Chapter 1:

A rainy day in London, in a small quiet part of London in a small studio. A young girl with Pink/Purple hair in a Japanese Kimono was holding a Samurai Sword, her name craved in Japanese, the symbols translated to the name "Utena Himemiya" The girl was praticing the skills she learned in Japan, she had three stands of solid ice slowly melting. The room was cold, Utena breathed heavily gripped her sword tightly and ran fast lifted her sword to cut clean through the thick ice. The thick ice fell on to the blue sheets lying on the studio floor. Some one in the background slowly clapped and echoed around the room

"Well done Utena, the sword trusts you. If you believe in your sword there's nothing you can't cut through" A short man in a black suit, perfectly groomed eyebrows and hair. Utena closed her eyes and stood up straight "Thank you Moraity, I know my sword trusts me and only me" Utena turns to Moraity "So what's next for you? Surely you must have something to back fire on Sherlock Holmes" Moraity replies "I may have something, I'll just take his only friend" Utena and Moraity just look at each other. Moments passed and Moraity made his away to the door "You know Utena, one day you'll meet him and never want to let go; He'll be the beautiful flower you won't help but want to touch, trust me."

Utena's Journal:
My name is Utena Himemyia or known to people "UH" why? Don't ask, most of my life I've been alone my parents left me when I was 2 days old they both died after being Assassinated by my foster parents who took me in even though I was surrounded by a great family with an older brother and a older sister I spent most of my time in my room because I always felt out of place. I grew up living in cities I lived a normal life until I was 13 years old I was removed from school not because I got into trouble oh no I began a long and painful journey to become what my family were... Assassinators.

A long and painful journey it wasn't easy at all, when I was 19 years old "I finally made it" so my older sister said but I had a feeling I hadn't made it something was missing and it's never got off my mind. I began another journey to find that answer... that's when I met some one who I knew I couldn't leave alone

Who knew that once you see a beautiful flower you can't not help but want to touch it

That's when I met... Sherlock Holmes

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