_Chapter 3:
Tonights the Night

A few hours after Sherlock's room was trashed, Sherlock and Utena were sitting together on the sofa. Being innocent lovesick teenagers, kissing. Both of them felt so happy but the moment was ruined when Sherlock got a text, Sherlock looked at the text which said "Sherlock we need you down at the labs right now. We've got something you might like. JW"  "Is that John?" Asked Utena. Sherlock answred "Yeah, he wants me down at the lab. There's something for me." Utena looked down to her lap "Well you should go, I'll be fine." She rised her head with a smile. Sherlock smiled back "I'll be back in time so we can go the Royal Albret Hall together." Sherlock gave her a kiss, he grabbed his coat and headed out. Utena watched him from the window feeling a little sad, for Sherlock having to go even though he wanted to spend the day with her. Utena's eyes began to water, she thought "I wanted to spend the day with you, before this big event but no, it seems your work is more important than me. I've given up everything for him and it seems not enough. I've been here long enough to notice he'll only show his love to me when we're on our own; is that he's scared to kiss me infront of other people, why won't he say I love you Utena. It's not fair, he's always dashing around... Maybe it was better when Sia was here and I was still in the shadows. Oh Sia where are you?" Utena layed down on the sofa, she sighs deeply with sadness she whispered his name "Sherlock..." Utena closed her eyes and a tear fell out, she instantly sits up the tear fell into her hands. Utena looked completely shocked "It's okay to cry you know Utena." Calmly said Mrs Hudson standing behind her, Mrs Hudson sat beside her opened her arms. Utena's eyes began to water she fell into Mrs Hudson's arms, letting out all of her sadness that she bottled over the years. Utena felt so emotional. Tears falling down her face she could feel Mrs Hudson's warm beating heart, her warmth something Utena wanted all her life. It was 6pm Utena was asleep on the sofa, her face was pure beauty no make up, just a natural innocent child.

The front door opened and closed up came the stairs was Sherlock and John "Mrs Hudson... Why's Utena asleep?" Asked John; Mrs Hudson smiled "She's just an innocent child who's crying out for love." Mrs Hudson made her way down the stairs, Utena slowly woke up. She sat up looks up and see's John and Sherlock stareing at her; She rubbed her eyes "I guess we better get ready for tonight, well I better it takes me about an hour and a half to get ready." Utena stood up, started to walk towards the kitchen but Sherlock grabbed her hand

"Utena you okay?"

"I'm fine. Why?"

"You just look like you've been crying... you sure you're okay?"

"Crying? Me? Seriously? Me crying? No no no, I don't cry, you know me Sherlock ever since I met you, you never seen me cry. And you won't ever will. Because I'm strong. And I always will remain strong" Utena smiled gave Sherlock a kiss on his cheek. She walked upstairs to get ready in Sia's old room. While in Sherlock's flat Sherlock and John were getting ready for the night. Mrs Hudson came back up the stairs all ready wearing her evening dress, she helped the boys get ready. Once they were ready Utena called for Mrs Hudson to help her. Mrs Hudson walked up the stairs leaving the boys in the flat below. It was 7:45pm. Mrs Hudson was down stairs with the boys waiting for Utena; 221b was silent all three of them looking up. The door bell rang, Mrs Hudson went to answer it Sherlock called up to Utena "Utena the car's here we need to get going now." Just then the up stairs door opened footsteps coming closer and closer to the stairs; Utena appeared out of the darkness, her pink hair plated into a bun, her make-up was suttle showing her natural beauty. Her graceful dark blue ball gown gently flowed as she slowly walked down the stairs, Utena smiled with happiness "Shall we go then?" John headed down the stairs followed by Utena and Sherlock. They all got into a black jaguar, the car drove off.

