_Chapter 12:
Utena's True Identity

Sia was holding herself on her bed a few tears were still falling from her eyes, then she heard footsteps outside of her room coming closer she could see just under her door the shadow had stopped infront of her door. Then an envelope was slided through addressed to her 'Sia' She picked it up opened the door and there was no one in the hallway she closed her door sat on her bed and opened the envelope the letter was from Mycorft
"Hello Sia,
I'm very sure you've met Miss Utena Himemiya.
The only thing is Utena isn't what she seems, I know you've worked that out Sherlock is charmed by her deep eyes. I also know Utena, I trained her to what she is today now I see it was a big mistake. Now she's a perfect killing machine pray she doesn't sprial out of control but Utena is also known as 'UH'"

Just then Sia dropped the letter in shock and disbelief she thought in her head "She did all that? She killed all those innocent people... But Sherlock, John..." Sia felt her chest and throat tighten she then remember the message for her "The message, the message was for me..." Out loud she said, Sia picked up the letter and continued reading it

"Utena killed those innocent people, she's never to be trusted. She must be stopped, but before you think of anything else I would arrest her but due to the fact Sherlock knew from the beginning Utena did all those killings there's no evidence to prove she did them. Everytime a new piece of evidence appears against Utena they seem to disappear a few hours later, we don't know who is taking the evidence but if you have any idea Sia please let me know straight away. From what I see Sherlock is in love with Utena, it must be heart breaking to see that. There's also something else that myself and Utena only know and I'm prepared to tell you in person. Meet me in my office at 8pm tonight.

- Mycorft Holmes"

Down stairs John returned Sherlock was reading his book and Utena was washing some dishes up, Sherlock looks up and smiles at John "Ah John isn't Utena a perfect housewife, myself and her had a nice dinner together. Catching up on what we've missed did you know Utena lived in Japan for a while she lived in one of those traditional Japanese Houses. We would of saved some dinner for you but we just didn't know when you were going to be back so..." Utena finished his sentance off "You'll have to make something up and don't expect me to do this all the time just because you two are lazy." Sherlock laughed "Very funny but I do my bit as well." John said "Still no Sia?" Sherlock instantly said "No, she hasn't been out all day." Utena finished cleaning the dishes removed the gloves, dried herself. John turned to Utena "Utena can I talk to you please." Utena smiled "Sure." John walked down the stairs Utena followed on after Sherlock's piercing eyes watched Utena's long Pink/Purple flowing hair flow gently down, at the bottom John confronted her "Utena, do you know Sherlock has a brother?" Utena looked at him confused " Hmm? Oh yeah, he told be about him over dinner. Them two don't excatly get on from what I heard." John instantly said "You can drop the act Utena." Utena looked confused at John "Act? What act?" John just looked at her "You know what I'm talking about, I know. About you and Sherlock." Utena painfully sighed with disappointment "Well if you must know." John instantly said "When you two were back in school, you two use to be together. All though Sherlock wouldn't say Boyfriend and Girlfriend as such." Deep down Utena was glad that John still doesn't know that she's an Assassinator John then continued "I don't want things to get funny between you and him; he's a good friend of mine and he is to you too so I was thinking if we could just be friends. But if you don't want to see me again then that's fine." Utena smiled "That's fine with me, I'm not just going to walk away because we're not together. I'll still be your friend no matter what." John looked at her confused "You will? Wow the past girlfriends I had just walked away because they always thought me and Sherlock were... *coughs* gay." Utena giggled "Sherlock isn't like that, he rather focus on his work than think of relationships. He calls it a 'distraction' something he feels that gets in the way. I suppose most of your girlfriends saw it in that way, they never gave Sherlock a chance so they would of never understood."

