_Hey again there fellow bloggers!

Well ever since that night when Sherlock went out mysteriously and I went after him, found him on the near edge of crying...
I can't get what happened after out of my head..
He held me so tight, that I dunno not just he felt safe, but so did I because of that message at the crime scene, I was scared and when he held me I knew he would protect me like he said he would..

When we got back to 221B Baker street, John had already gone out on his date, me and Sherlock worked together to work that out but Sherlock could have probably done it himself, he said he wanted to test out my skills to see if i picked them up off him yet..
So we decided to sit and put on the telly..

But I know there is something Sherlock isn't telling me..
Is it something about his past, his life before he met me...
But I have a weird feeling about I don't like..

What Should I Do????


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    TAKE NOTE: Sia's Blogs are set in the present time and Utena's Journals are set in the past leading up to the present [So you do NOT get confused]

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