Delightly Kenny said, Sherlock while still examining the body "Please Sherlock will do." Sia kneeled down on the other side of Jeff's body "Got anything Sherlock? Something to tell us about UH?"

Sherlock looked at Jeff's watch it was broken but the time it stopped was cleared "Jeff was killed at 10:15pm excatly, look at his watch. UH must of broken it while Jeff was trying to fight her off, then there's the knife now some one who was going to commit suicide wouldn't of been able to make this much mess unless they were really upset so UH brutally used a sword then there's the writing on the wall didn't take much time to work that out. We all know UH was here, then we have these tablets in the crate Jeff must of knocked them over as he was trying to get away from UH. We have some bruses here the sword she was using must of had a hard handle to make these bruses. Oh she is good, like I said not good but brilliant." Lestrade instantly said "Err you do know we are dealing with a psychopath here." Sherlock stood up "We're not dealing with a psychopath, or a Murder we're dealing with an Assassin here." While Sherlock was explaing how he knows UH is an Assassin behind Kenny he had his hand behind his back hold his phone, it was on a live call to UH.

Sherlock get's a text message "Indeed I'm not a Psychopath or a Murder for that matter. I am an Assassin. You got most things right... haven't you noticed Sherlock? - UH" "What is it Sherlock?" Lestrade asked, Sherlock replies "How is she doing this? UH just texted me again she said I've missed something... What have I missed?" He looks around the room, he looks all around then he looks to the crate noticing it had been cut by a sword; "There look at the crate it's been slashed by UH's Sword. Damn I must be having an off day!" Another text message come through on Sherlock's phone "Well done, can't believe you missed that... You must be certainly having an off day. - UH" Sherlock looked around the room "She's listening in to what we're saying, how is she doing that? UH come out where ever you are!" Nothing was said there was complete silence. Sia felt a slight shiver to the atmosphere. Suddenly "BANG!" A gunshot echoed through the Hospital, Sherlock and Sia instantly ran out of the crime scene with everyone else following on behind, "BANG!" The gunshot came a lot closer to them, Sherlock put his back against the wall "Shh everyone take caution, there's a gun and he's coming closer." Everyone stop, then "BANG BANG!" Sherlock peeped around the conner and saw a Police officer laying on the floor bleeding. The silence was broken by some one spraying on the wall "BANG BANG!" Lestrade whispered to Sherlock "We need to grab them!" Sherlock turned to him "Do you want your brain blown out?" Sia then said "We go now, we can't hear anything." Sherlock was the first to walk slowly towards the dead police man, he peeped around the conner and there was no one there "Lost them" Sherlock said as he stood up straight. He looked to the left wall and saw a message sprayed "Wow can't believe your quick enough to run at the first gun shot but so slow in catching me UH" Lestrade looked at Sherlock in disappointment "Great well we've let UH slip through out fingers again thanks to you Sherlock!" Sherlock examined the message on the wall "UH wouldn't use spray paint, she would use blood to write her messages. It would never use spray paint to write her messages she would always use blood, Sherlock got another text message "Indeed your right, I would never spray on walls always use blood. - UH" Sherlock said out loud "She's listening every word I say... how is she doing that?"

Everyone when back to the crime scene, but when they got back everything was cleaned up everything put in their place cases packed up, Jeff's body was in a body bag ready to go. "I don't understand, who could, who could of done this?" Questioned John, Lestrade in complete confusion. Sherlock then said "While we were all out trying to find that gun man. Some one came through the window cleaned up everything, mostly UH came here. So she never really left after she killed Jeff she was waiting." Suddenly the lights when off for a few seconds. Another gun shot could be heard this time in the room, the lights come back on infront of everyone was a police officer with a hole in his head there was a note place in his hand. Sherlock grabbed it opened the note it said "Run run as fast as I can, you'll never catch me - UH" Sia looked at the note then to the window she saw a dark figure with long flowing hair standing on the building opposite side "Look!" Sia pointed out. Everyone saw the dark figure standing holding a sword and a gun "That's her! That's UH Quick go and grab her" Lestrade ordered some officers to go and grab her "No! Don't by the time they try and grab her she will be gone. She's learned how to move in the shadows swiftly. so there's no point in trying to grab her." Sherlock instantly said. The officers didn't listen to Sherlock and ran out of the Hospital. They made their way to the roof top where UH was standing, the dark figure turned round lifted her gun to the 3 poilce men, she waited until the police men were close enough shot all three of them. She jumps over the middle officer, she turns round shoots all three of them again they fall to their deaths from the rooftop to the ground.

