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Just a short blog today..

The next day Sherlock went off with John on a case instead of me, I knew he hated me... When I got downstairs there was a note on the table for me, not in Sherlock's or John's handwriting, but a girl's... So of course I opened it.... It was from UH....

Hang on UH? Could it? No it couldn't? But only that family would know this code? But she couldn't be? I knew I knew the name!

UH is short for oh my god "Utena Himemiya", but she's part of the famous family who has adopted many kids from around the world for so long. So is it that Utena had some sort of role in these brutal murders? This doesn't make sense!!! But the note translated to, Meet me in the park tonight, midnight...

Of course usually I would have gone to Sherlock, get him to come with me but something inside me decided NO!

Instead I decided to go alone, almost a decision I feel I would soon come to regret...


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    TAKE NOTE: Sia's Blogs are set in the present time and Utena's Journals are set in the past leading up to the present [So you do NOT get confused]

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