_                                                                                 Chapter 5:
                                                                         Sia and Sherlock

221b's front door opened, Sherlock enters into the hall way Sia comes quietly down the stairs "Sherlock don't make too much noise I just got Melody to sleep. I've been telling her that we'll protect her otherwise she wouldn't of fallen asleep, where did you run off to?" Sherlock had a little flash back of him kissing Utena "Only to the labs to ask Molly if Melodies mother's body arrived yet but nothing, tomorrow morning hopefully." Sia smiled "Okay" They made their way up the stairs where John was blogging. The trio were sat silently in Sherlock's flat you can only hear John taping his fingers on his laptop "Right that's another blog done with. I'm heading off to bed, night Sia and Sherlock." John closed his laptop and walked out to his room, Sherlock thinking to himself "God did I just... I think I did, I just confessed love to an Assassin. But Sia, Utena or Sia... I've known Utena longer than Sia but Sia's the first ever person to get so close then again Utena her and I..." Sia noticed Sherlock was looking at her "Sherlock?" Sherlock stood up instantly and grabbed his violin "I need to think" Sia got up as well "Melody is asleep she'll hear you, if you play loudly." Sherlock without a care began to play, a sweet melody. Sia sighed she got her laptop and began emailing.

"Sia?" Sherlock said while still playing, Sia still looking at her laptop screen and typing "Yes Sherlock?" Sherlock stopped playing and faced the window "I'm not to kind of person who would ask for help" He paused for a second "But I need your help, also I'm not the kind of person who would seek for love advice." Sia rised her head worrying, Sherlock continued "But there's this girl I've met now I don't know how to tell her but" Sherlock smiled "Never mind, it would of been a ridilous question any way so don't worry Sia." Sherlock continued to play the sweet melody, from that moment Sia began to worry she thought to herself "Sherlock? In love? But with who?" Sherlock's sweet melody turned a little darker, Sherlock was thinking what he could say next to Sia. He stopped playing his violin, put it gently down on his desk and sat beside Sia. Sia was focusing on her laptop, Sia rises her head and looks at Sherlock, Sia a little startle by Sherlock looking at her but shows no emotion. "Sherlock if there's something you want to say then just say it" Said Sia.

Sherlock tooks Sia's laptop and put it on the desk he sat back beside Sia; Sherlock put Sia close to his chest Sia's feelings changed from worried to calm "Sherlock I" Sherlock puts his finger on Sia's lips "Shh Sia, enjoy this for as long as you can." Sherlock looks towards the window, it was raining heavily. Outside across the street stood Utena looking up to 221b her long wet Pink/Purple hair almost reached to the floor, a lorry drives passes her. As soon as the lorry passes Utena had gone.

Back in 221b Sia became comfortable with Sherlock holding her to his chest, she closed her eyes hearing Sherlock's heart beat she thought to herself "Hmm maybe he's in love with me, I know there's been no other girl in his life part from Molly but them two are just good friends I know Sherlock there can't be any one else other than me." Just then Sherlock's heart beat faded away in Sia's mind suddenly she saw a Samurai Sword heading straight for her. A dark figure with long hair holding the sword whilst running towards Sia. Sia felt helpless then her mind went pitch black she saw blood fly, instantly Sia woke up scared. Sherlock shocked yet confused why Sia suddenly moved "Sia?" Sherlock questionly asked, Sia breathing heavily looked at Sherlock and said "I saw it, the sword that killed all those victms. I've got a bad feeling I'm next." Sherlock calmly smile, he held Sia once again close to his chest "No one is going to get you because I'll protect you." Sia's eyes began to fill with tears "Promise me that?" Sherlock held her even tighter "I promise Sia." Sia felt happy she sits up Sherlock strokes her ponytail with his left hand, then he gives her a light kiss on her forehead.

Sherlock walked over to his violin and began to play the sweet melody he always seems to play. Sia sit's there happy listening to his wonderful melody she puts her hands on her chest and closes her eyes listening to the beautiful melody play. She slowly falls asleep Sherlock's beautiful melody takes her into a wonderful dream.

Sia begins to dream, she opens her eyes and see's Sherlock standing by a lake playing the same melody as she heard in Baker's Street. She makes her way down towards Sherlock, Sherlock turns to Sia "Sia come enjoy the view and music with me." Sia filled with happiness no one else around apart from them. No John, no Melody and no UH. Sia's perfect scene just her and Sherlock enjoying each others company.

"Sherlock, isn't this wonderful?" Sia calmly asked, Sherlock continued to play the wonderful beautiful melody he replies "Indeed, just wonderful." The wind gently flowing through the tree's Sherlock and Sia sitting on a soft red picnic blanket, nothing could distrub the perfect scene. Sherlock and Sia both filled with happiness drank with some wonderful wine; Sia was filled with so much joy, happiness she felt she could live like this forever.... Her and Sherlock.... Eternal Happiness.
                                                                            Sia's Blog:

Hello Bloggers!

My name is Sia,

I live in 221b Baker's Street and I've got friends named 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Doctor John Watson' Sherlock is the only Consulting Detective in the world because he invented it. Any ways I was put on the same case as him at first I thought he was arrogant and completely rude. I've never met any one like that in my life, but as time passed on something changed he became a lot nicer to me. Ever since then we've always been put on a case to solve together. After a while he asked me to move in with him so I didn't have a second thought and accepted. So I went got my stuff as soon as I got back 221b was silence as soon as I got upstairs Sherlock was at his desk reading a case file labeled "UH" Sherlock explained about the case file and we went to check out the 5 murders that happened within 2 hours, once he examined all the 5 bodies he said we're not dealing with a Murder we're dealing with an Assassin. I have no idea what was going through my head when he said 'Assassin' But I knew I had to be strong and not let it get to me. Well we returned to Baker Street and we only had 2 hours to find the next vitcm before 'UH' killed them even though it was too late. A little girl named Melody came running to the door in a huge panic, Sherlock calmed her down, just when Melody thought she was safe the killer found Melody threating to shoot her. Sherlock managed to get through to the killer but they hadn't finished with him yet.... Just who is 'UH'? What do they want from him?

I also had a terrible dream recently that I was UH's next vitcm, I wish me and Sherlock could find out just who this person is why they've killed so many people...

Another thing ever since I moved into Baker Street Sherlock keeps disappearing late at night then returning 2 hours later. He always says he's down the labs but for some reason something is tell me he isn't always down at the labs... Maybe he knows who UH is but if he did then he would of told me, right? Right?

- Sia

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