Sherlock looks back up and the dark figure had gone. "DAMN WE'VE LOSTED HER AGAIN" Sherlock shouted, Sia took hold of his hands "It's okay we've got the shape of her body so it will be a lot eaiser to find her"

A few days after the death events. Sherlock was alone in his flat he looked at his phone "Hm not going to text me then Utena?" He picked up his phone and began to text her "The other night was wonderful, wanna do it again? - SH" Sherlock waited for Utena to text back "Meet up? Sure when? - UH" Sherlock smearked "Later on, there won't be no one home. Got a few hours until anyone else comes home - SH" 1 minute later there was no reply from Utena so Sherlock texted her again "I know your temped, so? - SH" Utena replied "Sure why not, I'm not busy. I think I better pick out a dress that you'll like. I see you have a thing for dark blue at the moment. Cya there <3 - UH" Sherlock laughed.

- End of Chapter 8 -
_                                                                                                 Chapter 7:
                                                                                        Mycorft's Creation

In the Somerset country side stood a grand house that belongs to Utena's family, a beautiful Grand Ballroom which magnifince golden and silver colours, the floor was a brown chestnut polished colour. Mycorft was sitting on one of the six balconies watching Utena fighting another man. Utena was in her beautiful kimono holding her trusting Samuari Sword, her challenger was in a black kimono holding a Samurai Sword. The Ballroom was slient, Utena said to her challenger "Well, you think you can defeat me. All revenge for me killing your sister Samantha isn't that right Harry? This is what it is all about, me killing your sister because she fail she couldn't take me down. Why bring this up now?" Harry looked at her with anger in his eyes "I trained all these years to bring you down. I know what you are, Mycorft knows what you are, Moriarty knows what you are, but does your beautiful flower know what you truely are?" Harry began to run towards Utena, his sword in the air ready to strike. Utena moved slightly just missing the blade of the sword cutting her, she knocked Harry's sword with her sword. "Trust me, he does know what I am. Any other questions?" Mycorft watching Utena and Harry fight he thinks to himself "I created Utena to what she is today... No not just me, her family too. Her family are Assissinators too they also created Utena was she is today, Utena met my brother and they've never let go of each other; why do you hold on to him Utena? What's so special about my brother that you won't let go?"

Utena cuts Harry's right arm "I know where my loyality lays Harry. So TAKE THIS!" Utena cuts Harry in the leg and his back, Mycorft continued to think to himself "I'm one of those people who helped become what you are Utena, but you only chose to go the wrong way. Your loyality always will be with Moriarty, that will never change. Not even my brother could you change your loyality. You're forever Moriarty's, no matter how much you want to change that." Harry's sword was thrown into the air then dropped straight into his stomach, Utena facing the other way looking cool and calm "Himemiya some one will strike you down one day. It may not be me, Mycorft or even Sherlock but some one will strike you down they'll dance over your grave" Harry weakly said, Utena had a flash back of Samantha saying a similar sentance to her. "You're right, some one will strike me down one day but my own death doesn't scare me, watching people die doesn't scare me." She turns to look at Harry "But there's a far worst day coming for me." Mycorft looks down at her as if she knew something he didn't, Harry gently puts down his head and closes his eyes. Utena looks at his lifeless body showing no mercy.

