_                                                                                                      Chapter 9:
                                                                                   Feelings Will Betray You

A few hours later, Utena was walking down to Bakers Street to meet up with Sherlock she was wearing a posh dark blue dress, blacking and white coat; her hair was tied up with a dark blue ribbon. She was smiling happily as she got closer to Baker Street she thought to herself "I wonder what music we'll play today?" As soon as she got round the conner she saw Sherlock holding another girl's hand (Sia) Utena saw Sherlocking kissing this girl she doesn't know, Utena's shocked turned into anger she said to herself in her mind "Who ever that girl is, I swear I'll get her and kill her. That must be why he only see's me at night or when he's alone. I'll find out who she is and I'll kill her." A lorry drove pass Utena once the lorry passed Utena had disappeared. In 221b Sherlock looked out the window thinking and knowning he saw Utena standing by the conner.

Back in Utena's flat she was on her laptop researching on the Chestnut hair girl she saw with Sherlock. She then came across 'Sia's Blogs' Utena began to read them, Utena got the general idea of what Sia was like "So is that your next vitcm then? Some one who is close to Sherlock's heart? You just going in for the kill? Get her out of the way so you can have Sherlock to yourself?" Said Kenny who appeared out of no where, Utena closed her eyes "No... I'm not going to kill her just yet. I'm going to make one more kill, then let everything calm down I made my debut show a few days ago at the Hospital. After I've killed one more person then I'll step into the shadows for a while, I'll earn Sia's and John's trust. I'll be taking my time with this kill" Kenny smiled "Well I've got the perfect person you can kill. Make this kill special so Sia can get the warning."

Down a dark ally a young couple were alone together holding each other sweetly, kissing enjoying each other company. "I love you so much, Bradley. I never want to let you go" Said the girl, Bradley replied "I never want to let you go either Krystal." The young sweet couple kissed but their sweet moment was disturb by something being knocked over "Whoes there!" Yelled out Bradley they looked towards the road and saw a dark figure standing there "Listen to me Bradley run, just run!" Krystal panicly said, "Why who is that?" Questioned Bradley "She's come for me, UH is gonna." Krystal begged for her sweetheart to run but he refused, he turned to the dark figure "I don't know who you are but you won't touch the love of my life!" Heroicly said Bradley, Krystal pushed Bradley passed the dark figure "Please just run, just run never look back. Run to Bakers Street 221b get Sherlock Holmes to get here as soon as possible please. JUST RUN BRADLEY!" Krystal began to cry the dark figure began to walk forwards to Krystal "I know what you are UH, you can kill me but some one will kill you for revenge. I may not be that person but some one will. BRADLEY JUST RUN! RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!" Shouted Krystal. Bradley did as she said, he ran towards Bakers Street. He could hear Krystal screaming in his head, tear flowed out of his eyes. He found Bakers Street and instantly saw 221b; he knocked loudly on the door. John opened the door "Please you've got to help my girlfriend she's getting killed by UH." Bradley pleaded, John shouted up the stairs "Sherlock UH is killing another person we better go now!" Sia and Sherlock came quickly down the stairs Sia passed John his coat, Sherlock said to Bradley "Where is she?" Bradley instantly "Just follow me, not far from here." John closed the door behind him the four began to run towards the murder. But it was all ready to late. Krystal was lifeless and some parts of her body were cut right off, Sherlock turned to Bradley "Did you see what she looked like?" "No I didn't she was like a dark figure, like some sort shadow of death" Bradley shakenly replied.

"Sherlock look at that." John pointed out a message written on Krystal's arm "Get Sia - UH" Sherlock looked to the wall to his right and saw the same message written in Krystal's blood, "Sherlock the message.. is ment for me?" Said Sia, the police arrived Bradley was being questioned, Lestrade was talking to Sherlock "We would of came sooner but we just don't when UH will strike, she ment it this time, this poor girl. What does she mean 'Get Sia' Is Sia going to be her next victm?" Sherlock turn to look at Sia then back to Lestrade "Something tells me UH is stepping into the shadows for a while." Sherlock walks over to John and Sia "Sherlock the message is it ment for Sia?" John asked, Sherlock looked at Sia "If they are then I'll protect you from UH, She won't lay a finger on you" Sia smiled "Promise me that?" Sherlock smiled he held her to his chest "Promise, now and always."

Kenny looked at Sherlock hugging Sia he thought to himself "Oh you wait until you see what she has install for you. Just you wait. No Utena isn't going to kill you just yet."

                                                                                                Sia's Blog:

Dear Bloggers,
Today me and Sherlock were put on to the mysterious case of the killings of UH.
Who is UH?
Anyway we went to the crime scene it was horrible the victim was.....almost cut apart..
but there was an even more disturbing thing there a message a horrible one meant for a Sia, but even worse i think it was meant for me, i didn't want to let on my fear to Sherlock, but he saw right through me -_-

On the way back to 221B Baker street i asked Sherlock if he deduced anything from the mysterious message but he said he didnt, and that if that message was for me, he would protect me, from who ever it was.

This evening Sherlock went out, but it was unusual, anyway me and john watched a bit of TV and chatted for a bit, he asked me about the crime scene, but that got boring so I decide to try and find where Sherlock had got to.

When I found him after about half an hour he wouldn't talk to me, then he turned around and his face looked like an innocent little child, he had tears in his eyes, I never seen him like this, then all of a sudden he pulled me in tight close to him and told me to never let him go. I told him nothing would ever make me turn against him, nothing in the world could he asked me to promise, I promised and I will never break that promise ever, Sherlock, I will never ever, break that promise I made to you, Sherlock Holmes.


                                                                                          Utena's Journal:

Sometimes I wonder what Sherlock gets up to during the day, I mean well most of the time he's solving cases and people cut up by me even though I've never got arrested for it; I wonder what he really says to the police when he's on one of my cases... hmm next time I see him I'll ask. But the other day I saw him with another girl, I was going to see him at Baker Street to talk to him about the other day but I saw him get out of a taxi with another girl holding her like he would hold me. My hopes shattered, I couldn't believe what I saw they went in and before the door shut he kissed her, Sherlock kissed another girl.... ANOTHER GIRL! Is that why he has been seeing me less? Is that why he only now see's me at night? That hateful girl been taking him away from me! I'll find out who she is and I'll get her.

- Utena [UH]

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