_So the next day John takes Utena out and Mrs Hutson is out too so finally I could get some time alone with Sherlock, I couldn't help but keep thinking about last night. If only I could get it out of my head him just holding her the way he holds me. So I came out with it and asked Sherlock "Sherlock, what is the relationship between you and Utena?" Sherlock was doing some forensic science when he rised his head and looked at me like I've done something wrong he just replied "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and her hair was amazing. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Affaird she might take me away because you saw me holding her, well for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?"

I never seen him so defensive about anyone before. I still couldn't help but think there was something wrong about Utena, I've never seen any one with such a cold look in their eyes such as her. I don't like the way things are going here... So I just ran away from with tears in my eyes, I dunno if he saw me and for that matter I really don't think I cared at that moment if he did... God I regret that evening now...

Maybe I should be alone..

For alone is what protects people...

Alone is all i have as i have lost my light now...

I have lost Sherlock, from the look in his eyes I got I could tell...

I have lost him..


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    TAKE NOTE: Sia's Blogs are set in the present time and Utena's Journals are set in the past leading up to the present [So you do NOT get confused]

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