_                                                                                                         Chapter 8:
                                                                          Sia's Happiness, Utena's Love Stolen

9:34pm in 221b Baker Street, Sherlock returns after being Utena. Sia and John standing with their arms crossed waiting for Sherlock "Well?" Said John, "Well what?" Sherlock replied "What the hell have you been Sherlock? You turned off your phone, and you've been gone for hours. You weren't down at the labs. So where were you?" Said Sia with a little anger. Sherlock put down his coat and scarf "I've just been out does it matter where I go?" John replied "You've been doing this for a very long time now and it's beyond the point where we need to know where you go. Also we found this." John showed Sherlock a little plastic bag with a thin string of Utena's hair, John continued "We found this on one of your jackets, have you been with some one? Possibly a girl?" Sherlock took a look "Indeed it's a girl but it was a brief incounter, we bumped into each other. I never saw her again." John and Sia didn't believe him "Tell the truth Sherlock! Everytime you disappear you always seem to go out and come back within a few hours, is there something you're not telling us. We're your friends you can tell us anything, but we don't like it when you go and never tell us where you're going." Said Sia.

Meanwhile in Utena's flat, Utena was holding her sword she started to think to herself "He just..." Has a flashback of her and Sherlock kissing, she holds her sword to her chest "He did it... we did it... I didn't want it but at the time, this isn't FAIR AT ALL!!" She quickly stands up and she quick as a flash cuts a vase in half, she looks down at the broken vase she saw an image, an image of her heart like the broken vase "What is this trying to tell me?" Then Utena has a flash image of a dark figure with her hair tied up saying to her "I'm going to get you for breaking my heart!" Utena looks up to the ceiling she could hear all the warnings

"Stay away from him!"

"You don't know what you're dealing with!"

"One day some one will be dancing over your grave!"

"Time to chose a side Utena."

"The women who isn't afarid of anything. Not even death itself!"

"There's a far worst day coming for you Utena!"

"I've trained all these years to bring you down!"

"You've trained all this time and yet your still missing something."

"Oh my Utena! You're the perfect killing machine"

"One day you'll meet him and he'll be the Beautiful Flower you won't help but want to touch. Trust me."

"SHUT UP!" Utena shouted out, her sword fell to the floor Utena fell to her knee's her hands covering her ears. With Utena's eyes closed she could see the dark figure again "You're not as strong as you think you are. Look at you, your nothing but weak" Utena opens her eyes tears slowly building up "I've got remain strong, I'm not scared this is just one of those moment where I'm suppose to panic as for help. But I've come this far without help so I know I can continue without any help. I am strong, I am the Assassin Utena Himemiya!" Just then Utena get's a text message, she grabs her phone opens to the text message "I've got another for you to kill - KD" Utena smiles, she picks up her sword grabs her coat and bag swiftly goes out of the door.

Utena makes her way to a small Hospital to find her next vitcm. A young freshly groomed scientist was in a lab mixing all sorts of dangerous chemicals together, next to him was a crate full of tablets ready to be delievered to another hospital. "Well isn't this cosy." Utena appeared out of no where, the young scientist was in panic "I-I know who you are. L-leave me alone! Utena Himemiya also known as UH." Utena was smearking evily at her vitcm "Jeff Winston. Hmm I'm not going to leave you alone. If you know who I am then you should know I never leave my vitcms alone until I see blood bleeding heavely from their body. So I'm not leaving you until I see you bleed" Jeff saw her sword in her hand, he was trembling, sweating with fear "Please Miss Himemiya, I can't die I-I got a girlfriend she's pregnant with my child and I can't die she need's support." Utena gave him the cold Assassin look "The only thing is Mr Winston the child isn't yours, she's been sleeping with your best friend what's his name Jamie, the child is his. You've got nothing to live for, and what's this your doing here." Utena walks a little closer towards Jeff and see's the tablets "Tut tut Jeff, these drugs are too dangerous for a Human to take. Were you planning to kill some one? Or perhaps a whole WARD!" She knocks the tablets over with her sword. Jeff was frighten, even death couldn't scared him. The only person that scares him most of all was Utena, his hands began to shake violently his body sweated heavily, the perfectly groomed scientist now looked like a wet rat. "Please please Himemiya, I've got so much to give!" Jeff panicly said, Utena showed no mercy she rised her sword and began to kill Jeff Winston.

