_Chapter 2:
Remember Me!

Sherlock and Utena returned back to 221b Bakers Street; after a long afternoon of rehearsals for tomorrows Chairty Event. John was getting ready to go out "Where are you going John?" Asked Utena

"He's going on out another date, Utena it's obvious."
"Have fun then." Utena Smiles
John smiles back, he walks down the stairs and out of the door. Just then a black car pulled up John knew the car was for him he said to himself "Mycroft... Why can't he just bloody text me?" He got in the car drove off. Meanwhile back in Sherlock's flat, Sherlock was laying flat on his sofa Utena was doing the same but on the floor next to him. Sherlock breaths deeply, Utena had her eyes close slowly breathing "Sherlock why do you have three patches on for? We haven't got a case." Sherlock breaths suddenly out "Helps me think, you should know most stuff about me by now. So you should know why I've got three patches on, it's terribly hard to sutain London's smoking habit these days." Utena sits up "I'm not smoking, not everyone in London smokes ya'know."

"Good, you don't want to ruin the beauty you have on your face."

"You saying I'm not pretty enough?"

"No I'm not saying that, I just don't want to see you smoking otherwise your beautiful face will be ruined. Any ways in about a few seconds the door bell with ring" Sherlock smiles

Utena gives Sherlock a little smile, then the door bell rings. Sherlock and Utena could hear the door open and close footsteps coming up the stairs it was Lestrade. Utena stood up "Where is it this time?"

Lestrade catches his breath from running up the stairs, he calmly said "Kilburn Park Road, there's been a murder but the only thing is the isn't a body... only blood and a message written all over the flat. Will you come and look at it Sherlock and Utena?"

Utena and Sherlock look at each other "Sure." The both grabbed their coats and headed down the stairs, 221b was quiet. Outside you could hear the cars going pass, people talking. All throughout 221b was silent, from Sherlock's room his window opened. Some one jumping into his room then "CRASH! CRASH!" Things in Sherlock's room being knocked over. Picture frames being smashed, objects getting throwing to the otherside of his room, some clothes being ripped apart. There was a complete awarkward silence for a few moments a spray can was being shaken then the dark figure began to spray on the walls. Then his bedroom door opened a dark figure was walking towards his desk, the figure stops looking at his desk; the dark figure moved towards the desk one of the draws was slightly opened. The figure opened the draw inside was a dark red jewlery box, the box was picked up and opened inside was an expensive necklace with a Topaz jewel in the centre. There was a note stuck on the inside of the lid
"Dear Utena,

Happy Birthday. I hope you like this necklace that I picked out for you although I know you'll like you've had your eye on it for a while now and I know how much you love your blues. I saved up to buy you this and yeah. Happy Birthday Utena

Sherlock x"

The figure slips their hand under and picks up the necklace, just then the front door opened. The dark figure quickly placed the necklace perfectly down closed the box then put it back into the draw, the figure closed the draw leaving it slightly opened. Moving swiftly back into Sherlock's room closing the door behind them finally exiting out of the window. "Well that wasn't too hard to figure out, was it Utena?" Said Sherlock as he and Utena made their way up the stairs.

"Not really, that was too easy." Sherlock stopped as soon as he walked through the door, Utena bumping into his back "OUCH! What do you think your doing stopping like that?!"

"Some one's been here." Calmly said Sherlock. Utena stood beside Sherlock, Utena was drawn to Sherlock's room "I have a feeling it's in your room Sherlock." Just then John arrives home, the trio slowly walk towards Sherlock's room. Sherlock quickly opens the door, the trio look in complete shock. John said "Jesus..."
"Sherlock, who could of done this? We've all been out, I was with you and John went out on his date... Mrs Hudson was out too." Said Utena, Utena walked a little further into his room she turns to the wall behind the door and saw a message "Sherlock." Utena points to the wall with a message written in yellow saying "She who you once knew, is coming to get you. :)" Mrs Hudson came in a few moments later "What has happened to bloody wall?"

"First it wasn't us, we've all been out... Some one came in and trashed Sherlock's room, some one must really hate you Sherlock..." Said Utena "Yeah but who could of done this. And whose that message aimed at?" Questioned John

A few hours later, most of the smashed objects and picture frames were cleaned up. Sherlock and Utena sat on Sherlock's bed looking at the message above his bed both trying to deduct what the message they both seem not to pick up anything. Utena thought to herself "Why would some one do this... All the time I've known Sherlock no one could have enough gruge to come in and completely reck his room. I wish I could just say something..."
Then Utena brust out "Pizza..."

Sherlock turned to Utena "Sorry?"

"Err I was thinking of having Pizza tonight, what do you say?"
Sherlock smiled and began to flirt with Utena "I don't think Pizza would be enough to fill me, there should be a desert too."

Utena giggled "Sure." She kissed him, after the light kiss Utena looked at Sherlock with a smile of an innocent child "I'll order. After Pizza you can have your desert."

Utena went into the living room, Sherlock began to laugh to himself. He layed on his bed feeling happy, he never felt so happy in his life for once he felt some one understood him, he knew Utena understood his feelings and he felt connected to her "Utena Himemiya." He quietly said to himself.

                                                                  - End of Chapter 2 -

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