Just then Sia came down the stairs wearing her coat, she had her scarf on Sia gave Utena a cold evil look. Utena could see that Sia knew something and then Sia headed out of the door. Outside Sia was waiting for a few moments then a black BMW pulled up beside her she got into the car not looking back the car drove off. While she got into the car Sherlock was looking out the window. Sia was texting on her phone to Mycorft "I'm on my way now - Sia" Sia looked out of the window watching the scenery go by, she arrived at Mycorfts office bang on 8pm "Ah Sia, please take a seat" Delightly said Mycorft, Sia sat in a chair facing Mycorft. Sia questioned "You said in the letter that you will tell me more about Utena... What's so special about her that you won't arrest her for what she has done. I know you said about the evidence disappearing but there's something else isn't there?" Mycorft frowned at Sia's questions "You see.. Utena is the perfect killing machine she'll kill her vitcms without a second thought. Her family, myself and another person trained her to what she is today. Sherlock knows what she is capeable of he witnessed one of her killings 10 months ago, she killed a friend of hers who turned against Utena. Her friend was called Samantha, she was killed by Utena's sword one stab into her stomach. Samantha died a slow and painful death with Utena's cold eyes watching her bleed." Sia questioned again "So you, her family and this other person trained her to become the perfect killing machine... and this other person is?" Mycorft smiled "I'm afaird that person will remain anonymous. We don't want any one to be upset by the mention of their name." Sia instantly said back "Why's that? Why would it upset some one? If you're gonna tell me everything about Utena I need to know who trained her and I mean everyone." Mycorft felt guilty and just gave up "Moriarty, Jim Moriarty also helped her train to what she is." Sia's face turned from serious to completely shock "But Moriarty is Sherlock's number one enemy. I-I don't understand."

Mycorft told Sia everything about Utena. Sia was in disbelief of what she was hearing, she looked at pictures, notes of Utena. "Utena seems a popular girl, no one else can compare to her beauty." Said Sia, she continued "I can't see why Sherlock wouldn't fall for her, she's too dangerous though isn't she?" Mycorft replied "Indeed she is, too dangerous for any one to get even close to her. She has a heart cold as ice, I remember her telling me she's started a new journey to find a missing piece. She said that she's missing something important, what ever is her missing piece, I don't think she'll ever find it. No matter how much she wishes for it, I believe the missing piece will be never found." Sia thought to herself "Even though Utena is brutal Assassinator, she seems to have had a sad life. From what I can see all Utena wants love, that's why maybe Sherlock was holding her, kissing her because Sherlock understands how she feels 'cause he feels the same way crying out for love.... But then the message on the wall 'Get Sia' why does she want to kill me?" Then Sia has a flash back of Sherlock being defensive about her "Nothing, Utena and I were friends back in school. She was always a popular girl with her amazing beauty and hair. The teachers contanstly told her to change the colour but she refused, she always found time for me we would go and climb up a tree and sit there watching people go by. But when she was 13 years old she was pulled out of school. I never saw her again until last night. Now if I'm not mistaken you could be jelous of her. Afaird she might take me away because you saw me holding her last night, yes I did notice I saw you in the mirror with a shocked face and for your information I was catching up with her and she needed something she couldn't have for a long time. Does that answer your question?"

A tear fell from Sia's left eye "Sia?" Questioned Mycorft, Sia looked up to him "Sorry, just remembered something. Sorry I didn't mean to let a tear fall from my eye." Sia handed back the photo's and notes back to Mycorft wished him a good night then left his office. Mycorft thought to himself "Sia, forgive me but you needed to know who she was... my crea.. no Everyone's creation. Utena Himemiya"

Sia was in the park where Sherlock and Utena first met, sitting on the bench where Utena was. She was looking up to the sky she saw two stars shining brightly more bright than any other star she said to herself "Sherlock and Utena's hearts, at a distance but yet so close." The park was quiet, behind her. Sia could hear the news on TV. The silence was broken by Sherlock appearing out of no where "Sia?" Sia looked to her left and saw Sherlock, Sia smiled but her smile soon turned to worry when she saw in Sherlock's eyes that he could see some one else; Sia felt guilty knowing that all along Sherlock knew who killed all those people but Sia put on a brave face she smiled "Sherlock, come sit here with me." Sherlock sat beside Sia, Sia looked down to her lap trying to think what to say next.

Sia thought "Oh Sherlock, you knew all along who killed those innocent people, you knew who UH was and yet you kept me and John in the dark for so long... Now I know but I can't just burst out and say it to you. What should I do?"

- End of Chapter 12 -

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