Harry's body was taken away, Utena and Mycorft looking out a window "I'm surprise you haven't arrested me yet. For all those murders I've done, why witness this particlar killing?" Utena asked, Mycorft gave her a cold look "All this time, I know you've done most of the murders we both know why you haven't got arrested. I just wanted to see how you've progress from the last time I saw you fight tell me Utena, what do you mean there's a far worst day coming for you?" Utena gave Mycorft a cold look and turned towards the door "See you again, Mycorft. I've got stuff to do"

In 221b Baker Street Sherlock was sitting in his arm chair thinking, then he gets a text message "Want to meet up? - UH" Sherlock smiled and replied "Sure, meet me at our 'special place' at 4:00pm - SH" Sia and John returned from taking Melody to Social Services. "I've got to go out, I'll be gone for a few hours so you can have dinner without me tonight." Sherlock said as he grabbed his coat and scarf; he headed down the stairs and out of the door. "Taxi!" Sherlock called out, a taxi pulled up beside him he got in and the taxi drove off. Sia looking out the window thinking to herself "I've got to find out where he disappears off to... I've got to find out."

It was 3:59pm when Sherlock arrived at a grand house on the other side of London from Baker Street. There was a staircase going up and down the grand house he went down to the bottom of the house, there was a door the ivory leafs where hiding the door so no one could find it. Sherlock had a key to open the door, he opens it. Inside was a large modern studio flat, there was a Grand Piano by patio doors a modern purple and silver kitchen to Sherlock's right. He puts his coat on a coat hanger along side a female's coat. "Utena?" Sherlock called out, Utena appeared around one of the wooden pillars "Here Sherlock" Utena replied, Sherlock walked towards Utena. There was a canvas a painting. The painting was a road with the sky showing light and dark. Utena goes to her Grand Piano and Sherlock picks up a Violin both perfectly tuned. Utena and Sherlock look at each other, Utena begins playing a beautiful melody Sherlock waiting for his turn. Utena closes her eyes, the sun shines through the clear patio Utena looking so graceful she opens her eyes and looks at Sherlock still playing the wonderful melody, she nods at Sherlock. Sherlock starts playing a similar melody. The pair looked graceful together 'The Cool Prince' and 'The Graceful Princess' playing the most wonderful music

The music was beautifully played, the birds chripped happily to the wonderful music they could hear. The Gardener who keeps Utena's Garden looking beautiful saw Sherlock and Utena playing he smiles "Well, you two are certainly going to go far. The Cool Prince and The Graceful Princess" He continued watering the roses Utena adored so much while enjoying the music being played.

After Sherlock and Utena finished playing their wonderful melody; they sat on the sofa Sherlocks left arm behind Utena's shoulders. Utena laying on his chest listening to his soft heart beat "Utena" Sherlock said to break the silence. Utena sits up and faces him, his right hand twines together with Utena's left hand he kisses her. After the kiss Utena lays down on the sofa, Sherlock was on top of Utena looking down into her deep crystal eyes; he goes in a little closer to her lips. He kissed her again Sherlock kept thinking how soft her lips were "I could kiss them forever, Utena you're beautiful, Graceful and yet you kill people for fun... that's what so bitter about you." Sherlock thought to himself.

In Mycorft's office a half glass of Whiskey was on Mycorft's desk, Mycorft thinking to himself "What if Utena wasn't an Assassin? Would she be the graceful girl she was suppose to be, the graceful piano player she always destined to be. If she wasn't an Assassin what would her life really be like?" Mycorft looked at his glass of Whiskey and downed it in one go. "If only" He thought to himself... Back in the 'Special Place' Night fell Sherlock and Utena seemed to have disappeared the Studio was silent. In the Master bedroom was clothes on the floor, Utena and Sherlock's phone were on the bedside table turned off. In the soft double bed layed a naked Utena and Sherlock out of breath after having some 'fun' Sherlock was embracing Utena in his arms; the next morning Utena woke up with Sherlock holding her tight Utena quietly said "You've swiftly taken my heart. Sherlock." Sherlock still asleep turned over facing away from Utena, Utena smiles she grabbed her journal and began to write in it.

