_                                                                                                 Chapter 7:
                                                                                        Mycorft's Creation

In the Somerset country side stood a grand house that belongs to Utena's family, a beautiful Grand Ballroom which magnifince golden and silver colours, the floor was a brown chestnut polished colour. Mycorft was sitting on one of the six balconies watching Utena fighting another man. Utena was in her beautiful kimono holding her trusting Samuari Sword, her challenger was in a black kimono holding a Samurai Sword. The Ballroom was slient, Utena said to her challenger "Well, you think you can defeat me. All revenge for me killing your sister Samantha isn't that right Harry? This is what it is all about, me killing your sister because she fail she couldn't take me down. Why bring this up now?" Harry looked at her with anger in his eyes "I trained all these years to bring you down. I know what you are, Mycorft knows what you are, Moriarty knows what you are, but does your beautiful flower know what you truely are?" Harry began to run towards Utena, his sword in the air ready to strike. Utena moved slightly just missing the blade of the sword cutting her, she knocked Harry's sword with her sword. "Trust me, he does know what I am. Any other questions?" Mycorft watching Utena and Harry fight he thinks to himself "I created Utena to what she is today... No not just me, her family too. Her family are Assissinators too they also created Utena was she is today, Utena met my brother and they've never let go of each other; why do you hold on to him Utena? What's so special about my brother that you won't let go?"

Utena cuts Harry's right arm "I know where my loyality lays Harry. So TAKE THIS!" Utena cuts Harry in the leg and his back, Mycorft continued to think to himself "I'm one of those people who helped become what you are Utena, but you only chose to go the wrong way. Your loyality always will be with Moriarty, that will never change. Not even my brother could you change your loyality. You're forever Moriarty's, no matter how much you want to change that." Harry's sword was thrown into the air then dropped straight into his stomach, Utena facing the other way looking cool and calm "Himemiya some one will strike you down one day. It may not be me, Mycorft or even Sherlock but some one will strike you down they'll dance over your grave" Harry weakly said, Utena had a flash back of Samantha saying a similar sentance to her. "You're right, some one will strike me down one day but my own death doesn't scare me, watching people die doesn't scare me." She turns to look at Harry "But there's a far worst day coming for me." Mycorft looks down at her as if she knew something he didn't, Harry gently puts down his head and closes his eyes. Utena looks at his lifeless body showing no mercy.

Harry's body was taken away, Utena and Mycorft looking out a window "I'm surprise you haven't arrested me yet. For all those murders I've done, why witness this particlar killing?" Utena asked, Mycorft gave her a cold look "All this time, I know you've done most of the murders we both know why you haven't got arrested. I just wanted to see how you've progress from the last time I saw you fight tell me Utena, what do you mean there's a far worst day coming for you?" Utena gave Mycorft a cold look and turned towards the door "See you again, Mycorft. I've got stuff to do"

In 221b Baker Street Sherlock was sitting in his arm chair thinking, then he gets a text message "Want to meet up? - UH" Sherlock smiled and replied "Sure, meet me at our 'special place' at 4:00pm - SH" Sia and John returned from taking Melody to Social Services. "I've got to go out, I'll be gone for a few hours so you can have dinner without me tonight." Sherlock said as he grabbed his coat and scarf; he headed down the stairs and out of the door. "Taxi!" Sherlock called out, a taxi pulled up beside him he got in and the taxi drove off. Sia looking out the window thinking to herself "I've got to find out where he disappears off to... I've got to find out."

It was 3:59pm when Sherlock arrived at a grand house on the other side of London from Baker Street. There was a staircase going up and down the grand house he went down to the bottom of the house, there was a door the ivory leafs where hiding the door so no one could find it. Sherlock had a key to open the door, he opens it. Inside was a large modern studio flat, there was a Grand Piano by patio doors a modern purple and silver kitchen to Sherlock's right. He puts his coat on a coat hanger along side a female's coat. "Utena?" Sherlock called out, Utena appeared around one of the wooden pillars "Here Sherlock" Utena replied, Sherlock walked towards Utena. There was a canvas a painting. The painting was a road with the sky showing light and dark. Utena goes to her Grand Piano and Sherlock picks up a Violin both perfectly tuned. Utena and Sherlock look at each other, Utena begins playing a beautiful melody Sherlock waiting for his turn. Utena closes her eyes, the sun shines through the clear patio Utena looking so graceful she opens her eyes and looks at Sherlock still playing the wonderful melody, she nods at Sherlock. Sherlock starts playing a similar melody. The pair looked graceful together 'The Cool Prince' and 'The Graceful Princess' playing the most wonderful music

The music was beautifully played, the birds chripped happily to the wonderful music they could hear. The Gardener who keeps Utena's Garden looking beautiful saw Sherlock and Utena playing he smiles "Well, you two are certainly going to go far. The Cool Prince and The Graceful Princess" He continued watering the roses Utena adored so much while enjoying the music being played.

