_Chapter 10:
The Meeting

The morning after Utena's burtal murder of Krystal, 221b was silent. Sherlock thinking to himself, John was looking through a replaced case file labeled 'UH' Sia comes down the stairs into Sherlock's flat "Morning." Sherlock looks up to Sia "You're worried that message is for you." Sia looked at him then to the floor "I suppose but" Sherlock instantly said back "But UH is the best Assassin any one has ever known. Very few people know her face. Her vitcms know when she's going to attack something gets knocked over then you turn to the exit before you can move she's standing there like the shadow of death. Ready to brutally kill you, she never leaves her vitcms alone until they heavily bleed, sometimes she'll just sit there watching you suffer for her own pleasure. If only I could see her face, I bet she never wanted to be what she is today. I wonder how she managed to avoid getting arrested for so long. She must have contacts otherwise she wouldn't of been able to do this on her own." John looked at Sia he saw a few tears in her eyes then John brusted out "Sherlock she brutally murder innocent people. People who don't deserve to die like this. She's a cold blooded killer. People are scared to go out on the streets because they know she's always around the conner ready to strike. She's got to be stopped one way or another!" Sherlock gave John a cold look, he stood up grabbed his coat, scraf and his phone "I'm going out. I won't be back for a while. Cya later" Sherlock walked down the stairs then straight out of the door. John and Sia looked out the window, saw Sherlock get into a taxi. John looked up and saw the dark figure again "Sia, look there she is." Sia looked up and saw the dark figure, a group of pigeons flew pass the window and the dark figure disappeared. John said to Sia "I don't like how things are looking right now."

In Utena's and Sherlock's 'Special Place' Sherlock was playing the Violin with his name engraved on it. The door lach was opening Utena appeared around the door, she looks towards her Piano and saw Sherlock playing the Violin "Sherlock. Thought you would surprise me? Well you did" Utena giggled a little and realised there was something wrong "Sherlock? I know there's something wrong, want to talk?" Sherlock stopped playing the Violin gently put it down on the Piano stool "Utena, I-I need some one to talk to please could you h-hold me. Please" He looks at Utena he couldn't help but want to cry when he looked into her understanding eyes. He sits down on the soft sofa Utena walked and sat beside him, she reach out her arms to wrap around him; he rested his head on her warm chest. Utena felt tears falling on to her fingers "Sherlock?" Utena gently asked. Sherlock began to cry he couldn't stop the tears from falling.

Sherlock wrapped his arms around Utena's waist, his arms tighten. Sherlock felt like a helpless child all he wanted was some one to hold him, he wanted Utena to stay with him forever. A few hours later Sherlock cried himself to sleep Utena was looking down at his child like face, She thought to herself "I wonder what's wrong with him he was there last night after I killed Krystal, I thought he would of shouted at me. But instead he wants me to hold him why would he cry to me. He suppose to be a strong person who doesn't let emotions get in the way. Sherlock do you love me? Or do you love that girl?" She leans down and kisses his forehead; she quietly made her way to the front door. Grabbed her coat she looked back and saw Sherlock still fast asleep. She quietly whispered "Forgive me my love." She quietly opened the door made her way quietly out the door. 2 hours later Sherlock awakes from sleeping the whole day he calls out "Utena?" He gets up looks around the studio flat, but Utena wasn't there. Sherlock felt his face was heavey. He went into the bathroom washed his face. He thought "I wonder where she's gone."

Back in 221b Sia was on her own, she was typing away on her blog. Just then she hears the front door open and close Sia said to herself "That'll be John and his date." She looks up and see's Sherlock standing in the door way "Where's John, Sia?" Asked Sherlock, Sia looked at him like she seen a ghost "Where... the hell have you been?! I've called you a number of times you never answered. Where the hell have you been?!" Sherlock remained cool and calm Sia continued "John's out on a date with some posh girl, he's bringing her back here in about 5 minutes or less." Just then the door opens and closes "Speaking of which, that'll be him now." Said Sia bitterly. John comes through the door "Sherlock, Sia this is Miss Utena Himemiya." Sia looks up and see's a graceful Pink/Purple hair girl standing beside John, Sherlock in disbelief Utena was under the same roof as Sia. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." Utena sweetly said, Sherlock then said out of the blue "Oh my god, look at you all grown up. I can't believe it's been so long Utena." John and Sia look at each other confused they both said "You two know each other?" Utena replied "Of course we do." Sherlock finished her sentance "We were in the same school, who could mistake the pink and purple hair for some one else. Utena was a popular girl but she always found time to sneak away from the crowd to spend some time with me looking at wildlife and enjoying the views we looked at. It's been so long Himemiya." Sherlock goes and hugs her, Utena smiling. "It's been too long Sherlock" Utena said back. Sia felt a strange coldness in the room, mainly from where Utena was standing she thought to herself "This doesn't seem right, I swear I've heard of that name before... I don't understand I'm missing something. Something's slap infront of me but what? What?"