Utena's Journal:

Hey Journal and to whoever reads this,

I'm writing this time to something I'm sure to regret, now I'm not the kind of person who regrets things even when I kill some one... but you see. Arggh where do I begin? I suppose we could start from Saturday 25th December 2010... Christmas Day what could I regret on Christmas day well nothing this is where the story begins

Christmas Day spending it alone, again. No one to share the joy and cheers with but that doesn't matter really because alone protects me, but I get a text from Sherlock saying "Enjoying your Christmas?" so I reply "Not really, spending it alone" Sherlock then texts back "Same here, why don't we meet up then?" Normally no one would ask to meet up on Christmas day with me so I agreed, we met in a park the snow was falling. We began talking as we usually do, nothing could perpare me for what happened next. Sherlock held me close to his chest so I said "What's wrong Sherlock, this isn't you" and he just said "Sshh don't talk, I just want to hold you for a little while" A side of him I never saw before, he held me so tight that no matter how much he wanted to embrace me I could break at any time; The wind picked up my hair flowing gently, like a summer scarf lightly dancing in mid summer-air.

Minutes passed, my body couldn't help but relax onto him, a moment I wanted to last forever Sherlock embracing me I felt his warmth and kindness then the silence was broken by Sherlock saying "Utena" I rised my head and he kissed me on my lips, the moment I wanted to last forever shattered the first kissed he ever gave me was the Kiss of Regret, at the time I guess I wouldn't call it that but I could feel a tear falling out of my eye. Sherlocks kind lips locked onto my bitter lips how I wish he would stop but no matter how much I wanted to run and grab a gun I could feel my body was helpless when I'm around him oh Sherlock I wish I could tell you how much I want to hold you and kiss you but if I told you my true feelings it would be a burden on you, once he finished kissing my bitter lips I saw and felt a side of him I never saw.

Oh god my heart aches when I'm around him, every time we meet up we always some how end up kissing and holding each other. We almost got caught once by Molly, I took him to my flat I was living in and came the day I live to regret. Once again we held and kissed each other only this time...

So the morning after... I'm writing this while Sherlock is asleep he looks so cute asleep like a child having a sweet dream :3

But last night emotions flying everywhere, to me it's kind of awarkward because when someone else see's this their gonna know what I've been up to but I guess it helps than keeping all bottled up I know one day Sherlock might see this then everything will be revealed. But until that day this is just a secret between you and me (So let's keep it that way) Well I suppose I should say what was going through my head....

I have two sides inside of me, one side tells me run and grab the gun the other tells me just let your love flood out. I just don't know what to say, so much went through my head *sighs* I guess I just didn't see it coming. I just don't know what to think does Sherlock mean what he said about me? Does he really love me.... or is it just to make me happy?

- Utena [UH]

                                                                                        -End of Chapter 7-
_                                                                                                            Chapter 6:
                                                                                   Utena's Past: 5th November 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November.
Gun powder treason and plot.
I see no reason why Gunpowder treason.
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, remember the 5th of November 2010
Two people will meet
One who is wrapped in Chains of Eternal Pain
Another who will learn to love
A Murder another A Detective
These two will have a long and painful journey together
Many sacrifices will be made
Tears, pain and happiness
The Innocent Angel and The Devil of Eternal Pain
Sherlock & Utena

