_                                                                                                   Chapter 3:
                                                                                         The Sound of Death

In the labs Sherlock was examining one of the 5 dead bodies. Molly and Sia were obsevering thinking to themsevels who could of done this to those innocent people. Sherlock took a close look at the large cut across the chest "It's got to be a Samurai Sword that did this to all the vitcms, not only that but also a whip. We're not dealing with a Murder here we're dealing with an Assassin."

Sherlock explained, Sia looked at Molly then to Sherlock "An Assassin? But these people, how could you know that?!" Said Sia confused. Sherlock looked towards Sia and Molly he continued explaining "All 5 bodies where found with all the same length cuts, the same bruises. This Assassin quickly killed their vitcms within 2 hours, so who ever did this must of been a fast person most likely learned Ninja moves so they can move quietly in the shadows; Ooo this person is good not good but brilliant." Just then Sherlock gets a text saying

"I'm flattered Sherlock, but who far can you go with me? Can you find out who I am? You have just 5 hours to work out my next vitcm and save them before they get the cut. Good Luck <3"

Molly and Sia looked at each other, Molly turns to Sherlock "Sherlock? You okay?" Sherlock looks up "Yes sorry but the killer just texted me, saying I have 5 hours to work out their next vitcm before the vitcm gets the cut" Sia looked worried as if she knew Sherlock knows something that she doesn't.

Sherlock and Sia return to Baker Street and see's John in a panic. "John? What's wrong?" Sherlock asked, John replied "Sherlock err the case file... it's... err how can I say this... errr..... gone?"

Sherlock and Sia said at the same time "What?!" Sia continued "How? No one could of gotten in here. You were here all day weren't you?" Sherlock followed on "Are you sure Mrs Hutson didn't move it? No she couldn't she wouldn't touch anything on my desk unless I told her to. I don't understand how could it of disappeared. John you didn't move it did you?"

John looking worried said "No I had a headache so I went to lay down, and as soon as I got up about 3 hours ago the file was gone. Mrs Hutson went out before you two left remember? Some one must of came in here while I was asleep and took it" Then Sherlock got another text this time saying "Only two hours left what are you going to do? Oh yes another thing I have the case file. I personally took the file myself, amazing what you can do with moving swiftly in the shadows you never know I might visit again. Keep going! - UH"

Sherlock began to puzzle "UH, this person intrests me so much but there something not right. Something is standing right infront of me but I just can't see it yet!" John and Sia looked at each other, Sia turned towards Sherlock "We've only got 2 hours left until the vitcm dies, what are we going to do?" Sherlock turned to the window looked out to the outside world, gathering his thoughts "We need to save this persons life, for all we know they've mostly likely got no idea what's going to happen to them unless we do something!"

Sia instantly said "But we have no idea who could be the next target, so how are we suppose to help them?" Sherlock looked down into Baker Street and saw a young girl running towards 221b constantly looking behind her. Panicing she knocks on the door loudly Sherlock instantly runs down the stairs opens it and the little girl runs into Sherlock for protection "Help me, she's gonna kill me" Sherlock closed the door kneeled down the little girl wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, she was trembling "She's gonna get me, she's going to kill me. Please help me, please!" John and Sia come down the stairs see the little girl scared "Please please help me, she's got a sword and a gun and she's gonna to" Sherlock calmly picked her up and said to her softly "I'll protect you. Whoever it is, they won't get you. What's your name?" The little girl looked at him she knew she could trust him "Melody. My name is Melody" Sherlock smiled "Well then Melody let's go up stairs and we'll look after you. Sherlock took Melody in his arms up the stairs John and Sia followed on after. Melody sat in Sherlock's arm chair looking around the room, she was still scared but a lot more calmer "You sure she won't get me here?" Melody said Sherlock turned to Melody "Why do you keep saying 'She'?"

Melody looked up to Sherlock "Because she's going to kill me, she's all ready killed my mum. I don't have a dad, she has dark red eyes but she was wearing all black you could only see her eyes. And her voice so sweet yet cold." Just then a red dot appeared on her chest, Sherlock turned to the window to see where it was coming from. Another text appears on his phone "Well well, yes I am cruel hearted I would even kill a little girl just to watch you dance. Indeed I am a girl as she said.  Give me one good reason not to kill her?"

Sherlock paniced inside looked at Melody she was now scared more than ever "Please! Please whatever the text says do as she says please. She'll kill me if you don't do as she says! Please" Melody began to cry, tears flowing Sherlock saw a little microphone was attached to Melody "Now I see, you're listening to what we're saying aren't you UH. There's a little microphone attached to her please you must have some care in your heart not to kill a little girl. She's lost her mother because of you, I know you don't want to kill her. Putting a little girl at risk just because you want to play a game with me. She's an innocent child who has lots to learn in life, just let her live. One day you may see her again but don't take her life now. She hasn't done anything to harm you." Nothing was said seconds went pass the red dot faded away sigh of relief from Sherlock.

Another text come to his phone "Fine guess your right I could never kill an innocent child. But the game isn't over yet - UH" Melody reliefed that she wasn't going to die when up to Sherlock and hugged him "Thank you, thank you so much"

Across the street from where Sherlock was standing a dark figure stood on top of the building the figure reach their hand to the back of their head, a ribbon was untied from the hair. Long hair flowed in the wind seconds later the dark figure disappeared. Sherlock looked to the spot where the figure was standing thinking he saw something standing there.

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