There was no one else in the Hospital, Jeff's scream and pleading could be heard all around the hospital "Please HIMEMIYA! STOP THIS!" After 5 minutes the hall ways and wards went quiet. Nothing could be heard, complete silence. Back in Jeff's lab there was blood all over the floor, Utena holding her sword while his blood dripped onto his lifeless body. Utena started to text a message "Completed KD I rather enjoyed this Assassination - UH" Utena put on a pair of Hospital gloves smeared her hand in Jeff's blood and wrote on the wall "UH was here! Fail to catch me again! Oh well! UH" She also drew a smiley face, she grabbed a knife and placed it in Jeff's hand. She took a glance at him "I'm so evil and brutal." She walked out of the door never seen again.

5 minutes later the police arrived for a drugs bust in Jeff's Lab but instead they find Jeff's lifeless body heavily bleeding one of the officers said "I think we better call DI Lestrade." In Baker Street Sherlock was playing his violin then he recivives a text message, John said "Sherlock you got a text." Sherlock stopped playing to take a look at the text "We need you, will you come down to St Mary's Clinic Hospital? - DI L" Sherlock turns to John and Sia "Seems the police need me again, another brutal murder. Want to go you two?" Sia and John nodded. The trio grabbed their coats and headed down the stairs.

At the Hospital Lestrade was waiting for them at the enterance "So who is it this time?" Sherlock said, Lestrade explained "Another one of those UH's murders this time their vitcm was a Young Scienist named Jeff Winston. UH cut open his stomach, there is blood everywhere. They left a message this time." Sherlock quickly said "UH is a women." Lestrade stopped "What? How do you know that?" "Sherlock's been getting text messages from her, UH even confrimed she was a women." Sia said. Lestrade instantly said "Well you could of told us, it would of been easier to catch her." They continued walking "It's not that easy to catch her, we don't have any idea where her hide out is or anything." Sherlock explained. They arrived in Jeff's lab "There's the message" Lestrade pointed out.

Sherlock, Sia and John looked at the message and the cut opened body laying on the floor. Sherlock kneels examining the lifeless body "Well whoever UH is she certainly knows who to brutally kill some one." Sherlock see's the knife in his hand "He couldn't of done this, but did UH want to make it look like he killed himself?" Just then a man in his early 20's entered the scene "Ah Sherlock, John and Sia this DCI Kenny Dondals, our newest member of the team. He'll be joining us on the UH murder cases" Said Lestrade, "It's a pleasure to meet you, I've heard great stories about you Mr Holmes." Delightly Kenny said, Sherlock while still examining the body "Please Sherlock will do." Sia kneeled down on the other side of Jeff's body "Got anything Sherlock? Something to tell us about UH?"

Sherlock looked at Jeff's watch it was broken but the time it stopped was cleared "Jeff was killed at 10:15pm excatly, look at his watch. UH must of broken it while Jeff was trying to fight her off, then there's the knife now some one who was going to commit suicide wouldn't of been able to make this much mess unless they were really upset so UH brutally used a sword then there's the writing on the wall didn't take much time to work that out. We all know UH was here, then we have these tablets in the crate Jeff must of knocked them over as he was trying to get away from UH. We have some bruses here the sword she was using must of had a hard handle to make these bruses. Oh she is good, like I said not good but brilliant." Lestrade instantly said "Err you do know we are dealing with a psychopath here." Sherlock stood up "We're not dealing with a psychopath, or a Murder we're dealing with an Assassin here." While Sherlock was explaing how he knows UH is an Assassin behind Kenny he had his hand behind his back hold his phone, it was on a live call to UH.

