_Chapter 1:
Heartbeat to the Music

In The Royal Albret Hall the stage lights were shining brightly, the stage was quiet. A Piano and a Violin were set to be played; there were footsteps coming close and close to the stage then from behind the certain appears Sherlock and Utena. They glanced out to the empty seats, Utena smiles she walks forward to centre stage "It's been a while since I was last on stage." She turns to Sherlock, Sherlock gave Utena a heart warming smile they both walked to their insturments, they look at each other knowing they will play a wonderful tune together. They began to play the room filled with life as the music travelled towards the ceiling, the music was heart warming, beautiful and you can sit for hours and listen. While at the very top of the empty seats Mycroft was watching them a dark figure was standing behind him. He turns his head slightly "You wish you could be down there with them. Why don't you join them? Oh wait you can't." The dark figure took a few moments, the figure walked towards double doors, Mycroft heard the doors open and close he watched Sherlock and Utena continued playing their wonderful beautiful music. Mycroft felt a warm feeling inside while the music continued to play he thought to himself "What is this odd feeling? I've never heard Sherlock play so wonderful with any one he always plays depressing music, and yet is he completely in love with a Murder.. no not a murder, an Assassinator. A girl who can do so much more than kill people, she never wanted the life of seeing blood, watching people die before her; toturing them until they plead her to stop. Giving her vitcms a thousand stabs until she feels better. No... She never wanted any of this, her sad and painful life.... Utena Himemiya some one who can double cross, a girl who will kill some one with out a second thought. Utena and Sherlock... Both wanting love, both needing some one to hold, some one to understand how their both feeling. Sherlock and Utena... The two brightly stars that shine those stars are your hearts, at a distance but yet so close."

Just then a flute began to play, the light tune echoed through the hallways. Sherlock and Utena were still playing. Sherlock could hear the faint tune, he stopped looked round the hall but he couldn't see any one because of the bright lights shining down onto the stage. Utena looked up and saw Sherlock looking round, she stopped and heard the faint tune she walked over to Sherlock, she asked "Sherlock what's that tune?" The lights fainted turning the stage into a romantic scene, Sherlock put down the Violin on a chair near by. He walked back over to Utena, the tune echoed through out the hall, he slided his hand into Utena's. Utena looks down then quickly looked up locking her eyes into Sherlock's. The tune came a little closer. Utena smiled

Utena "Dance with me Sherlock."

Sherlock "I can't... Well I can but..."

Utena "Dance with me."

Sherlock "I can't"

Utena put herself and Sherlock in a position of the Waltz, just then some music started to play coming out of the speakers even though it was sudden Sherlock couldn't take his eye's off Utena; the music taking over the flute's light tune. Naturally Sherlock and Utena began to dance the Waltz on the stage, Mycroft stood up in amazment watching the pair dance perfectly in sync, looking down at their faces seeing Sherlock smiling, watching Utena have the moonlight crystal glow in her eyes. In gently sat back down again behind was the dark figure holding the flute "Well, they would of danced to you playing but, this music began to play. You must feel bad. Look at them, them two could be together forever, they could dance until their lives end. But it's not just the Waltz their dancing to, it's the Waltz of Swords. Oh if it was only you dancing there." The dark figure glanced down to the stage seeing Sherlock and Utena enjoying each others company, the dark figure disappeared into the darkness playing a sad memorable song even though it couldn't be heard. As soon as the music finished. Sherlock and Utena heard a clap coming closer and closer to the stage "Marvelous, simply Marvelous. Oh Himemiya I could watch you all day and listen your music all day." A tall man in a Business suit was standing on the stage with a huge smile on his face. Utena letted go of Sherlock's hand she turned to the tall business man, Utena smiled "Sherlock this is Robert Goldsworth, he's the main organizer for this event and his family has been long friends with my family. We've met a few times when my family would hold parties. Robert this is Sherlock." Sherlock walked over to Robert gave him a firm handshake, from the moment their hands shaked Sherlock could feel a strange feeling from Robert like he was an outsider. Sherlock stopped shaking his hand

"So how long have you known Utena?" Asked Sherlock, Robert grinned "I've known Utena since she was a baby, the beauty in her eyes is the same now. I've grown up along side Utena, always have." Robert glanced at Utena, Utena's angelic face shone. Robert then said "Well, I'm glad you kindly agreed to play some wonderful for this chairty event. Of course you can choose the songs you wish to play as a duet. I'm sure you will have some very good friends to come along." Utena replied "We do, and thank you Robert." Robert left the stage into the darkness, Sherlock turns to Utena begins to walk to her. Utena smiled and let a happy sigh out "Well I'm glad we can choose the songs I was thinking" Sherlock wrapped his arms around Utena's hips he then instantly gave her a kiss. Utena wanted Sherlock to stop but he all ready locked his lips onto her, she could feel her right hand on his shoulders, her fingers on her left hand stroking through his hair. Sherlock brought Utena's body a little closer him, he started kissing her a little harder. After a surprising kiss Utena asked "What's got into you? You're only like that if we're in our Special place, what you trying to do get sexually active before the nights begun?" Sherlock looked at her, he smiles which soon turned to his serious face "Utena, I want to be with you but you must stay away from Robert, when I shaked his hand I could tell he was sweating which I could tell he was nervous even looking at you. Then he took a glance at you his pupils widen showed that he has a big intrest in you. Please just stay away from him."

Utena looked at Sherlock, she looked down "I know, he has a massive intrest in me. I noticed his pupils widen, I want to be with you too Sherlock. But if he ever tries it on with me I know what to do." Then flute music began to play again, Sherlock glanced at Utena to him he could see a fallen angel whose asking for some one to reach out to her. Utena smiled. They both sat on the stage talking about what songs they could use for the concert while the flute was still being played.

Utena "Maybe we could play this one. 'The Jasmine Crystal'."

Sherlock "That one we just created after........ making love."

Utena *Giggles* "Okay umm maybe this one 'Song from The Secret Garden' I feel this represents our feelings when we're alone I'm sure people will love it."

Sherlock "Okay we'll use that one, maybe we could play this one too 'Moonlight Dreams' I remember composing this one with you on the night of New Years, the moon was shining brightly which brought your inner beauty to shine."

Utena "Aww you're so sweet" She smiled and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

After 5 mins the flute music slowly faded, Utena and Sherlock choose the music they will be playing at the chairty event. In the shadows Robert was watching them an old women who was in her 90's was standing next to him, Robert said quietly "Oh Mother what does Sherlock have that I don't to win Utena's heart?" His mother looks at him "Son she doesn't have any intrest in him, it's only to cover her true feelings for you."

Robert "That's not the point, she's always have closed herself so no one knows her true feelings, no one knows what she's thinking. She always lock herself away all the time never letting any one know what she was feeling. She was always popular in school people loved her from both sexes and yet she never had a boyfriend. So many confessed their love for her she still get's it now from old class friends and yet she choose him. One day he'll just walk away from her, he'll find some one much better and she'll be on her own again."

Robert and his Mother stood in the shadows watching Utena and Sherlock smiling at each other. Robert thought to himself "I'll have her, she will be my wife. I just need to get Mr Holmes out of the picture."

                                                                                      - End of Chapter 1 -

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