_Another case solved :3

So today me and Sherlock solved another case, this time an old women named 'Salvia Perry' murdered her husband for his life insurance money. She could of gotten away with it if it wasn't for Sherlock it wouldn't be solved! Well John went out on a date first time in a while since he went out on one, a few hours later he comes back with a mysterious pink/purple hair girl named 'Utena Himemiya' Now I can't help but heard that name some where before well any ways it seems Sherlock knew her from a long time ago back in school apparently. Well it began to rain heavily outside so Utena had no choice but to stay for the night.

Well we all went to bed and later during the night I faniced some milk because I'm still a child at heart. And before I went into the kitchen I saw Sherlock and Utena not kissing oh no but Sherlock was holding her as if they were together or something. But his body embraced hers and I couldn't help but think... what if that embrace the way he held me, was that a lie....?

Was it all a lie, was I kidding myself that I thought..that..maybe...he...liked...me?
NO!!! he's just my friend someone I care about, but why when I saw them it made me want to tear my heart out cause it hurts so much, or that I wanted to be where that girl Utena Himemiya was with him, but I know I have heard that name somewhere before, somewhere, but where?!?!

- Sia

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    TAKE NOTE: Sia's Blogs are set in the present time and Utena's Journals are set in the past leading up to the present [So you do NOT get confused]

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