After a nice drink Utena was getting ready to go bad news it started to rain, Sherlock offered his sofa for the night. Utena kindly accepted. Everyone went off to bed... well mostly everyone, Utena was still awake and half an hour later Sherlock appeared and softly said "Utena?" Utena sat up gave Sherlock a kind and warm smile. Sherlock sat beside Utena "Utena tell me, why were you on a date with John?" Utena flirtly looked at him "Jelous? Are we Sherlock?" Utena explained how her and John met, then Sherlock said "Okay what about the messages then? For Sia?" Utena's kind smile was wiped off her face "I was told to write it, I can't say who because I don't know. It was a request I had no choice but to do it..." Sherlock instantly believed her (Or did he?) Meanwhile in Sia's room she her brain was telling she needed a nice glass of milk before going to sleep so she slowly and quietly made her way down the stairs towards Sherlock and Utena; just before Sia reached to the kitchen she stopped she couldn't believe her eyes Sherlock was holding Utena the way Sherlock holds her she thought to herself "No, it can't be... He can't be in love... with h-h-her?! No I shouldn't think like that, they were school friends... really... good... school friends. Oh god I think I better leave them alone." She quietly made her way back up the stairs. Utena looks up to Sherlock he moves in for a kiss, 'The Cool Prince' and 'The Graceful Princess' together alone, after the kiss Sherlock wanted another Utena put her finger on his lips "We can't what if some one see's us? Especially John, it would break his heart." Sherlock didn't listened he moved her finger and went for it; Utena could tell he wanted her but he also wanted something else at the same time. After another kiss Sherlock held Utena a little longer. After an hour Sherlock said good night to Utena and Bakers Street was quiet, the odd few late night taxis drove passed but 221b was quiet. Not a sound or a peek could be heard.

Sia's Blog:

Hey Bloggers,

Well John went out on a date in a while a few hours later he comes back with a mysterious pink/purple hair girl named 'Utena Himemiya' Now that name I can't help but heard some where before well any ways it seems Sherlock knows her from a long time ago back in school apparently. Well it began to rain heavily outside so Utena had no choice but to stay for the night. Well we all went to bed and later during the night I faniced some milk because I'm still a child at heart. And before I went into the kitchen I saw Sherlock and Utena not kissing oh no but Sherlock was holding her as if they were together or something. But his body embraced hers and I couldn't help but think... what if that embrace the way he held me, was that a lie....? Was it all a lie, was kidding myself that i thought..that..maybe...he...liked...me?
NO!!! He's just my friend someone I care about, but why when I see them, it made me want to tear my heart out cause it hurts so much, or that I wanted to be where that girl Utena Himemiya was with him, but I know I have heard that name somewhere before, somewhere, but where?!?!

Where do I start... Last night was a shock for me... Let's just say that even though its like midday, I have locked myself in my room with just my laptop, I can't go out there when Utena is out there with John and Sherlock. I don't want to burst out that I saw her and Sherlock and hurt John..he's a good friend of mine, like he is to Sherlock and he seems to like Utena a LOT..but if I said that I know Sherlock and her would deny it and Sherlock would hate me then. I don't want that. I heard him a couple times walk past to see if I was and awake but I just stay quiet like I am asleep and then he just walks back down stairs, not before he says that he's worried about me and would like to come in if I was awake...I think he knows that I am really actually awake, but, I just can't be with them downstairs laughing and having a good time, I just think they're better off if I stay in here in this room forever... They don't need me, no-one does. Maybe alone is something that protects me, maybe the only thing I need to protect me, but I know when she goes I'll go down and talk to Sherlock....but till then I stay here, protected for now...

Also I still want my milk... :/


- End of Chapter -

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