Sherlock: Signed UH Chapter 2 - WickedLady Productions
_                                                                                                         Chapter 2:
                                                                                                   221b Baker Street

In 221b Baker Street, John was writing up his newest blog Sherlock came up the stairs and a chestnut hair girl followed close behind Sherlock turned to the chestnut haired girl "Sia, great work today. Well you can get your stuff you want to" Sia looked at Sherlock confused "Sorry what? You you mean I can live here" Sherlock replied
"Of course" Sia with a big smiled just ran and gave Sherlock a huge hug "Thank you" She said with delight.
John just looked at Sherlock, Sia ran down the stairs quick as a flash out of the door. John curiously asked "Since when did you decide that? Without even telling me?" Sherlock quickly replied "Well she's drawn close to the both of us, so why not? She can live up stairs I've spoken to Mrs Hutson about it all ready and she agreed" John just carried on with his blog.

Sherlock picked up his violin and begin to play a sweet melody John continued to look at the screen but said "A new piece your doing there, got some inspiration from some where?"
Sherlock continued to play replied "Maybe, I met this person" Quickly John instantly rised his head, spoke back "A girl?" Sherlock instantly said "Could be." Nothing was said after that no one was talking only Sherlock's violin was playing the sweet melody, Sherlock continued to play the sweet melody but suddenly turned a little darker, the melody felt like some one's sad heart felt trapped in Eternal Darkness.
221b felt alive with Sherlock's violin playing, 10 minutes later Sia arrived back with her stuff "I'm back" Sia delightly shouted up the stairs; Sherlock was looking at a case file he just recivived on the file front it said "UH" Sia came up and said "I said I'm back! Didn't you hear me?" John said back "Yes we did but we're looking at a new case" Sia look towards Sherlock "A new case" Sherlock replied "Yes a new case, a mysterious Assissin named UH has killed 5 people all within 2 hours but each body had a 50 mile radus making a perfect dimond only one body found in the centre of the dimond. All 5 bodies have the same length cuts, same bruses all in the same places on the body, this murder very much intrests me because they have a signature mark so this murder has had some pratice in using certain items to kill a person. I need a closer examination of the bodies luckly Molly all ready has them. Sia coming?" Sherlock closes the file puts it on his desk grabs his long coat and scarf starts heading down the stairs. Sia follows quickly after. The 221b was quiet, John felt a headache coming so he went to have a lay down. The front door mysteriously opened on it's own, a dark figure moved swiftly in the dark shadows in the hall way; the figure making it's way up the stairs towards Sherlock's desk, the file named "UH" was taking swiftly away by the figure quick as a flash 221b's door closed quietly.

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