5th November 2010, Utena is sitting on a bench in a park watching the colours fly in the fly "BOOM! BANG!" Goes the fireworks, wondeful colours and displays appeared in the sky; Sherlock was walking through the same park Utena got up with her 3 books in her arms walking straight towards Sherlock. Both of them not noticing each other, became closer and closer to each other. Then Sherlock and Utena bang into each other both falling to the ground Utena's books spreaded around her "Oh my I'm- I'm- I'm so sorry sir, you okay there?!" Utena said. Sherlock looks up and see's Utena's crystal blue shining like the moonlight "Err yes I fine, how about you?" Sherlock replied, Utena picked up her books "I'm fine thanks, I wasn't looking where I was going so I'm very sorry for bumping into you. I'm Utena Himemiya and you are?" Utena reached her hand out waiting for a handshake, Sherlock reached out his hand "I'm Sherlock Holmes, a pleasure to meet you Miss Himemiya." His hand touched Utena's, at that moment both of them felt a strange present the wind picked up Utena's long Pink/Purple hair began to flow in the wind. "I must say that's a lot of hair for a young lady like you." Sherlock said, Utena started to giggle a little bit "I know but I've always loved these colours." Sherlock and Utena sat on a bench watching the fireworks appear in the sky. Sherlock couldn't help but notice her pure blue crystal eyes, they shone like the moonlight but they also had a lonliness feeling to them. Utena couldn't help but notice Sherlock's calm and coolness, but they both noticed they could create a sweet melody with a Piano and a Violin.

After a few hours gazing up to the sky, the stars appeared. Sherlock could clearly see Utena's eye's weren't just crystals trying to out shine other crystals but the moonlight was shining into them making them more beautiful than anything else in the night. Suddenly there was a sudden movement behind a bush, "What was that?" Sherlock asked, Utena's eye's were beading around working out where the noise came from she cluch her fist as if she knew what was going to happen. Quick as a flash Utena pushed Sherlock off the bench while a dark figure was holding a Samurai Sword their named craved on the blade "You okay Sherlock?" Utena said, before Sherlock could say anything Utena was pulled back by the dark figure she was thrown to the ground; the sharp blade was heading straight for her she rolled away just in time Utena reaches into the inside of her coat and pulled out her Samurai Sword, the dark figure and Utena began a fight "The Waltz of Swords" Sherlock watched in amazment. Utena stabbed the dark figure in the stomach, the dark figure spoke "I losted" Utena pulled out her sword blood began to fall to the ground then she kicks over the dark figure on their back; Utena pulls off the dark mask to reveal another girl "Well well if it isn't you, Samantha. You really thought you could beat me, what a joke." Sherlock got up walked towards the dying body, Samantha reply "Well yes I did thought I could beat you. But it seems no one can kill you, no one can hurt you, no one can ever get close to you. That's why you're always alone. Whose your friend then?" Utena kneeled down to Samantha "It doesn't matter, but you know what happens when people come up against me." Samantha's eyes slowly started to close "You just leave dying people, but sometimes you stay for your own pleasure but for the dying person it's torture because you're the last ever person we ever see. Oh Utena one day you'll be caught out and you'll know what it feels like." Samantha put her right hand in a small pool blood, picked up a bit of blood then smeared it all over Utena's sword "Another vitcm I am, I swear I'll haunt you and when you die I'll dance over your grave. Some one will kill you and it will be a friend who will betray you Utena! And they will dance over your grave with me!" Utena showed no emotion she watched Samantha put her head to the ground, finally Samantha closed her eyes.

Utena stood up, Sherlock in disbelieve of what he saw Utena turned to him "I'm an Assassin Sherlock. Sometimes I get people like Samantha who just want to get rid of me, they always put their blood on my sword swearing they'll come back for me. But they don't scare me I must go the poilce will be here soon, best you disappear too. Please don't say anything to any one" Utena gave Sherlock a kiss on his cheek, picked up her books and sword. She jumped up into a tree never seen again, Sherlock calmly walked away from the dead body. Moriarty appeared beside Samantha's dead body "Well well Utena, you've met him now what do you think of him?" Utena calmly sitting on a tree branch "I guess you were right, he's the one... The beautiful flower. Something I won't be able to leave alone." Moriarty looked up to the tree where Utena was sitting "I knew I was right, but you know what you've got to do." Utena's Crystal eyes looked sharp at Moriarty "Indeed I do, don't worry it will be carried out." Moriarty smearked with joy "Oh my Utena, the only women in the world who isn't afaird of anything. Not even death itself."