At the Royal Albret Hall, crowds were coming in to see the chairty performance. Many people with smiles on their faces, young children looking their best giggling holding their parents hands. Classical music was playing while people were making their way to the Hall. Inside John and Mrs Hudson were all ready sat in the front seats close to the stage "Oo this is going to be a lovely performance. Sherlock and Utena both looking their very best. I wonder what they've choosen to play." Delightly Mrs Hudson said, John happily said back "This is going to be a really good evening. I'm sure Sherlock and Utena are going to have a really good time up there on stage." John looked around the hall watching people taking their seats with smiles, then John heard some girls a few rows back talking

"I can't believe Miss Himemiya is performing tonight"

"I know, it's been ages since we've last saw her perform."

"I don't know if this is true or not but appearently, she's gonna be performing with a handsome guy."

"Really? Wow that would be amazing."

The lights dimmed down, the audience went quiet an Annoucer began to talk "Good Evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Children. We have a wonderful lined up of music ranging from Classical to Modern Day. We hope you'll enjoy tonight's music, this is a chairty event we hope for you to never forget, please donate as much or as little as you like. This event couldn't been put together with the help of Miss Utena Himemiya and Mr Robert Goldsworth." The audience began to clap as Utena and Robert came onto stage. Utena had changed her dress to a thin red sparkling gown John said quietly "Utena's changed her dress." Mrs Hudson said back "Don't worry eariler we had to make sure the blue dress fitted this red dress is only for show." Utena and Robert gave a little bow, then exited the stage. The Announcer continued "Miss Himemiya will be one of the guest playing for this wonderful event. Please enjoy this evenings music. Thank you and remember to donate." The Hall was silent only a few whispers could be heard. John could hear the girls behind him talking again

"My gosh Himemiya looked amazing."

"I know I wish I had her slender waist. Whoever is performing with her tonight is a lucky man."

"Do you think whoever she's performing with could become her husband? She's just truely amazing. No one can compete against her... well there is one person."

"I heard she was dead though..."

"No, no I've seen her around. But I wonder if Miss Himemiya knows her..."

Before John could go to the girls and ask who they were talking about, the lights on the stage slowly turned on, the certain rised an orchestra was ready to play. The conductor began the concert. Back stage Sherlock was helping Utena get back into her Dark Blue dress "Why did you have to change dresses?" Asked Sherlock

"Because I don't want to reveal this dress until our performance, plus I all ready bought this red dress for show. And besides I know you still have a thing for Dark Blues." Utena leaned forward and kiss Sherlock. There was a knock on the door, the door opened, it was Robert "You're on in 5 minutes. Be ready." Utena said back "Okay thanks Robert." Robert smiled and closed the door behind him. Back in Sherlock and Utena's dressing room. Utena was applying the finishing touches to her make-up, Sherlock carefully watching her "Nervous Himemiya?" Utena giggled "Not really, it's like a walk in a park. Oh yes I forgot, remember when I came into your flat for the very first time with John, thanks for that lie."

"What Lie?"

"About us pretending to know each other from school, when we didn't."

"That wasn't a lie."

Utena's heart began to race with confusion "Sorry?"

"It wasn't a lie Himemiya, we did go to the same school together. You and I spoke once but after that it seemed you forgot about me; can't you remember?"

"I remember everything from school and I never knew you...."

"You changed since then, of course you won't remember me. Do you remember some one called Carl?"

"Who?.... Oh yes he died in the swimming pool. I was there when it happened. Tragic. God rest his soul..."

"I know, but you were so popular I knew you wouldn't remember me, because I always stayed in the shadows. Watching you from a far, when I first saw you I wanted to talk to you so badly. I wanted you to be my friend, I remember once you were alone in a class room crying saying how much you couldn't take the popularity, you didn't want all the attention. I was hiding in one of the class room cupboards, I wanted to come out and hold you but when I was about to, that's when one of your friends came in. So yes I have seen you cry. On many occasions, Utena."

"I see, but now I'm strong I don't cry any more, I'm strong."

"Can you really keep all those feelings bottled up for the rest of your life? Or is there something stopping you from crying?"

"When I was 19 years old my older sister said 'I made it as an Assassinator' But something was missing in my life, something I forgotten. When I saw you in the park and I got to know you over time... I thought you were the missing piece..."


