_Chapter 13:
When Sherlock met Sia

Sia was in the park where Sherlock and Utena first met, sitting on the bench where Utena was. She was looking up to the sky she saw two stars shining brightly more bright than any other star she said to herself "Sherlock and Utena's hearts, at a distance but yet so close." The park was quiet, behind her. Sia could hear the news on TV. The silence was broken by Sherlock appearing out of no where "Sia?" Sia looked to her left and saw Sherlock, Sia smiled but her smile soon turned to worry when she saw in Sherlock's eyes that he could see some one else; Sia felt guilty knowing that all along Sherlock knew who killed all those people but Sia put on a brave face she smiled "Sherlock, come sit here with me." Sherlock sat beside Sia, Sia looked down to her lap trying to think what to say next.

Sia thought "Oh Sherlock, you knew all along who killed those innocent people, you knew who UH was and yet you kept me and John in the dark for so long... Now I know but I can't just burst out and say it to you. What should I do?"

There was silence, then Sia said "Sherlock do you remember when we first met?" Sherlock looked up to the sky "Indeed, I'll never forget what you did for me."

                                                           9 months ago in Sia's and Sherlock's past.

In 221b Bakers Street Sherlock was in his living room with John. Sherlock was playing his violin then the doorbell rang "John can you go and get that please." Asked Sherlock, John headed down the stairs opened the door. It was Lestrade. John and Lestrade make their way up the stairs; Sherlock stopped playing his violin put it on his desk "Who is it this time then Lestrade?" Asked Sherlock, Lestrade looked at him "A women has been brutally murdered under a canal bridge. Will you come and see what you can find out about her?" Sherlock replied "I'll follow you, you go ahead." Lestrade smiled then left the room down the stairs into his police car; Sherlock and John left shortly after. Under the canal bridge layed a lifeless body her blood was dripping over into the water, there was all ready a forensic science team on the scene; Lestrade, Sherlock and John arrived. A chestnut hair girl was on the scene walking up towards ther forensic team she said "All right guys Lestrade is here move out the way for now." The Forensics moved out of the way for Lestrade, Sherlock and John "Thank you Sia we'll take over from here." Said Lestrade, Sia said back "I'm also here because you asked me to be here so I'm staying." Lestrade sighed, he couldn't be bothered to put up a fight with Sia and agreed for her to stay "All right then. Sherlock, John... This is Sia she'll be joining the case. So treat her with respect otherwise she'll end up punching you. Sia this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson." Sia smiled, Sherlock gave her a cold look "It's nice to meet you Sia" John said, Sia walked over to the lifeless body with John and Sherlock; Sherlock and John began to examine the dead body "What do you think could of happened to her Sherlock?" Asked John, Sia said "She was brutally murdered, by the looks of the cuts it wasn't just one person who did this. There must of been about three killers then there's the bruises over her body she was whipped and beaten. Nothing was taken from her everything seems to be there." Sherlock instantly said "Four, there wasn't three killers there were four. From what this looked like here she want stabbed, cut beaten and whipped all at the same time. Poor soul."

"Okay what have you got?" Asked Lestrade, Sherlock stood up "This women had four killers all around her, these people showed no mercy for her. Sia said there was three killers but she was completely off there were four. Nothing was taken from her, but something was taken from her, it wasn't in her bag it was in her coat pocket." Lestrade said "Which was?" Sherlock continued "John remember watching the news and that jewel was taken." John replied "Yeah but what's that got to do with anything?" Sherlock looked down at the women "She was the guardian of the rarest Sapphire jewel ever found. Whoever those people that killed her wanted the jewel, it's a priceless jewel. Well that's us done for the day. It's been nice to see everyone again and it's been good meeting you Sia. But now I must go I've got some music to finished. Laters!" Sherlock and John swiftly left the crime scene. Sia felt speechless, Lestrade looks at her "He's always like that, you'll get us to it Sia." Sia replied "He's completely rude and arrognat." Lestrade laughed and smiled "You'll get use to him, trust me. But if you really want to tell him that which won't really bother him any ways, he lives at 221b Bakers Street."

