_                                                                                                            Chapter 6:
                                                                                   Utena's Past: 5th November 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November.
Gun powder treason and plot.
I see no reason why Gunpowder treason.
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, remember the 5th of November 2010
Two people will meet
One who is wrapped in Chains of Eternal Pain
Another who will learn to love
A Murder another A Detective
These two will have a long and painful journey together
Many sacrifices will be made
Tears, pain and happiness
The Innocent Angel and The Devil of Eternal Pain
Sherlock & Utena

5th November 2010, Utena is sitting on a bench in a park watching the colours fly in the fly "BOOM! BANG!" Goes the fireworks, wondeful colours and displays appeared in the sky; Sherlock was walking through the same park Utena got up with her 3 books in her arms walking straight towards Sherlock. Both of them not noticing each other, became closer and closer to each other. Then Sherlock and Utena bang into each other both falling to the ground Utena's books spreaded around her "Oh my I'm- I'm- I'm so sorry sir, you okay there?!" Utena said. Sherlock looks up and see's Utena's crystal blue shining like the moonlight "Err yes I fine, how about you?" Sherlock replied, Utena picked up her books "I'm fine thanks, I wasn't looking where I was going so I'm very sorry for bumping into you. I'm Utena Himemiya and you are?" Utena reached her hand out waiting for a handshake, Sherlock reached out his hand "I'm Sherlock Holmes, a pleasure to meet you Miss Himemiya." His hand touched Utena's, at that moment both of them felt a strange present the wind picked up Utena's long Pink/Purple hair began to flow in the wind. "I must say that's a lot of hair for a young lady like you." Sherlock said, Utena started to giggle a little bit "I know but I've always loved these colours." Sherlock and Utena sat on a bench watching the fireworks appear in the sky. Sherlock couldn't help but notice her pure blue crystal eyes, they shone like the moonlight but they also had a lonliness feeling to them. Utena couldn't help but notice Sherlock's calm and coolness, but they both noticed they could create a sweet melody with a Piano and a Violin.

After a few hours gazing up to the sky, the stars appeared. Sherlock could clearly see Utena's eye's weren't just crystals trying to out shine other crystals but the moonlight was shining into them making them more beautiful than anything else in the night. Suddenly there was a sudden movement behind a bush, "What was that?" Sherlock asked, Utena's eye's were beading around working out where the noise came from she cluch her fist as if she knew what was going to happen. Quick as a flash Utena pushed Sherlock off the bench while a dark figure was holding a Samurai Sword their named craved on the blade "You okay Sherlock?" Utena said, before Sherlock could say anything Utena was pulled back by the dark figure she was thrown to the ground; the sharp blade was heading straight for her she rolled away just in time Utena reaches into the inside of her coat and pulled out her Samurai Sword, the dark figure and Utena began a fight "The Waltz of Swords" Sherlock watched in amazment. Utena stabbed the dark figure in the stomach, the dark figure spoke "I losted" Utena pulled out her sword blood began to fall to the ground then she kicks over the dark figure on their back; Utena pulls off the dark mask to reveal another girl "Well well if it isn't you, Samantha. You really thought you could beat me, what a joke." Sherlock got up walked towards the dying body, Samantha reply "Well yes I did thought I could beat you. But it seems no one can kill you, no one can hurt you, no one can ever get close to you. That's why you're always alone. Whose your friend then?" Utena kneeled down to Samantha "It doesn't matter, but you know what happens when people come up against me." Samantha's eyes slowly started to close "You just leave dying people, but sometimes you stay for your own pleasure but for the dying person it's torture because you're the last ever person we ever see. Oh Utena one day you'll be caught out and you'll know what it feels like." Samantha put her right hand in a small pool blood, picked up a bit of blood then smeared it all over Utena's sword "Another vitcm I am, I swear I'll haunt you and when you die I'll dance over your grave. Some one will kill you and it will be a friend who will betray you Utena! And they will dance over your grave with me!" Utena showed no emotion she watched Samantha put her head to the ground, finally Samantha closed her eyes.

Utena stood up, Sherlock in disbelieve of what he saw Utena turned to him "I'm an Assassin Sherlock. Sometimes I get people like Samantha who just want to get rid of me, they always put their blood on my sword swearing they'll come back for me. But they don't scare me I must go the poilce will be here soon, best you disappear too. Please don't say anything to any one" Utena gave Sherlock a kiss on his cheek, picked up her books and sword. She jumped up into a tree never seen again, Sherlock calmly walked away from the dead body. Moriarty appeared beside Samantha's dead body "Well well Utena, you've met him now what do you think of him?" Utena calmly sitting on a tree branch "I guess you were right, he's the one... The beautiful flower. Something I won't be able to leave alone." Moriarty looked up to the tree where Utena was sitting "I knew I was right, but you know what you've got to do." Utena's Crystal eyes looked sharp at Moriarty "Indeed I do, don't worry it will be carried out." Moriarty smearked with joy "Oh my Utena, the only women in the world who isn't afaird of anything. Not even death itself."

Moriarty's Poem:
Remember, remember the 5th of November 2010.
Two people have met.
One who is wrapped in Chains of Eternal Pain.
Another who will learn to love.
A Murder another A Detective.
These two have started a long and painful journey together.
Many sacrifices will be made.
Tears, pain, happiness and love will be torn apart.
The Innocent Angel and The Devil of Eternal Pain.
One day his heart will burn will ache
One day her immortal soul will have a twinge of fear
Sherlock & Utena.

Moriarty begins to walk away from Utena, Utena watches him calmly walk into the far distance his dark short figure disappeared. Utena took a few moments looking down at Samantha's dead body, blood flowed all around her lifeless body. Utena looked at her sword, Samantha's body blood dripping from the blade. Utena stood up on the tree branch, her hair flowing gently in the wind, she could hear the whispers of the dead whispering through the tree, seconds later Utena disappeared the only thing left in the park was Samantha's lifeless body.

In the distance sky you could see two stars far apart from each other they were both shining with brilliance. a few fireworks were still going to celebrate bonfire night, the colours faded the sky was shining with stars. The two stars shining with brilliance represented Sherlock and Utena's hearts.

- End of Chapter 6 -

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