"But it seems you're not the piece I'm looking for, there's something I'm missing. An old friend said to me once, he said 'No matter how much you wish for it Utena, I believe the missing piece will be never found' Even so from what he said I know I will find my missing piece."

Just then the pair could hear the audience applauding. Utena looked Sherlock in the eye "It's time."

The lights dimmed, Sherlock and Utena standing waiting for the lights to slowly come back on, the lights slowly came on hand in hand Sherlock and Utena made their way to centre stage they could hear people saying 'Good Luck' to them, the audience began to applaud as they made their way to the stage. Utena sat on the Piano stool, Sherlock picked up his Violin. A microphone was setted up infront of Utena. John and Mrs Hudsons faces lighted with glee. The audience was silent, Sherlock turned to Utena. She began to play a wonderful but yet sad tune. The hall was filled with life, the audience was silent even the girls a few rows behind John was silent.

Utena looked towards Sherlock, she nodded. Sherlock began to play at the same time Utena began to sing:

"I can hear your loneliness crying out to me
I can feel the roaring sea
I can hear your lonely heart crying out for love
You want to feel the tender warmth

That I hold in my own sweetheart
Watching you growing every day
I can feel your warm smile, smiling at me, at me
Being with you everyday I cherish
Every moment with you"

The audience began to cheer as Utena sang, in a private box was Mycroft with the dark figure standing next to him "I must say, Miss Himemiya certainly has a voice. Truely maginficent after this performance we must congratulate them. Oh I forgot you can't because they won't know who you are." The dark figure looked down at Mycroft, and began to walk away into the darkness. After the performances it was time for the V.I.P guests to go to another hall for a party, Mrs Hudson all ready left to go to help Utena change back into her red dress. John was on his way to the party until one of Mycroft's Secretaries took him round the back of the Royal Albert Hall "Hello John." Said Mycroft

"Mycroft, why are we here? I'm suppose to be right now congratuating Sherlock and Utena on their performance, but you brought me here to the back of the Hall."

"I thought you would like to be reunited with an old friend." Mycroft points his umbrella behind him, John looked to where the umbrella was poiting and saw a figure appearing from out of the shadows. John saw a young women with dark short hair almost black, she was wearing a long dark blue coat, a black scarf, black converses. Her eyes were green. John knew her from some where before. But couldn't think of who.

"Hello John, remember me?" Said the dark women

"Who are you?" Asked John

In disbelief the women said "Don't you remember me? I've been gone what 6 months. Well I've changed since then, that's why maybe you can't remember me. It's me Sia. Sia Satō"

John's face was in shock "Sia?"

Mycroft calmly said "Don't be alarmed, John. She's changed a lot so you couldn't reconizged her"

"Don't be... don't be alarmed. Don't be alarmed?! Utena has suffered Sherlock's silence because you made a disappearing act Sia! For 1 month straight after your disappearence! 1 freakin' month he didn't say a word because of you. 1 month he stopped eating, 1 month he just sit there glaring at me, Utena and Mrs Hudson. 1 month Sia! 1 month!"

"Did you think I had a choice! I was going to die, I should be 6ft under by now. But no here I am having to watch in the shadows having to watch Sherlock and Utena being happy together. I-I never wanted this. I never wanted to have to stand in the shadows and watch everyone else be happy. This isn't the life I wanted!"

"You could of let us know you were alive!"

"I couldn't..."


There was silence for a few moments, traffic going pass. People walking pass. Mycroft broke the silence

"Sia needs to do an important job, to protect herself, you and Sherlock."

"And what's that?"

Mycroft and Sia look at each other, then back to John, John then said "Well?"

Inside the hall, the party was in full swing. Sherlock, Utena and Mrs Hudson were sitting at a table. Mrs Hudson asked "Where's John? I thought he would of been here by now." Sherlock and Utena were looking around to see if they could spot John, Sherlock then said "He's probably trying to chat up some bird, knowing him." The girls who were chatting came up to Utena, a tall blonde girl in an elegnant teal dress spoke "Miss Himemiya, such a wonderful performance this evening. I must say I've never heard your voice before, truely wonderful." Utena stood up with a smile "How couldn't I ever forget you Brittani."