After Sherlock and Utena finished playing their wonderful melody; they sat on the sofa Sherlocks left arm behind Utena's shoulders. Utena laying on his chest listening to his soft heart beat "Utena" Sherlock said to break the silence. Utena sits up and faces him, his right hand twines together with Utena's left hand he kisses her. After the kiss Utena lays down on the sofa, Sherlock was on top of Utena looking down into her deep crystal eyes; he goes in a little closer to her lips. He kissed her again Sherlock kept thinking how soft her lips were "I could kiss them forever, Utena you're beautiful, Graceful and yet you kill people for fun... that's what so bitter about you." Sherlock thought to himself.

In Mycorft's office a half glass of Whiskey was on Mycorft's desk, Mycorft thinking to himself "What if Utena wasn't an Assassin? Would she be the graceful girl she was suppose to be, the graceful piano player she always destined to be. If she wasn't an Assassin what would her life really be like?" Mycorft looked at his glass of Whiskey and downed it in one go. "If only" He thought to himself... Back in the 'Special Place' Night fell Sherlock and Utena seemed to have disappeared the Studio was silent. In the Master bedroom was clothes on the floor, Utena and Sherlock's phone were on the bedside table turned off. In the soft double bed layed a naked Utena and Sherlock out of breath after having some 'fun' Sherlock was embracing Utena in his arms; the next morning Utena woke up with Sherlock holding her tight Utena quietly said "You've swiftly taken my heart. Sherlock." Sherlock still asleep turned over facing away from Utena, Utena smiles she grabbed her journal and began to write in it.

Utena's Journal:

Hey Journal and to whoever reads this,

I'm writing this time to something I'm sure to regret, now I'm not the kind of person who regrets things even when I kill some one... but you see. Arggh where do I begin? I suppose we could start from Saturday 25th December 2010... Christmas Day what could I regret on Christmas day well nothing this is where the story begins

Christmas Day spending it alone, again. No one to share the joy and cheers with but that doesn't matter really because alone protects me, but I get a text from Sherlock saying "Enjoying your Christmas?" so I reply "Not really, spending it alone" Sherlock then texts back "Same here, why don't we meet up then?" Normally no one would ask to meet up on Christmas day with me so I agreed, we met in a park the snow was falling. We began talking as we usually do, nothing could perpare me for what happened next. Sherlock held me close to his chest so I said "What's wrong Sherlock, this isn't you" and he just said "Sshh don't talk, I just want to hold you for a little while" A side of him I never saw before, he held me so tight that no matter how much he wanted to embrace me I could break at any time; The wind picked up my hair flowing gently, like a summer scarf lightly dancing in mid summer-air.

Minutes passed, my body couldn't help but relax onto him, a moment I wanted to last forever Sherlock embracing me I felt his warmth and kindness then the silence was broken by Sherlock saying "Utena" I rised my head and he kissed me on my lips, the moment I wanted to last forever shattered the first kissed he ever gave me was the Kiss of Regret, at the time I guess I wouldn't call it that but I could feel a tear falling out of my eye. Sherlocks kind lips locked onto my bitter lips how I wish he would stop but no matter how much I wanted to run and grab a gun I could feel my body was helpless when I'm around him oh Sherlock I wish I could tell you how much I want to hold you and kiss you but if I told you my true feelings it would be a burden on you, once he finished kissing my bitter lips I saw and felt a side of him I never saw.

Oh god my heart aches when I'm around him, every time we meet up we always some how end up kissing and holding each other. We almost got caught once by Molly, I took him to my flat I was living in and came the day I live to regret. Once again we held and kissed each other only this time...

So the morning after... I'm writing this while Sherlock is asleep he looks so cute asleep like a child having a sweet dream :3

But last night emotions flying everywhere, to me it's kind of awarkward because when someone else see's this their gonna know what I've been up to but I guess it helps than keeping all bottled up I know one day Sherlock might see this then everything will be revealed. But until that day this is just a secret between you and me (So let's keep it that way) Well I suppose I should say what was going through my head....

I have two sides inside of me, one side tells me run and grab the gun the other tells me just let your love flood out. I just don't know what to say, so much went through my head *sighs* I guess I just didn't see it coming. I just don't know what to think does Sherlock mean what he said about me? Does he really love me.... or is it just to make me happy?

- Utena [UH]

                                                                                        -End of Chapter 7-

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