Sherlock get's a text message "Indeed I'm not a Psychopath or a Murder for that matter. I am an Assassin. You got most things right... haven't you noticed Sherlock? - UH" "What is it Sherlock?" Lestrade asked, Sherlock replies "How is she doing this? UH just texted me again she said I've missed something... What have I missed?" He looks around the room, he looks all around then he looks to the crate noticing it had been cut by a sword; "There look at the crate it's been slashed by UH's Sword. Damn I must be having an off day!" Another text message come through on Sherlock's phone "Well done, can't believe you missed that... You must be certainly having an off day. - UH" Sherlock looked around the room "She's listening in to what we're saying, how is she doing that? UH come out where ever you are!" Nothing was said there was complete silence. Sia felt a slight shiver to the atmosphere. Suddenly "BANG!" A gunshot echoed through the Hospital, Sherlock and Sia instantly ran out of the crime scene with everyone else following on behind, "BANG!" The gunshot came a lot closer to them, Sherlock put his back against the wall "Shh everyone take caution, there's a gun and he's coming closer." Everyone stop, then "BANG BANG!" Sherlock peeped around the conner and saw a Police officer laying on the floor bleeding. The silence was broken by some one spraying on the wall "BANG BANG!" Lestrade whispered to Sherlock "We need to grab them!" Sherlock turned to him "Do you want your brain blown out?" Sia then said "We go now, we can't hear anything." Sherlock was the first to walk slowly towards the dead police man, he peeped around the conner and there was no one there "Lost them" Sherlock said as he stood up straight. He looked to the left wall and saw a message sprayed "Wow can't believe your quick enough to run at the first gun shot but so slow in catching me UH" Lestrade looked at Sherlock in disappointment "Great well we've let UH slip through out fingers again thanks to you Sherlock!" Sherlock examined the message on the wall "UH wouldn't use spray paint, she would use blood to write her messages. It would never use spray paint to write her messages she would always use blood, Sherlock got another text message "Indeed your right, I would never spray on walls always use blood. - UH" Sherlock said out loud "She's listening every word I say... how is she doing that?"

Everyone when back to the crime scene, but when they got back everything was cleaned up everything put in their place cases packed up, Jeff's body was in a body bag ready to go. "I don't understand, who could, who could of done this?" Questioned John, Lestrade in complete confusion. Sherlock then said "While we were all out trying to find that gun man. Some one came through the window cleaned up everything, mostly UH came here. So she never really left after she killed Jeff she was waiting." Suddenly the lights when off for a few seconds. Another gun shot could be heard this time in the room, the lights come back on infront of everyone was a police officer with a hole in his head there was a note place in his hand. Sherlock grabbed it opened the note it said "Run run as fast as I can, you'll never catch me - UH" Sia looked at the note then to the window she saw a dark figure with long flowing hair standing on the building opposite side "Look!" Sia pointed out. Everyone saw the dark figure standing holding a sword and a gun "That's her! That's UH Quick go and grab her" Lestrade ordered some officers to go and grab her "No! Don't by the time they try and grab her she will be gone. She's learned how to move in the shadows swiftly. so there's no point in trying to grab her." Sherlock instantly said. The officers didn't listen to Sherlock and ran out of the Hospital. They made their way to the roof top where UH was standing, the dark figure turned round lifted her gun to the 3 poilce men, she waited until the police men were close enough shot all three of them. She jumps over the middle officer, she turns round shoots all three of them again they fall to their deaths from the rooftop to the ground.

Sherlock looks back up and the dark figure had gone. "DAMN WE'VE LOSTED HER AGAIN" Sherlock shouted, Sia took hold of his hands "It's okay we've got the shape of her body so it will be a lot eaiser to find her"

A few days after the death events. Sherlock was alone in his flat he looked at his phone "Hm not going to text me then Utena?" He picked up his phone and began to text her "The other night was wonderful, wanna do it again? - SH" Sherlock waited for Utena to text back "Meet up? Sure when? - UH" Sherlock smearked "Later on, there won't be no one home. Got a few hours until anyone else comes home - SH" 1 minute later there was no reply from Utena so Sherlock texted her again "I know your temped, so? - SH" Utena replied "Sure why not, I'm not busy. I think I better pick out a dress that you'll like. I see you have a thing for dark blue at the moment. Cya there <3 - UH" Sherlock laughed.

- End of Chapter 8 -

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