_Chapter 14:
Withered in Silence

Sia wasn't expecting what was going to happen to her next. Sherlock put his hand on her cheek he kissed her on her lips, Sia surprised she slowly closed her eyes. After the kiss Sia thought to herself "Sherlock... Why?" He looked deep into her eyes, Sia could feel her face wanting another kiss. She moves in for another kiss. Sia could feel Sherlock's kind lips, she felt a strange feeling that she never felt before. Just then there was a sudden movement in the bushes Sia stopped kissing Sherlock and said "What was that?" Just then a Young Women appeared out of the bush holding a sword she said "Well isn't this sweet? Too bad there will be blood on the floor after I'm finished with you two. My name is Bridget by the way but I don't think that's really important. It's not like any one else is here." Bridget smearked. She ran towards Sia and Sherlock ready to kill them; Sherlock holds Sia close to him, he closes his eyes hoping some one would save them. Just then a dark figure clangs their sword against Bridgets "What?!" Shouted Bridget, Sherlock and Sia open their eyes and saw infront of them long pink/purple tied up hair, it was Utena. Utena pushes Bridget away "You two okay?" Sia and Sherlock nodded, Utena smiled she turned to Bridget "Don't dare attack these innocent people!" Bridget said back "Oh right so it's perfectly okay for you to kill innocent people but it's not for me is it? UH?" Sherlock and Utena looked at Sia, Sia closes her eyes "I really know so don't worry." Bridget then said "Well since your here, Miss Himemiya I can get rid of you. End of an Era, the End of UH. Perpare for your death Utena." Utena gave Bridget a bitter cold look, Bridget began to pursude Utena; Utena did the same both of their sword collided. A big battle began Sia watched in amazment, Sherlock was worried that Utena would get Sia after her fight with Bridget he tried his best to ignore his worries.

John arrived "Sherlock" He yelled out, Utena was still fighting. John joined Sherlock and Sia "What's going on here, why's Utena fighting?" Asked John, Sia replied "Isn't it obvious, UH is short for Utena Himemiya. I knew something wasn't right with her and it was right infront of me... But isn't she suppose to kill me and yet she's defending me. Why?" Just then there was a big thunder crash, the rain became violent and heavey; Utena and Bridget was still fighting. Bridget's sword just missed Utena's side which gave Utena a chance to strike she turned her sword round, she hit her hard wooden handle into Bridget's stomach. Bridget started coughing out blood "You're gonna pay Himemiya! You're gonna pay for all the murders you did, and I'll be the one who will be dancing over your grave! You will die by my own hands! No more playing around!" Bridget yelled, Bridget's anger grew and grew. Utena kept calm trying not to get angry she douged Bridget's sword a few times; Utena punched Bridget in the face then striked her with a high kick from under her chin. Utena missed Bridget's sword again. Finally came the final blow. Blood began to fall to the floor, Sia looked to the floor then up and saw Utena's sword was through Bridget's chest, Bridget dropped her sword in shock "I trained all this time to bring you down Himemiya but it seems no matter how great we are, we can't beat you..." Utena showed no mercy, she did another high kick to pull the sword out of Bridget. Bridget's dying body layed infront of Sherlock, Sia and John; Bridget began to struggle for air. Sherlock looked up to Utena her face was covered by her hair, Sia stood up "Utena?" Utena looked over to the bench where her and Sherlock first met, Sia looked at her sword watching the rain trying to wash away the blood Sia was nervous for what she could say next "Weren't you suppose to kill me next? Why did you defend me if you hate me?" Utena was in shock, Utena then looked to the floor "I don't... hate you... Sia. All of my vitcms... I've never had anything against them." Then John said "Then why kill them? If you didn't hate them!" Utena turned away "It doesn't matter why I killed them. Their dead so it doesn't matter." Sherlock walked over to Utena he put his hand on her shoulder, Utena looked to him Sherlock smiled he held her tight to his chest. He whispered in her ear "It's okay Utena."

The rain slowed down then stopped, the clouds cleared showing the starry sky once more. Sia could see how much Utena means to Sherlock, she quietly told John everything. John smiled he understood what Sia saying about Utena and Sherlock. "Himemiya, you will die one day. You will die maybe not by me, but some one will hate you so much that once your guard is down they will strike." Said Bridget gasping for air. Utena looked at Bridget with no mercy she walked over to her dying body, kneeled down "True, I might die one day by some one else's hands. But no matter how much I bleed I'll remain strong. Oh Bridget look at you, a young person like you full of hopes and dreams but now they've disappear because you were stupid enough to fight against me." Utena stood up and began to walk away Sia, Sherlock and John followed on after leaving Bridget to die. 10 minutes later Bridget felt she couldn't take another second any longer she said "Goodbye Utena. That day... is...com...ing" Bridget eye's went blank her eyes slowly closed. Now a lifeless body was lying in the park. Alone.