Moriarty's Poem:
Remember, remember the 5th of November 2010.
Two people have met.
One who is wrapped in Chains of Eternal Pain.
Another who will learn to love.
A Murder another A Detective.
These two have started a long and painful journey together.
Many sacrifices will be made.
Tears, pain, happiness and love will be torn apart.
The Innocent Angel and The Devil of Eternal Pain.
One day his heart will burn will ache
One day her immortal soul will have a twinge of fear
Sherlock & Utena.

Moriarty begins to walk away from Utena, Utena watches him calmly walk into the far distance his dark short figure disappeared. Utena took a few moments looking down at Samantha's dead body, blood flowed all around her lifeless body. Utena looked at her sword, Samantha's body blood dripping from the blade. Utena stood up on the tree branch, her hair flowing gently in the wind, she could hear the whispers of the dead whispering through the tree, seconds later Utena disappeared the only thing left in the park was Samantha's lifeless body.

In the distance sky you could see two stars far apart from each other they were both shining with brilliance. a few fireworks were still going to celebrate bonfire night, the colours faded the sky was shining with stars. The two stars shining with brilliance represented Sherlock and Utena's hearts.

- End of Chapter 6 -

_                                                                                 Chapter 5:
                                                                         Sia and Sherlock

221b's front door opened, Sherlock enters into the hall way Sia comes quietly down the stairs "Sherlock don't make too much noise I just got Melody to sleep. I've been telling her that we'll protect her otherwise she wouldn't of fallen asleep, where did you run off to?" Sherlock had a little flash back of him kissing Utena "Only to the labs to ask Molly if Melodies mother's body arrived yet but nothing, tomorrow morning hopefully." Sia smiled "Okay" They made their way up the stairs where John was blogging. The trio were sat silently in Sherlock's flat you can only hear John taping his fingers on his laptop "Right that's another blog done with. I'm heading off to bed, night Sia and Sherlock." John closed his laptop and walked out to his room, Sherlock thinking to himself "God did I just... I think I did, I just confessed love to an Assassin. But Sia, Utena or Sia... I've known Utena longer than Sia but Sia's the first ever person to get so close then again Utena her and I..." Sia noticed Sherlock was looking at her "Sherlock?" Sherlock stood up instantly and grabbed his violin "I need to think" Sia got up as well "Melody is asleep she'll hear you, if you play loudly." Sherlock without a care began to play, a sweet melody. Sia sighed she got her laptop and began emailing.

"Sia?" Sherlock said while still playing, Sia still looking at her laptop screen and typing "Yes Sherlock?" Sherlock stopped playing and faced the window "I'm not to kind of person who would ask for help" He paused for a second "But I need your help, also I'm not the kind of person who would seek for love advice." Sia rised her head worrying, Sherlock continued "But there's this girl I've met now I don't know how to tell her but" Sherlock smiled "Never mind, it would of been a ridilous question any way so don't worry Sia." Sherlock continued to play the sweet melody, from that moment Sia began to worry she thought to herself "Sherlock? In love? But with who?" Sherlock's sweet melody turned a little darker, Sherlock was thinking what he could say next to Sia. He stopped playing his violin, put it gently down on his desk and sat beside Sia. Sia was focusing on her laptop, Sia rises her head and looks at Sherlock, Sia a little startle by Sherlock looking at her but shows no emotion. "Sherlock if there's something you want to say then just say it" Said Sia.

Sherlock tooks Sia's laptop and put it on the desk he sat back beside Sia; Sherlock put Sia close to his chest Sia's feelings changed from worried to calm "Sherlock I" Sherlock puts his finger on Sia's lips "Shh Sia, enjoy this for as long as you can." Sherlock looks towards the window, it was raining heavily. Outside across the street stood Utena looking up to 221b her long wet Pink/Purple hair almost reached to the floor, a lorry drives passes her. As soon as the lorry passes Utena had gone.

