_                                                                                                      Chapter 4:
                                                             Confession and Confusion

Sherlock layed down on the sofa Melody was asleep in his arm chair, Sia was on her laptop blogging John was cooking dinner. Sherlock's hands were together in a praying position his phone in his hands he looks up Sia breaks the silence "Sherlock, don't you think we should do something about Melody. She hasn't got a mother since UH killed her." Sherlock looks over to Sia, seeing her face cool and calm.

Sherlock saw an image of some one else instead of Sia, he saw a dark figure with long flowing hair. Sia said "Sherlock?!" Sherlock blinked and look back up "Well you and John can take her to Social Services tomorrow, I'll be examining her mother at the labs I need to know who UH is and I believe Melodies mother will have something to tell me about UH." Sherlock sat up and began to text on his phone "Meet me at the Hospital I need to tell you something important, 11pm - SH" John finished cooking dinner, Melody was woken up by Sia. Everyone sat around the table enjoying the food John cooked for them. After dinner was finished Sia took Melody to her flat to settle her down for the night. Sherlock looked at the time, it was 10:15pm he grabbed his coat, scarf and told John he won't be gone for long. And disappeared down the stairs. Sherlock shut the front door and yelled "Taxi!" A black cab pulled up to Sherlock, he got into the cab the cab drove off. From the top floor Sia was looking out of the window wondering "Where is he going?"

Time passed Sherlock got a text from UH "I'm almost at the Hospital, where are you? - UH" Sherlock was just at the enterance he made his way to the rooftop, the wind was flowing gently his coat gently dancing. Suddenly a sweet voice said "Sherlock!" Sherlock turns round and see's a girl with long flowing pink/purple hair gently dancing in the wind. Sherlock just looks at her like some one else was standing there other than the Pink/Purple hair girl, she continued "Why call me up here? Where you apparently died?" Then out of the blue Sherlock said "Utena, I think.... I-I'm in love with you" The wind turned from gentle to rough, Utena's crystal blue eyes began to gleam; the Moon was shining down on Sherlock and Utena as if it was destiny fore-told. Sherlock moved towards Utena he held her tight to his body, Utena could feel that if Sherlock embraced her a little more she felt she could break. Utena's arms slowly wrapped around him, the couple embracing each other's warmth and kindness; Sherlock and Utena looked at each other with their's hands still around each other, Utena's eyes shone like the Moonlight. The pair looking deep into each others eye's like there's no tomorrow, Sherlock's left hand stroked through Utena's long hair. Nothing was said the pair couldn't help but want to hold each other and never let go. Finally Sherlock kissed Utena, after the kiss the silence was broken by Sherlock asking "Why did you kill Melodies mother? Why play this game Utena?" Utena's crystal eyes stopped gleaming instead giving a cold look. Nothing was said, Utena letted go of Sherlock's waist and began to head for the door "Sherlock, I gave you time to save her. I am cruel hearted, I will destory anything that get's in my way. You understand don't you?" Utena opened the door and headed down the stairs, the door closed Sherlock said to himself "Is that so?"

Walking down a dark ally way Utena saw a dark shadow standing waiting for her "Well well if it isn't Utena Himemiya" From the dark shadows came out Mycorft "Long time Himemiya, you just went and saw Sherlock." Utena quickly answered "It's got nothing to do with you. So stay out of my way!" Mycorft looked at Utena as if he could see a dark side to her "Utena we both know what you're capeable of, you don't need to toy with my dear brother" Utena once again quickly answered "As if you cared about him!" Mycorft also answered back "Of course I care about him, espeically when you're around. You could put him at risk if you carry on seeing him. You can count yourself lucky for me not arresting you, but stop this game I don't want to see him dead when he's very useful to me" Utena gave Mycorft the same cold look as she did with Sherlock "You only use Sherlock when you're out of options, you don't care about him unless you really need him then again you never really care. All you care about is getting paid for doing a good job by sending what is it the very 'best' so you call it." Mycorft walked towards Utena, Utena continued "Sherlock doesn't mean much to you unless you really need him. And even then when you really need him he even turns you away. A bitter brother relationship don't you think?" Mycorft stopped infront of Utena and slapped her across the face showing no mercy to her "I care about him, I agree our relationship is bitter, I require him when I most need him. But don't you dare disrespect him, you can be a real bitch Himemiya!" Utena looks up to Mycorft showing no tears and no mercy "I say we're both very lucky, you're lucky because I'm not going to kill you. I'm very lucky because you know I did all those murders and yet you don't want to hurt your brother. Another thing Sherlock is a beautiful flower I can't leave alone. Cya around. Mycorft." Utena quickly walks into the shadows never to be seen again, Mycorft says to himself "Is that so?"

                                                                   Utena's Journal:

Hello Journal thingy...

Ever since I met Sherlock, I always see him with another bloke his name is John I think... I'm not sure but any ways I saw them two in a cafe the other day but I was in a taxi so I couldn't go to them and say hi but I noticed that Sherlock has a few tears in his eyes. I can tell when some one is upset when a normal person can't. I can see the smallest detail it's a weird thing but I can live with it

Then Sherlock texted me to meet up with him on top of a Hospital Rooftop where he "apparently" he commited suicide after Moriarty shot himself... I knew Moriarty before he got taken in by Sherlocks brother to find something out from him, but that's not important Sherlock arranged to meet me so I went to him. And he just looked at me like he could see some one else other than me, I asked him "Why call me up here? Where you apparently died?" He continued to look at me until he said something out of the blue "Utena, I think... I-I'm in love with you" Those words were the words I never wanted to hear from him but instead my mind went a different direction.

Sherlock came closer to me held me tight, the warmth and his heart pounded was so strange to me something inside told me "For crying out loud Utena! What do you think your doing hold him too" And another part was telling "No no Utena push him away, you've been always alone so keep it that way!" So I could feel my arms slowly wrapping themsevels round his waist, something was right and wrong about that moment, that moment could be a start of something new between me and him or could be the end of something longing to cry out for love.

NO I MUSTN'T THINK LIKE THAT! I've always been alone and will be forever ALONE! Sherlock is just getting in the way of my life, I don't need him or any one! I'm always forever alone, wrapped in the chains of Eternal Pain, the Throns of Hate and Unforgiveness; locked in a room full of Eternal Darkness and Silence. That's where I belong

Writting this has made me confused so for now I'll leave this as it is now.

- Utena [UH]

                                                                - End of Chapter 4 -

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