"And this must be the man who played along side you." Said Brittani

"Indeed, Brittani this is Sherlock Holmes." Happily said Utena. Sherlock stood up and shaked her hand. "How do you do?"

Utena continued "And this is Charlotte, Melissa and Kate."

"My goodness you have a wonderful voice Himemiya. Why haven't we heard it before?" Asked Kate

"Well I'm very flattered Kate, I don't know I guess I never got the chance to show my true expression."

"The song was so romantic and so beautiful; you've done so well Himemiya." Said Charlotte.

"Thank you, so much for coming girls. I'm very happy you came, seeing you again." The girls giggled. They walked up to the food bar leaving Utena, Sherlock and Mrs Hudson on their own again. John arrived shortly after Sherlock said "There you are where have you been?" John looked at Utena and Mrs Hudson then back to Sherlock "Sorry there was a que in the loo so..." Before any one else could say anything the lights where cut out. People started to panic

"What's going on?"

"Who turned out the lights?"

"Hey I can't see a thing here!"

Just then a scream was heard, the lights come back up and laying in the middle of the ballroom dance floor was Brittani's body, her teal dress ruined by blood flowing. People began to panic

"Quick some one call the police!"

"Oh my god I can't believe this!"

"I think I'm going to be sick."

Utena looked around the room, there was no sign of Charlotte, Melissa or even Kate. And the lights went out again only this time everyone was silent waiting to hear a scream but when the lights came back on every one seem to be there but Sherlock looked behind him and Utena had gone. Sherlock began to panic inside "Where's Utena?!" He looked around the room, he demandly said to John and Mrs Hudson "Where's Utena? She was here a moment ago... Where is she?!" Sherlock ran to the dressing room, she wasn't there. Sherlock when to the main hall she wasn't there either. Sherlock felt helpless he needed Utena. Just then an evelope was slided to him on the stage floor. Sherlock picked it up, he saw a shadow quickly running away. He opened the envelope which had a note in

If you want to see your Miss Utena Himemiya again then you'll do as this note tells you.
Go back to Baker Street there will be another note telling you what to do next."

The note wasn't signed, Sherlock grabbed his coat, scraf and violin. Himself, John and Mrs Hudson began to make their way back to Baker Street. As soon as they got into Sherlock's flat there was another envelope on his desk, Sherlock opened it there was another note and a locket necklace. Sherlock opened the note

"Can you guess who the locket belongs to... that's right the girl who you love.
Miss Himemiya isn't far from where you're standing. But if you want to see her then you come alone.
Don't bring your pathetic friends they'll just get in the way. Oh and here's a poem for you written by the person who will always be your enemy
Remember, remember the 5th of November 2010.
Two people have met.
One who is wrapped in Chains of Eternal Pain.
Another who will learn to love.
A Murder another A Detective.
These two have started a long and painful journey together.
Many sacrifices will be made.
Tears, pain, happiness and love will be torn apart.
The Innocent Angel and The Devil of Eternal Pain.
One day his heart will burn will ache
One day her immortal soul will have a twinge of fear
Sherlock & Utena.

Bring no one. Come alone, to the park where you first met her."

                                                                 - End of Chapter 3 -
_Chapter 2:
Remember Me!

Sherlock and Utena returned back to 221b Bakers Street; after a long afternoon of rehearsals for tomorrows Chairty Event. John was getting ready to go out "Where are you going John?" Asked Utena

"He's going on out another date, Utena it's obvious."
"Have fun then." Utena Smiles
John smiles back, he walks down the stairs and out of the door. Just then a black car pulled up John knew the car was for him he said to himself "Mycroft... Why can't he just bloody text me?" He got in the car drove off. Meanwhile back in Sherlock's flat, Sherlock was laying flat on his sofa Utena was doing the same but on the floor next to him. Sherlock breaths deeply, Utena had her eyes close slowly breathing "Sherlock why do you have three patches on for? We haven't got a case." Sherlock breaths suddenly out "Helps me think, you should know most stuff about me by now. So you should know why I've got three patches on, it's terribly hard to sutain London's smoking habit these days." Utena sits up "I'm not smoking, not everyone in London smokes ya'know."