Back in Bakers Street Sia, Sherlock, John and Utena had a shower to keep themsevels warm, they all sat around drinking tea. The room was silent, Utena broke the silence by saying "Well I better be off. I've got things to do people to see. So" Sherlock then said "No stay." Utena smiled "No I can't, after everything I done. I don't belong with any one, that's why I live alone." Sia said "Please stay, I'd like you to stay with us. Stay with us for another night" John nodded his head. Utena kindly agreed, John all ready headed for bed, Utena was in the kitchen cleaning up the cups. Sherlock and Sia were looking out the window Sherlock quietly said to Sia "Sia, you remember I asked you about Love Advice... Well I know I don't need it because I can just tell Utena I love her. I can tell her with confidence." Sia smiled but deep down she felt her heart being stabbed with millions of swords all at once "Indeed you can." Utena finished cleaning up she turned to Sia "Sia I've never seen you with your hair down. Can I see it down please." Sia looked confused "Why? Utena?" Utena rolled her eyes "Just do it." Sia gingerly untied her hair, she felt nervous because Sherlock never saw her with her hair down. Her chestnut hair gracefully fell, showing a girlish side of Sia, then Sia spoke "Well since I've put down my hair, you can cut yours since it's so long." Utena instantly said "Hey this took me years to make this long! *Sighs* Fine, fairs fair." Utena untied her hair and picked up sword she looked at the mirror, she slashed her sword through her long pink/purple all though it wasn't pink/purple any more it was just pink; her hair was the excat length as Sia's hair. On the floor layed the rest of Utena's long pink/purple hair Utena looked at it "Wow so many years to make it so long and now look at it. I held the record for the longest hair in Britian and now my record is laying on the floor." She picked it up "What am I suppose to do with all of this hair? A few hours later Sherlock went to bed, Utena was looking at herself in the mirror thinking how much she looked different without her long hair she sighs "How I miss my long hair but I think I'll grow fond of this new length." From the conner of Utena's eye she could Sia trying to make her way down the stairs, Utena turned round "Sia!" Sia stopped thinking to herself "Great now I'm in for it." She turns round and walks towards Utena, Utena asked "Where are you going at this time? It's really late..." Sia looked disappointed and sad "I'm going away, just for a while. I need some time to think, also you've won Sherlock's heart. He's in love with you all though he won't admit it to you face to face... But I hope you're very happy with him." Sia gave Utena a hug and made her way down the stairs. Utena felt worried then she realised, Utena said "Oh shit. She's not... Oh god.. Sherlock... SHERLOCK!" She ran to Sherlock's room "Sherlock! Wake up!" Sherlock woke up "What is it Utena?!" Utena in a panic said "It's Sia!"

At the Hospital Sherlock and John works at, Sia was on the rooftop. The wind was gently flowing, Sia's chestnut hair was dancing gracefully. She saw a taxi stopping then Utena and Sherlock came out of the taxi, she phoned Sherlock's phone. Sherlock said "What the hell are you doing Sia?!" Sia replied "Just stay where you are! Please otherwise I'll jump!" Sherlock began to move forward a bit Sia yelled down the phone "Stay where you are Sherlock! Please!" Sherlock was panicing inside he wanted Sia to think about what she was doing "Sia please don't do this! Why are you up there any way?!" Sia replied "You've choosen who you want to be with, but.. I'm gonna prove to you, you can do much better than a blood thrust assassinator. I truely hate her after what she has done. I've witnessed what she truely is, I can see she'll go to any length to survive another day. Even if it means killing those who are innocent and haven't done anything. I've always looked up to you, I've adored you... Even now I still think you're rude and arrogant but please please just don't come any closer. Please Sherlock." Sherlock felt helpless then Sia said "Goodbye Sherlock." Sherlock then quickly said "No, don't Sia." Sia threw her phone behind her Sherlock yelled out "SIA!" Sia opened her arms leaned forward her whole body fastly falling towards the ground. Sherlock and Utena both felt they frozen in time as they watch Sia falling to her death.

When they couldn't see Sia, Sherlock and Utena ran towards the Hospital but what they saw was unbelievable. Sia wasn't laying dead on the floor infact there was no body on the ground, no blood... nothing. Utena instantly questioned "I don't understand how can she not be there?!" Sherlock repeated Sia's name twice. They both got a taxi, Sherlock looked up to the Hospital Rooftop then got into the taxi. It drove off the taxi drove pass a dark ally way, in the dark ally way stood a dark figure holding a Flute. Seconds later the dark figure vanished.

- End of Sherlock: Signed UH -

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