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Last night was a shock for me... Let's just say that even though its like midday, I have locked myself in my room with just my laptop, I can't go out there when Utena is out there with John and Sherlock. I don't want to burst out that I saw her and Sherlock and hurt John..he's a good friend of mine, like he is to Sherlock and he seems to like Utena a LOT..but if I said that I know Sherlock and her would deny it and Sherlock would hate me then. I don't want that. I heard him a couple times walk past to see if I was and awake but I just stay quiet like I am asleep and then he just walks back down stairs, not before he says that he's worried about me and would like to come in if I was awake...I think he knows that I am really actually awake, but, I just can't be with them downstairs laughing and having a good time, I just think they are better off if I stay in here in this room forever they don't need me, no-one does.  Maybe alone is something that I need to protect me maybe the only thing I need to protect me, but i know when she goes i'll go down and talk to Sherlock....but till then i stay here, protected for now...

Also I still want my milk... :/


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