"Good, you don't want to ruin the beauty you have on your face."

"You saying I'm not pretty enough?"

"No I'm not saying that, I just don't want to see you smoking otherwise your beautiful face will be ruined. Any ways in about a few seconds the door bell with ring" Sherlock smiles

Utena gives Sherlock a little smile, then the door bell rings. Sherlock and Utena could hear the door open and close footsteps coming up the stairs it was Lestrade. Utena stood up "Where is it this time?"

Lestrade catches his breath from running up the stairs, he calmly said "Kilburn Park Road, there's been a murder but the only thing is the isn't a body... only blood and a message written all over the flat. Will you come and look at it Sherlock and Utena?"

Utena and Sherlock look at each other "Sure." The both grabbed their coats and headed down the stairs, 221b was quiet. Outside you could hear the cars going pass, people talking. All throughout 221b was silent, from Sherlock's room his window opened. Some one jumping into his room then "CRASH! CRASH!" Things in Sherlock's room being knocked over. Picture frames being smashed, objects getting throwing to the otherside of his room, some clothes being ripped apart. There was a complete awarkward silence for a few moments a spray can was being shaken then the dark figure began to spray on the walls. Then his bedroom door opened a dark figure was walking towards his desk, the figure stops looking at his desk; the dark figure moved towards the desk one of the draws was slightly opened. The figure opened the draw inside was a dark red jewlery box, the box was picked up and opened inside was an expensive necklace with a Topaz jewel in the centre. There was a note stuck on the inside of the lid
"Dear Utena,

Happy Birthday. I hope you like this necklace that I picked out for you although I know you'll like you've had your eye on it for a while now and I know how much you love your blues. I saved up to buy you this and yeah. Happy Birthday Utena

Sherlock x"

The figure slips their hand under and picks up the necklace, just then the front door opened. The dark figure quickly placed the necklace perfectly down closed the box then put it back into the draw, the figure closed the draw leaving it slightly opened. Moving swiftly back into Sherlock's room closing the door behind them finally exiting out of the window. "Well that wasn't too hard to figure out, was it Utena?" Said Sherlock as he and Utena made their way up the stairs.

"Not really, that was too easy." Sherlock stopped as soon as he walked through the door, Utena bumping into his back "OUCH! What do you think your doing stopping like that?!"

"Some one's been here." Calmly said Sherlock. Utena stood beside Sherlock, Utena was drawn to Sherlock's room "I have a feeling it's in your room Sherlock." Just then John arrives home, the trio slowly walk towards Sherlock's room. Sherlock quickly opens the door, the trio look in complete shock. John said "Jesus..."
"Sherlock, who could of done this? We've all been out, I was with you and John went out on his date... Mrs Hudson was out too." Said Utena, Utena walked a little further into his room she turns to the wall behind the door and saw a message "Sherlock." Utena points to the wall with a message written in yellow saying "She who you once knew, is coming to get you. :)" Mrs Hudson came in a few moments later "What has happened to bloody wall?"

"First it wasn't us, we've all been out... Some one came in and trashed Sherlock's room, some one must really hate you Sherlock..." Said Utena "Yeah but who could of done this. And whose that message aimed at?" Questioned John

A few hours later, most of the smashed objects and picture frames were cleaned up. Sherlock and Utena sat on Sherlock's bed looking at the message above his bed both trying to deduct what the message they both seem not to pick up anything. Utena thought to herself "Why would some one do this... All the time I've known Sherlock no one could have enough gruge to come in and completely reck his room. I wish I could just say something..."
Then Utena brust out "Pizza..."

Sherlock turned to Utena "Sorry?"

"Err I was thinking of having Pizza tonight, what do you say?"
Sherlock smiled and began to flirt with Utena "I don't think Pizza would be enough to fill me, there should be a desert too."

