_Dear Bloggers,
Today me and Sherlock were put on to the mysterious case of the killings of UH.
Who is UH?
Anyway we went to the crime scene it was horrible the victim was.....almost cut apart..
but there was an even more disturbing thing there a message a horrible one meant for a Sia, but even worse i think it was meant for me, i didn't want to let on my fear to Sherlock, but he saw right through me -_-

On the way back to 221B Baker street i asked Sherlock if he deduced anything from the mysterious message but he said he didnt, and that if that message was for me, he would protect me, from who ever it was.

This evening Sherlock went out, but it was unusual, anyway me and john watched a bit of TV and chatted for a bit, he asked me about the crime scene, but that got boring so I decide to try and find where Sherlock had got to.

When i found him after about half an hour he wouldn't talk to me, then he turned around and his face looked like an innocent little child, he had tears in his eyes, i never seen him like this, then all of a sudden he pulled me in tight close to him and told me to never let him go.
I told him nothing would ever make me turn against him, nothing in the world could he asked me to promise, i promised and i will never break that promise ever, Sherlock, i will never ever, break that promise i made to you, Sherlock Holmes.


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