Back in 221b Sia became comfortable with Sherlock holding her to his chest, she closed her eyes hearing Sherlock's heart beat she thought to herself "Hmm maybe he's in love with me, I know there's been no other girl in his life part from Molly but them two are just good friends I know Sherlock there can't be any one else other than me." Just then Sherlock's heart beat faded away in Sia's mind suddenly she saw a Samurai Sword heading straight for her. A dark figure with long hair holding the sword whilst running towards Sia. Sia felt helpless then her mind went pitch black she saw blood fly, instantly Sia woke up scared. Sherlock shocked yet confused why Sia suddenly moved "Sia?" Sherlock questionly asked, Sia breathing heavily looked at Sherlock and said "I saw it, the sword that killed all those victms. I've got a bad feeling I'm next." Sherlock calmly smile, he held Sia once again close to his chest "No one is going to get you because I'll protect you." Sia's eyes began to fill with tears "Promise me that?" Sherlock held her even tighter "I promise Sia." Sia felt happy she sits up Sherlock strokes her ponytail with his left hand, then he gives her a light kiss on her forehead.

Sherlock walked over to his violin and began to play the sweet melody he always seems to play. Sia sit's there happy listening to his wonderful melody she puts her hands on her chest and closes her eyes listening to the beautiful melody play. She slowly falls asleep Sherlock's beautiful melody takes her into a wonderful dream.

Sia begins to dream, she opens her eyes and see's Sherlock standing by a lake playing the same melody as she heard in Baker's Street. She makes her way down towards Sherlock, Sherlock turns to Sia "Sia come enjoy the view and music with me." Sia filled with happiness no one else around apart from them. No John, no Melody and no UH. Sia's perfect scene just her and Sherlock enjoying each others company.

"Sherlock, isn't this wonderful?" Sia calmly asked, Sherlock continued to play the wonderful beautiful melody he replies "Indeed, just wonderful." The wind gently flowing through the tree's Sherlock and Sia sitting on a soft red picnic blanket, nothing could distrub the perfect scene. Sherlock and Sia both filled with happiness drank with some wonderful wine; Sia was filled with so much joy, happiness she felt she could live like this forever.... Her and Sherlock.... Eternal Happiness.
                                                                            Sia's Blog:

Hello Bloggers!

My name is Sia,

I live in 221b Baker's Street and I've got friends named 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Doctor John Watson' Sherlock is the only Consulting Detective in the world because he invented it. Any ways I was put on the same case as him at first I thought he was arrogant and completely rude. I've never met any one like that in my life, but as time passed on something changed he became a lot nicer to me. Ever since then we've always been put on a case to solve together. After a while he asked me to move in with him so I didn't have a second thought and accepted. So I went got my stuff as soon as I got back 221b was silence as soon as I got upstairs Sherlock was at his desk reading a case file labeled "UH" Sherlock explained about the case file and we went to check out the 5 murders that happened within 2 hours, once he examined all the 5 bodies he said we're not dealing with a Murder we're dealing with an Assassin. I have no idea what was going through my head when he said 'Assassin' But I knew I had to be strong and not let it get to me. Well we returned to Baker Street and we only had 2 hours to find the next vitcm before 'UH' killed them even though it was too late. A little girl named Melody came running to the door in a huge panic, Sherlock calmed her down, just when Melody thought she was safe the killer found Melody threating to shoot her. Sherlock managed to get through to the killer but they hadn't finished with him yet.... Just who is 'UH'? What do they want from him?

I also had a terrible dream recently that I was UH's next vitcm, I wish me and Sherlock could find out just who this person is why they've killed so many people...

Another thing ever since I moved into Baker Street Sherlock keeps disappearing late at night then returning 2 hours later. He always says he's down the labs but for some reason something is tell me he isn't always down at the labs... Maybe he knows who UH is but if he did then he would of told me, right? Right?

- Sia