Utena giggled "Sure." She kissed him, after the light kiss Utena looked at Sherlock with a smile of an innocent child "I'll order. After Pizza you can have your desert."

Utena went into the living room, Sherlock began to laugh to himself. He layed on his bed feeling happy, he never felt so happy in his life for once he felt some one understood him, he knew Utena understood his feelings and he felt connected to her "Utena Himemiya." He quietly said to himself.

                                                                  - End of Chapter 2 -
_Chapter 1:
Heartbeat to the Music

In The Royal Albret Hall the stage lights were shining brightly, the stage was quiet. A Piano and a Violin were set to be played; there were footsteps coming close and close to the stage then from behind the certain appears Sherlock and Utena. They glanced out to the empty seats, Utena smiles she walks forward to centre stage "It's been a while since I was last on stage." She turns to Sherlock, Sherlock gave Utena a heart warming smile they both walked to their insturments, they look at each other knowing they will play a wonderful tune together. They began to play the room filled with life as the music travelled towards the ceiling, the music was heart warming, beautiful and you can sit for hours and listen. While at the very top of the empty seats Mycroft was watching them a dark figure was standing behind him. He turns his head slightly "You wish you could be down there with them. Why don't you join them? Oh wait you can't." The dark figure took a few moments, the figure walked towards double doors, Mycroft heard the doors open and close he watched Sherlock and Utena continued playing their wonderful beautiful music. Mycroft felt a warm feeling inside while the music continued to play he thought to himself "What is this odd feeling? I've never heard Sherlock play so wonderful with any one he always plays depressing music, and yet is he completely in love with a Murder.. no not a murder, an Assassinator. A girl who can do so much more than kill people, she never wanted the life of seeing blood, watching people die before her; toturing them until they plead her to stop. Giving her vitcms a thousand stabs until she feels better. No... She never wanted any of this, her sad and painful life.... Utena Himemiya some one who can double cross, a girl who will kill some one with out a second thought. Utena and Sherlock... Both wanting love, both needing some one to hold, some one to understand how their both feeling. Sherlock and Utena... The two brightly stars that shine those stars are your hearts, at a distance but yet so close."

Just then a flute began to play, the light tune echoed through the hallways. Sherlock and Utena were still playing. Sherlock could hear the faint tune, he stopped looked round the hall but he couldn't see any one because of the bright lights shining down onto the stage. Utena looked up and saw Sherlock looking round, she stopped and heard the faint tune she walked over to Sherlock, she asked "Sherlock what's that tune?" The lights fainted turning the stage into a romantic scene, Sherlock put down the Violin on a chair near by. He walked back over to Utena, the tune echoed through out the hall, he slided his hand into Utena's. Utena looks down then quickly looked up locking her eyes into Sherlock's. The tune came a little closer. Utena smiled

Utena "Dance with me Sherlock."

Sherlock "I can't... Well I can but..."

Utena "Dance with me."

Sherlock "I can't"

Utena put herself and Sherlock in a position of the Waltz, just then some music started to play coming out of the speakers even though it was sudden Sherlock couldn't take his eye's off Utena; the music taking over the flute's light tune. Naturally Sherlock and Utena began to dance the Waltz on the stage, Mycroft stood up in amazment watching the pair dance perfectly in sync, looking down at their faces seeing Sherlock smiling, watching Utena have the moonlight crystal glow in her eyes. In gently sat back down again behind was the dark figure holding the flute "Well, they would of danced to you playing but, this music began to play. You must feel bad. Look at them, them two could be together forever, they could dance until their lives end. But it's not just the Waltz their dancing to, it's the Waltz of Swords. Oh if it was only you dancing there." The dark figure glanced down to the stage seeing Sherlock and Utena enjoying each others company, the dark figure disappeared into the darkness playing a sad memorable song even though it couldn't be heard. As soon as the music finished. Sherlock and Utena heard a clap coming closer and closer to the stage "Marvelous, simply Marvelous. Oh Himemiya I could watch you all day and listen your music all day." A tall man in a Business suit was standing on the stage with a huge smile on his face. Utena letted go of Sherlock's hand she turned to the tall business man, Utena smiled "Sherlock this is Robert Goldsworth, he's the main organizer for this event and his family has been long friends with my family. We've met a few times when my family would hold parties. Robert this is Sherlock." Sherlock walked over to Robert gave him a firm handshake, from the moment their hands shaked Sherlock could feel a strange feeling from Robert like he was an outsider. Sherlock stopped shaking his hand