A few days later, Sia arrives at Bakers Street. She walks up towards 221b, she got to the door noticed it was opened like some one broke in. She slowly opened it in the darken hallway some bleach was knocked over, she looked to the wall, she saw stratch marks on the wall like some one was bring dragged up the stairs. She slowly made her way up the stairs putting her hand in her pocket pulling out a British Army Browning L9A1 her hand was steady; She saw Sherlock's door slightly open, she pushed it opened. She saw John and Mrs Hutson tighted to a chair, two men in black suits were holding guns to their heads another man was standing between the two men in black suits, Sherlock was standing by the wall with the sprayed yellow smilely face on Sherlock looked at Sia in disbelief "What are you doing here?" Sia looked at him "Well I was here to tell you something then I noticed the door was slightly open, I thought you were in trouble." Sherlock saw Sia with a gun in her hand "Sia put that gun away, I'm trying to show them we don't mean any harm." Sia puts her gun back in her pocket, then the man in the centre spoke "So Mr Holmes do you have the jewel or not? Because if you don't, say good bye to your 'friends'... well?" Sherlock replied "I don't have it, I will keep telling you. I don't have the jewel."

The man said "Mr Smith on the count of 3 shoot Dr Watson" John said "What? No!"

Man: "One."

Sherlock: "I don't have the jewel!"

Man: "I'm perpared to believe you any second Mr Holmes, two!"

Sherlock: "I don't know where it is!"

Man: "Three!"

Sia spoke out "WAIT!" She pulls out the Sapphire jewel in pocket "Is this was your looking for! I was gonna hand it in but why do you want it?"

The man spoke "That is a priceless jewel and it's ours! Hand it over Miss, now please." Sia looked over to Sherlock, Sherlock said to her "Give it to them Sia." Sia looked over to John and Mrs Hutson then she walked forward to give the jewel "Before I hand it over you let these two go. I won't pull out my gun I swear." John and Mrs Hutson were untied they quickly walked over to the other side to Sherlock. Sia handed over the jewel then the three men left Sherlock walked over to Sia "Why did you give them a priceless jewel for?" Sia turned around with a big grin on her face "I didn't though." She took out the real jewel from her pocket "Even you could of worked out that was really a fake, worth nothing! Also it's got a tracking device so the poilce will be able to find them easily and arrest them." Sherlock grinned with relief. Sherlock asked Sia to stay for a little while for some tea, Sia agreed with a smile. Sherlock, Sia, John and Mrs Hutson were enjoying some tea and biscuits; having a good laugh. It was getting late into the night Mrs Hutson headed for bed, John did the same 3 hours later. Leaving Sherlock and Sia alone, the room silent only the traffic could be heard from outside Sherlock broke the silence "So Sia what was it that you were coming to tell me?" Sia smiled "It doesn't matter, I saved your friends to me that's what matters. I better be off now, it's been nice to have a proper chat with you. I guess people are wrong about you." Sia picks up her coat she stopped by his front door Sherlock said "What do you mean people are wrong about me?" Sia turned and smiled "At first I thought you were completely rude and arrogant but yet; you're really nice. A good person you care for your friends even though you might not show it all the time. Better go I got rehearsals to go to. Cya later Sherlock." Sia headed down the stairs and out of the door, she looks up to Sherlock's window she see's him looking out. Sia smiles then walks off.

Case after case they solved together, Sherlock and Sia became good friends. As Sherlock and Sia were on their way back to Bakers Street. As soon as they got into Sherlock's living room Sherlock said as he was putting down his coat and scarf "Sia, great work today. Well you can get your stuff you want to" Sia looked at Sherlock confused "Sorry what? You you mean I can live here" Sherlock replied "Of course" Sia with a big smiled just ran and gave Sherlock a huge hug "Thank you" She said with delight.


Sherlock smiled at Sia "Listen Sia, I didn't mean to be rude to you eariler. I just haven't seen Utena for a long time I'm sorry if it worried you at all." Sherlock put his arm around her, he pulled her closer to his chest. Sia smiled she thought to herself "Well he isn't that bad, he's just confused. When I got to know him better, I've always looked up to him. We've been through a lot together, we've solved many cases together. We've played music together him and his violin; me and my flute. Oh I miss those days." Clouds began to cover over the starry sky, slowly began to rain. Sia said "I think we should get going back otherwise we'll catch a cold." Sia tried to move but Sherlock refused to let her move "Just a little longer, please Sia." Sia slipped her hands in Sherlocks coat, her arms wrapped around his waist; a moment Sia wanted to last forever. In the tree behind Sia and Sherlock was Utena sitting on the tree branch her hair was soaking even though it was tied up she thought "Now I see." Her anger turned into deep sadness, she quietly vanished before they could see her. Sherlock letted go of Sia, Sia sat up smiling. Then Sia wasn't expecting what was going to happen to her next. She thought to herself "Sherlock... Why?"

- End of Chapter 13 -

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