"So how long have you known Utena?" Asked Sherlock, Robert grinned "I've known Utena since she was a baby, the beauty in her eyes is the same now. I've grown up along side Utena, always have." Robert glanced at Utena, Utena's angelic face shone. Robert then said "Well, I'm glad you kindly agreed to play some wonderful for this chairty event. Of course you can choose the songs you wish to play as a duet. I'm sure you will have some very good friends to come along." Utena replied "We do, and thank you Robert." Robert left the stage into the darkness, Sherlock turns to Utena begins to walk to her. Utena smiled and let a happy sigh out "Well I'm glad we can choose the songs I was thinking" Sherlock wrapped his arms around Utena's hips he then instantly gave her a kiss. Utena wanted Sherlock to stop but he all ready locked his lips onto her, she could feel her right hand on his shoulders, her fingers on her left hand stroking through his hair. Sherlock brought Utena's body a little closer him, he started kissing her a little harder. After a surprising kiss Utena asked "What's got into you? You're only like that if we're in our Special place, what you trying to do get sexually active before the nights begun?" Sherlock looked at her, he smiles which soon turned to his serious face "Utena, I want to be with you but you must stay away from Robert, when I shaked his hand I could tell he was sweating which I could tell he was nervous even looking at you. Then he took a glance at you his pupils widen showed that he has a big intrest in you. Please just stay away from him."

Utena looked at Sherlock, she looked down "I know, he has a massive intrest in me. I noticed his pupils widen, I want to be with you too Sherlock. But if he ever tries it on with me I know what to do." Then flute music began to play again, Sherlock glanced at Utena to him he could see a fallen angel whose asking for some one to reach out to her. Utena smiled. They both sat on the stage talking about what songs they could use for the concert while the flute was still being played.

Utena "Maybe we could play this one. 'The Jasmine Crystal'."

Sherlock "That one we just created after........ making love."

Utena *Giggles* "Okay umm maybe this one 'Song from The Secret Garden' I feel this represents our feelings when we're alone I'm sure people will love it."

Sherlock "Okay we'll use that one, maybe we could play this one too 'Moonlight Dreams' I remember composing this one with you on the night of New Years, the moon was shining brightly which brought your inner beauty to shine."

Utena "Aww you're so sweet" She smiled and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

After 5 mins the flute music slowly faded, Utena and Sherlock choose the music they will be playing at the chairty event. In the shadows Robert was watching them an old women who was in her 90's was standing next to him, Robert said quietly "Oh Mother what does Sherlock have that I don't to win Utena's heart?" His mother looks at him "Son she doesn't have any intrest in him, it's only to cover her true feelings for you."

Robert "That's not the point, she's always have closed herself so no one knows her true feelings, no one knows what she's thinking. She always lock herself away all the time never letting any one know what she was feeling. She was always popular in school people loved her from both sexes and yet she never had a boyfriend. So many confessed their love for her she still get's it now from old class friends and yet she choose him. One day he'll just walk away from her, he'll find some one much better and she'll be on her own again."

Robert and his Mother stood in the shadows watching Utena and Sherlock smiling at each other. Robert thought to himself "I'll have her, she will be my wife. I just need to get Mr Holmes out of the picture."

                                                                                      - End of Chapter 1 -

    Sherlock: Music of the Past

    The second part of the story, adventures with Sherlock, Utena and John. Sherlock has recovered after Sia's Mysterious Death/Disappearance. Then a mysterious person knows what Utena truely is? Is it time for the lucky Assassinator to finally die? Or is something else installed for her?


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